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anxiety poems

In this brief blog, we will cover anxiety poems and how anxiety poems can be a good way to relax during moments of panic attacks.

If you have tried an anxiety poem before you may find that they usually offer you a different take on whatever your current situation is and could be a good way to calm your self down when anxiety creeps in.

There are many ways to deal with and treat anxiety but if you love reading then reading an anxiety poem could be a cheap and quick option.

If you like reading, check the best fiction and spiritual books for anxiety.

First  5 Anxiety poems

“Ariel Marriel -weakness

weakness is the bane of my existence.

if strength were an equation,

my weakness would negate it.

please just let me be strong.

i’ve made so much progress, after all.

weakness is a Demon

i can’t control.

a Demon that will swallow me whole.”

Anxiety poems (list)

“Then Anxiety Is” by Anonymous

If love is a mothers gentle, warm embrace–

Then anxiety is being forced into a strait jacket.

If hope is a butterfly flitting from flower to flower–

Then anxiety is a nuclear incendiary device plummeting to earth.

If compassion is an outstretched, helping hand–

Then anxiety is an armament to the back of the head.”

“ Anxiety Of Young Love – Poem by David Beckham

With the birds chirping ever so softly in that afternoon sunshine

And the streets buzzing with cars going zoom zoom

The crescendo hit peak and went dead silent

When you suddenly appeared

I could hear the crackling of the spring leaves

As you marched forward from a distance

Your every step, I counted

13 in all

‘Hello’, you said

Then followed the gaze

You held it long enough to plant seeds of you in my heart

I was transfixed, speechless and filled with joy

Your lips went up and down

I heard nothing

Voice so sensual and soft like velvet the attraction was chilling

Presence, so magical, it kept my heart going like respirators

I wanted more of you

You pleasured my reason

And tickled my fancy with your dazzling swag

How could I resist

You had me

That night your thoughts blossomed in my heart like flowers do in the spring

Went to bed with just one thought

I want to see you again and again  “

“ Anxiety Through My Eyes – Poem by Cindy Washington

Wake up, check my phone, ask Siri whats on my schedule for today

Siri: you have 2 classes today and the first starts at 9: 05am

My first thought: ‘let’s just get through it, 

and then I can come back to my dorm room’

The safest place in the world. The place of isolation.

The place where thoughts of judgement and insecurities are quieted

The place where I can unload the thousand pounds that sits on my chest

On the bus to campus, earphones in my head, music playing

The lady to my right sneezes, 

And it begins: 

‘She’s going to get me sick! ‘, 

‘Would it be rude if I pulled out my hand sanitizer right now? ‘

The old man opposite me stares

And it continues: 

‘Why is he staring at me? ‘

‘Is there something on my face? ‘

‘would he tell me if there’s something on my face? ‘

These thoughts blaring louder than the music playing in my ears

Huddled masses of students get off the bus and walk to their classes

I hear giggling from behind me

And it persists: 

‘Is there stuff on the back of my jeans? ‘

‘I shouldn’t of worn these jeans.’

‘Why God did I wear these jeans! ? ‘

My route to class is carefully chosen 

shortest distance with the least amount of people

I enter. I take my seat.

Front row in the corner. Eyes front.

I can’t see the faces behind me

I dare not turn back, whilst the chance of actually making eye contact

Eye contact: 

The water-boarding equivalent to a socially anxious girl like me

Classes completed.

I head to the bus

A friend yells ‘Hey Cindy! ‘

I turn towards him and raise my suddenly stiffened arm to wave

And it endures: 

‘Put your hand down’

‘Why are you waving? ‘

‘He probably thinks you’re a loser for waving’

My hand drops faster than lightning

Small talk: the armament choice of your enemies


I put down the backpack.

And I put down the thousand pound vest strapped to my chest

‘I did it! ‘

Isolation, the only sound proofed to stop: 

the insecurities, the worries, the voices that scream ‘Help Me! ‘

This is my anxiety  “

“  The Anxiety Of Dhritarashtrra – Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran


The people on the street cried out.

When to the forest the Pandavas set out.

How they went asked Dhritarashtra, 

In reply a brief account gave Vidura.

“Your sons receive everywhere curse, 

And now they’re very much averse

Against king and Duryodhana, the heartless, 

For forcing Pandavas to the forests.”

“Bhisma, Drona, Kripa are spared not, 

Also with other courtiers they’re hot.

