Anxiety tattoo (A guide)

In this brief guide, we will cover if tattoos can help with anxiety and what sort of anxiety tattoo you may want to consider getting which may be able to uplift you and find your inner peace when anxiety comes looking for you. 

When managing your anxiety, anything that can make things that much better for you is relevant and a plus.

If this means getting an anxiety tattoo then maybe that’s just what you need to do.

Can tattoos help with anxiety?

Yes, Tattoos can help with anxiety but this will depend on your circumstances.

When learning to manage your anxiety. You may go through cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness lessons, meditation or a similar therapy through online counselling in order to learn the various techniques on how to manage and cope with your anxiety if necessary. 

Once you have done this a signal to use those techniques when you begin to struggle with your anxiety could very well be your anxiety tattoo.

Your anxiety tattoo could helo you bring in your focus about what is truly important right now and how to go back to the techniques you have learnt for dealing with your anxiety.

A lot of people who suffer from anxiety have also said that the process of getting a tattoo can also be very calming as it means that you have gone through a decision that you chose to make and a decision which you feel will make you feel a whole lot better.

The choice of your anxiety tattoo can also be very meaningful as it means you have identified something which makes you feel comfortable enough.

Something which you can trust and use to get you out of any tricky situations when your anxiety flares up. This is progress!

If you are experiencing anxiety and are under 18 you may want to consider the CAMHS service offered by the NHS in England.

You may also want to consider seeking an online counsellor who may be able to help you manage your anxiety with techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

What types of anxiety tattoos can you get?

There are various types of anxiety tattoos which you can get but remember you should pick an anxiety tattoo that will make you feel much better when you go through a panic attack or a period of anxiety.

The semicolon tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is one of the first tattoos most people think of when they think about anxiety tattoos.

What does semicolon tattoo stand for?

The semicolon tattoo is a tattoo which was created by the semicolon movement and project.

The semicolon symbol was used as the semicolons symbol and their project was dedicated to the prevention of suicide.

You may find the semicolon tattoo as a useful anxiety tattoo given the goal and nature of the group.

You may also find it as a useful anxiety tattoo as there are other people out there just like you who have the same anxiety tattoo and fight the same battle together.

Wearing the semicolon tattoo as an anxiety tattoo on a public part of your body may also help other people out there who have suffered from thoughts of suicide and see this tattoo and feel reinvigorated as they know other people are out there fighting and winning the same battle every day.

An example of a semicolon tattoo is below.

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A calming colour 

A calming colour could be a form of an anxiety tattoo.

If you have any colours which you find calming and make you find your inner peace then you could use this as your anxiety tattoo and have a calming colour placed on a part of your body where you can access it if you are having a panic attack or going through a moment of anxiety.

An example of this is below

A strong animal

Some people may use strong animals such as tigers, Lions, wolves etc as an example of their anxiety tattoo as it may give them the strength to fight whatever is put in front of them and allow them to work through their anxiety by gaining that moment of courage and strength from their anxiety tattoo.

An example of this is below

An inside joke

Some people may find that inside jokes could be a good anxiety tattoo as they could remind you of something which is funny and which gives you the strength and confidence to face any of the challenges you are facing.

Inside jokes will also make you laugh, which is a great thing when you are feeling anxious.

An example of that can be seen below.

A calm quote or word

A calm quote or word could also be a very good anxiety tattoo as it could allow you to find that moment of peace and sanctity you may need in that very moment to work through a panic attack or an anxious moment.

An example of that can be seen below.

An art piece

Some people may use art patterns as a form of an anxiety tattoo as it allows them to get lost in the loops and turns and forget about what is making them anxious for a moment. 

This may be a good anxiety tattoo if you don’t have any other strong ideas.

An example of that can be seen below:

A peaceful picture

A peaceful picture could also be a good type of anxiety tattoo. A landscape, ocean waves.

A laughing baby. Whatever makes you feel at peace could be a good alternative.

This could be flowers or planes etc etc. 

This could also be a happy memory which makes you feel at peace during anxious moments.

An example of this is below.