Aquarius and depression(How are they related)

In this writing,” Aquarius and depression” will be answered, a glimpse about Aquarius, strength and weaknesses of Aquarius people, their likes and dislikes, why they are more vulnerable to depression, coping up with it and finally ending it with few FAQs in regards to the topic.

  • Over analyzer and thinker
  • They prefer not to seek help
  • Keep their feelings inside them and bottle up
  • Are critical and reluctant when others offer help
  • They prefer to isolate and aloof themselves
  • They are uneasy and silent
  • They are easy tempered
  • Snaps their loved one with no reason
  • Hard to accept their flaws and accept ideas
  • Prefers to distance from others
  • They seem to be strong from outside 
  • Eccentric personalities
  • Disregard to others feeling
  • They are an air sign


Aquarius is a zodiac sign which is for people with a birthday date from Jan 21 to Feb 18. The symbol of this zodiac sign is Water Bearer and the mode and element are fixed air.

It is the eleventh zodiac sign and known for its perfect representation of the Aquarius Age. Aquarius is believed to be the most humanitarian sign of astrology. Saturday is believed to be their day. And it is the last air sign from all the zodiac signs.


Depression is a mental disorder that is classified under Mood Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. It is a mood disorder where the individual experiences prolonged sadness, lethargic, worthiness, helplessness and melancholic that interferes or hampers their daily functioning.

It is one of the most common and prevalent mental disorders that affect 264 million people from varied age groups. And women are more vulnerable and likely to suffer from depression than men.

Sign and Symptoms of Depression

The three noting symptoms of Depression are:

  • Fatigability, tiredness and feeling of exhaustion
  • Anhedonia, loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Depressed mood or prolonged sadness

Other than the three notable symptoms of Depression, other signs and symptoms of depression include:

  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Worthlessness and Helplessness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Thoughts on ending life
  • Difficulty in sleep
  • Irritability and Agitation
  • Fluctuation in appetite
  • Difficulty in decision making.
  • Diurnal Mood
  • Significant weight loss
  • Lost motivation
  • Loss of energy
  • Recurrent thoughts on death
  • Excessive guilt

Characteristic of Aquarius people

People born with this sign are known for social consciousness, philanthropy and humanitarian. They are the ones who believe in the power of people and their aspiration to change the world to a better place through radical social progress.

Some of the other features of Aquarius include:

  • They are free-spirited and eccentric thus, often have offbeat fashion style, weird hobbies and attitude that is not conforming by the societal norms and regulation.
  • Aquarius are progressive, independent and original in what they do.
  • They are born to be quiet and are often shy.
  • They are also intellectual and are a deep thinker
  • Grab every opportunity along the way and try to make the best out of it.
  • Focus and invest much of their mental energy on the social institution and for the betterment of others.
  • They are visionaries and prefer to spend time thinking about how to do better and progress.
  • They take the initiative in engaging with others, thus have many friends and knowns.
  • Assertive and make up their mind and then stick by their word.
  • Aquarius also are analytical and tends to deconstruct and dispute the convention with their dreams and aspirations
  • Easy going and often makeup with people easily
  • They are tech-savvy and technologically updated.
  • Writers express their inner feelings with rich vocabulary and beautifully.
  • Represents the best of humanitarian, social service and global thinkers.
  • Lack of envy, clinginess and jealousy
  • Able to think on different situations and level mentally
  • Their thoughts are mostly progressive and innovative
  • Idealism and their sense of humanity as well as for goods of others

These are some of the key characteristics of aquarian people that makes that different and a preferred one in a social context.

Likes and DIslikes of Aquarius

Aquarius people have different and varied likes and dislikes.

They like:

  • Having fun with friends and spending time with them
  • Helping others and doing voluntary works
  • Fighting for causes and justice 
  • Bring in intellectual 
  • A good listener
  • Energised and motivated
  • See and look into without prejudice and biases
  • Visionary quality and dreamer
  • The desire for equality and justice for all
  • Sustainer and dedicated
  • Look out for a good and brighter side in each situation.
  • Clever and often witty

They dislike:

  • Limitation and restrictions imposed on them
  • Broken promises and crushing down the words
  • Being isolated, lonely and left out
  • Boring and lifeless situation
  • When there is a clash in ideas and disagreement
  • Feeling of constrained

Weakness of Aquarius 

Some of the weaknesses of Aquarius are often in strength. Their weakness includes:

  • Cold, distant and low level of emotional sensitivity due to overly intellectual
  • Often get in the situation where they find it hard to think way out
  • Their abstract thinking often results in problem and poor problem solving
  • Due to overly conscious about good judgement and character, find flaws in other people around
  • Harsh  judgement and at times lose the sense of humanity
  • Fixed and preoccupied with their ideas and principle
  • Hold high standard of themselves
  • Keep their social boundaries strict and fixed
  • Hold grudges and alienated others in case find it wrong 
  • Humiliate others with their sense of humour
  • Can be nosy and gossipy at time
  • Disruptive and rebellious at times
  • Temperamental 
  • Poor and low in emotional expression
  • Fail to compromise in most cases thus, firm with their thoughts.

