Anxiety relief techniques (The TOP 7)

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are anxiety relief techniques?”. We will focus on the various interventions and techniques that are used to alleviate and manage anxiety. We will learn the various techniques that help us to relieve anxiety and feel better in life.

What are anxiety relief techniques?

The anxiety relief techniques are based on various coping strategies and interventions that help cope and manage with anxiety and stress. The coping strategies enable us to manage our routine anxiety and stress. 

The anxiety relief techniques help to overcome the restlessness, nervousness and muscular pain.The individuals are better able to focus on their current life and overcome their somatic complaints related to the anxiety.

The majorly used anxiety relief techniques are as follows :

  • Exercise
  • Use dietary supplements
  • Use candles
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Write things down
  • Chew gum
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Laugh
  • Learn to say No when needed
  • Take yoga classes
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Deep breathing
  • Involve in play and art activities


The first and most important technique to relieve yourself from anxiety is exercise. The impact of physical stress on the human body through exertion helps in combating mental stress. The advantage of physical exercise is gained to its maximum when the physical exercise is done daily. Individuals who exercise regularly are more likely to experience less anxiety than individuals who are not into the exercise regime.

Activities that involve stretching and muscle strengthening can largely impact our ability to relieve ourselves from stress and anxiety.

Exercise helps with anxiety relief as :

  • Exercise is a key to reducing the stress hormones in the human body. It decreases the level of cortisols in our body and increases endorphins that enable us to balance our mood and also helps to get rid of somatic complaints.
  • Exercise helps us to improve our quality of sleep. People who have symptoms of decreased sleep or complain of insomnia are usually advised to regularly exercise to get rid of their sleeplessness.
  • Exercise tends to boost our confidence as it reduces the shakiness in our bodies that is produced due to restlessness and anxiety.

Use dietary supplements

The use of dietary supplements and nutritional capsules is very much recommended to relieve anxiety. There are a number of dietary supplements that promote stress and anxiety reduction in a healthy way. 

A few trusted dietary supplements for anxiety reduction are as below :

  • Lemon balm
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Kava Kava
  • Valerian root 
  • Green tea
  • Ashwagandha

Lemon balm

The lemon balm is related to the mint family. It has been greatly associated with anti anxiety and stress reduction properties.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are dietary supplements that are based on good fats. A research study revealed that using omega 3 fatty acid supplements and a diet containing omega 3 fatty acids helps individuals to decrease anxiety levels by 20 %.

Kava Kava

Kava kava belongs to the pepper family. Due to its psychoactive properties, it is recommended for use to relieve anxiety and stress. It has been actively used in Europe and the United States to reduce mild anxiety.

Valerian root 

Valerian root extract is known to reduce anxiety and stress. It promotes sleep. It acts on gamma amino butyric acid receptors to lower the anxiety.

Green tea

Green tea is based on many antioxidants that reduce the anxiety level and help to increase serotonin levels


Ashwagandha has been considered to be a herbal remedy to treat anxiety and stress among humans. It is an effective ayurvedic medicine that acts as anti anxiety.

Use candles

The use of candles for reducing anxiety and relieving the anxiety symptoms has been strongly recommended. Using essential oils and aroma based candles can help humans to manage stress and anxiety.

The use of scented candles and oils to treat anxiety and other mood conditions is called aromatherapy.

Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine intake usually enhances one’s tendency to get nervous and stressed. Hence it is advised to reduce your caffeine intake and focus more on fruit juices. Limiting your amount of coffee, carbonated drinks and tea is a good technique to relieve your anxiety.

Write things down

Writing things down is  a recommended way for relieving anxiety. This technique is also known as journaling. Journaling your thoughts related to anxiety and venting out your unpleasant emotions is a technique that reduces your overwhelming thoughts and feelings related to anxiety.

Chew gum

Chewing gum is another technique to relieve stress and anxiety. Research studies suggest that individuals who chew a gum stick are careless and prone to have anxiety related complaints and symptoms. As chewing gum promotes the blood flow to your brain. The more strongly a gum is chewed the less strong the anxiety effect.

Avoid procrastination

Often we develop a habit of procrastination that leads to anxiety and tension since procrastination leads to piled up work that is pending. Procrastinating till the 11th hour is a habit that often leads to increased anxiety. It is recommended to manage the daily tasks and routines so that there is no piled up work left for a single day. 


The technique of mindful laughing is recommended to relieve anxiety. It helps to relax the tension in muscles that is produced due to anxiety. Laughter can also help to boost pleasant mood and immunity among humans.

Learn to say No when needed

Often the imposed tasks and duties are a reason for anxiety. We usually say yes to every task being assigned without taking the actual courage to say no. Hence we need to overwork and go the extra mile to please others.

A recommended technique to relieve anxiety is to learn to say no. In this way we can communicate to the other person that we are already burdened and don’t have the capacity to do anything extra.

Take yoga classes

Meditation and yoga are recommended techniques to relieve stress for over decades. The yoga classes help to relax and focus more on the present life. Through yoga, individuals are better able to connect their mind and soul.

Yoga also teaches us to have better control of our body. As a result of yoga the anxiety related somatic complaints get lowered.  

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is related to using the wise mind inorder to deal with situations and events that trigger anxiety. Mindfulness prevents individuals from reacting to situations out of anxiety and using a more wise mind instead of logical or emotional mind.

Listen to soothing music

Music has been considered a food for the soul. Listening to soothing music can help individuals distract their focus from anxiety and stress. Music can also help individuals to feel less anxious and feel more pleasurable.

Music also lowers the anxiety levels significantly for humans. All types of music including  natural sounds, songs and instruments are good for the human soul. 

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is an activity to relieve stress. Deep breathing improves circulation of blood in the body.  The deep breathing exercises help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system that helps the body to relax. 

Inorder to relieve anxiety, it is recommended to deep breathe 15 – 30 minutes a day. This way the anxiety levels can be lowered down significantly.

Involve in play and art activities

Being involved in play and art activities like painting, coloring, arts, drawing and playing with different toys are great techniques to relieve anxiety. The play and art activities enable us to focus better on the present moment and help us distract from our anxiety source.


The current blogspot focused on anxiety relief techniques. We learned various techniques that can be used to relieve anxiety among individuals. We also discussed each anxiety relief technique in detail.

Frequently asked questions : anxiety relief techniques

What relieves anxiety fast?

The following strategies relieve anxiety fast :

  • Stay active
  • Regular exercise is good for your physical and emotional health.
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Stop smoking
  • Ditch caffeine
  • Get some sleep
  • Meditation
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Practice deep breathing exercise

What is the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety?

The 3x3x3 rule for anxiety is based on the following 

  • naming three things you can see. 
  • Then listen. 
  • What three sounds do you hear? 
  • Next, move three parts of your body, such as your fingers, toes, or clench and release your shoulders

What are 3 anxiety reduction techniques?

3 anxiety reduction techniques are as follows :

  • Deep breathing
  • Talking to a friend
  • Exercise