These are few of the weaknesses of Aquarius which are mostly channelled through their strength. 

Aquarius and Depression

  • They are known to suffer and are more vulnerable to depression.
  • People belonging to Aquarius zodiac are by nature reluctant to share knowledge, speak up and share their feelings and thoughts.
  • They prefer to isolate themselves and stay alone.
  • Such people, being overly philanthropist and social, set aside their problems and issues with the desire and thoughts to help others.
  • Being overly focused on their strength and competence, they tend to distance themselves from others when they reach out for help believing that this would let them feel inferior or poor. 
  • People rarely ask them about how they are doing believing that they are always at their best and handling everything well.
  • They are over-thinker and analyze everything resulting in constant stress and anxiety over future events as well as about others.
  • Refuses to accept their feelings and thoughts resulting in a severe life challenge. 
  • Poor in coping up with losing people, rejection and isolation.
  • They tend to see every situation objectively 
  • Often nervous, anxious and apprehensive.
  • Not used for criticism.
  • Decides and prefers to keep their thoughts within than having someone who can support and guide them.
  • Hide their emotions, remain silent and passive.

Because of these reasons, Aquarius people are more vulnerable and prone to depression owing to their characteristic of being firm with self, not wanting to share their feelings and thoughts with others, over-analyzer and poor in coping with rejection and loss.

Coping up with Depression: Aquarius

Aquarius are the one who can be depressed and they are ways that can help them to cope up with depressive symptoms and can keep themselves high and energised.

Some of the strategies of coping up with depressive symptoms especially in Aquarius are:

  • Seek out for like minded friends

They are outgoing and frank by nature, thus, when they feel low and are overly possessed by negative thoughts, they can always reach out to people of their type for help as well as for extra push. Reaching out for similar people can boost them and aid in dealing with the symptoms.

  • Services to humanity

With their belief in justice and equality for all, one way to recover or deal with depressive symptoms is engaging in social and voluntary work that will induce a sense of satisfaction as well as accomplishment. 

  • Investing the energy and time for mental exercises

Aquarius being intellectual and overly focused on analyzing, when depressive symptoms hit them around, they can rather invest the energy as well as thoughts on other mental exercises like deep breathing, meditating and doing some other constructive mental exercises.

These are some of the strategies Aquarius can follow or use in dealing with the depression evoked by different reasons. 

FAQs: Aquarius and Depression

What does an Aquarius do when sad?

When they are sad and in a low mood, they tend to disappear and the very sadness in them tends to make them escape from the situation. 

What is an Aquarius weakness?

Their weaknesses are overly emotional, failing to compromise, short temper, and they are critical about others because of their analytical nature and being overly rebellious about the norms and conformity. 

Do Aquarius easily get depressed?

Yes, they are more vulnerable to depression because they tend to hide their emotions and feelings from sadness and heartbreaks. They are also silent and uneasy.

What makes Aquarius happy?

To keep them happy and pleased them, joy and bliss are the two essential things for them. They simply wish to approach life despite the stress, conflicts and demands.

Which zodiac sign is dumbest?

Pisces is believed to be the most suggestible to all signs and the dumbest, being too emotional and sensitive.

What sign is Aquarius attracted to?

They are attracted to Scorpio, Leo, Virgo and Aries.

What happens if you ignore an Aquarius?

Ignoring an Aquarius can be both, it can either be a wakeup call for him to introspect within and find a flaw or if he/she doesn’t take care and bother about it, the only option remaining is to move on and get over with it.

What is Aquarius afraid of?

They are afraid of losing their individuality and it is their biggest fear. Sometimes they are also afraid of having to compromise something that they believe in, however, for them their key importance is to be independent.

Why is Aquarius the rarest sign?

Because their season begins from January 20 to February 18, since it is the shortest month, it is thus rarest; however,  they are also the idealistic one.

Does Aquarius lose interest quickly?

Yes, being an air sign, they are most likely to lose their interest fastest. Air signs have the property to blow away and thus are not known for emotional sensitivity. 


In this writing,” Aquarius and depression” was answered, a glimpse about Aquarius, strength and weaknesses of Aquarius people, their likes and dislikes, why they are more vulnerable to depression, coping up with it and finally ended up with few FAQs in regards to the topic.

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