Yudhishthira’s goes hiding his face, 

Peace in the city there’s no trace.”

“While the people indulge in violence, 

His brothers walk behind in silence.

Draupadi with her disheveled hair, 

And her eyes full of tears goes there.”

Like this Vidura narrated in brief, 

The king showed no sign of grief, 

But fear and anxiety ruled his face, 

Though he was grim on the surface.

Sage Narada came in between, 

The Kauravas after years fourteen, 

They would become extinct, 

Thus predicting away he went.

Duryodhana filled with fear, 

Went to Drona with his prayer, 

Not to leave or abandon them 

In the midst of a distress time.

Drona assured him but said, 

“Dharma is on Pandavas side, 

Peace with them better you make, 

Any more risk you don’t take.”

Duryodhana ignored his advice, 

As he wished not for any peace, 

But wished to maintain a rapport, 

With him for his promised support.

Vidura quite often advised, 

But the king was displeased.

To go out, one day, he said, 

To take the Pandava’s side.

True to the king’s words, 

Vidura went to the woods, 

Where the Pandavas lived, 

There he happily stayed.

Thereafter the king sent, 

And a regret message went, 

That his heart would break, 

If Vidura failed to return back.

The softhearted Vidura, 

Returned to Hastinapura.

They embraced each other.

Once again joined together.

One day Sage Maitreya

Came to the King Dhritarashtra.

Whose action he condemned, 

To such events it had led.

His thighs Duryodhana slapped, 

With his legs the floor he tapped.

The sage got annoyed over this, 

And gave him a terrible curse.

“For your arrogance you will die, 

Bhima will break your thigh

With his mace on the battlefield, 

For your misdeeds this’ll be you end.”

For his mercy the king prayed.

The Sage gave no word but said, 

“If peace when he makes

The curse will then reverse.”

“  Anxiety – Poem by Rose Garden

She was alone in a crowded room

with no room to breathe, 

compelled to leave 

with a sense of impending doom.

She makes her excuses and rushes to the exit

as the blood gushes to her head, 

My goodness I must be bright red she thought, 

fraught she hurried home, 

alone, safe at last, aghast at yet another anxiety attack.

She flopped onto her bed and sobbed, 

robbed of a social life, robbed of fun

she did not feel safe around anyone.

It was morning when she awoke, 

she spoke to the cat, her only friend.

He was her one and only constant in a troubled world, 

she curled upon her sofa and fiddles with her hair, 

relaxing at last now the panic has passed!

The second batch of 5 anxiety poems

“ Anxiety? – Poem by Twisters Thoughts

From the beginning – End

Nerves battle, the brains at war

Find your Bliss- No more “

“ Anxiety – Poem by Sugar Bear

Buzz my face once more, 

I have no great thoughts to soar.

Through my voice which is toast

Against my will to be this host.

Another family vocation wasted

A smile, to pretend, so much mistaken.

Too bad they know not of me

Assume they think less of me.

Let this burn become more pain but I’ll try and wait

For this social anxiety to dissipate. “

“Anxiety – Poem by Sugar Bear

I’m not feeling myself today

Lie in bed, motives decay 

The blood work always shows up fine

Yet the weight still declines

Rest is well, well in need

Fight the urge, right now I mustn’t sleep

Too many beers maybe I’ve drank

My mind again draws that numbing blank

Better to stumble around

Than to overwhelm myself another round

My feet are cold, got no appetite

Just another day to despite

Blue pills, I’m feeling vague

Another year I fight this plague

Unprepared, my eyes dried of crying

I am scared, but I am trying

Another doctor, another week

Again I lay my head on the leather seat

Evaluated and diagnosed

Another paper to write down where I go

Comfort me with a smile

Look down upon me after a while

Racing heart, a shocking glimpse

Panic attacks hit and miss

Hopefully I get home soon

Already winded by early afternoon

Unsteady hands, the wounds are deep

Underestimated, and low self-esteemed

Arguing with my mind

The Doctor says “Take your time”

But, Its taken time

One by one the days corrupt 

Fatigued, and I am stuck

Neglect my cry for help

For I am young, and have my health

Lie back down and sleep the pain away

How many times must I say? 

I’m not okay “

“ Lonely Anxiety – Poem by Jessica Hastings

While she walked outside

already grabbing her lighter

just to smoke a cigarette

or two

While she walked outside

she watched

the crowd

getting bigger

While she walked outside

she felt so


like everyone wanted to attack her

While she walked outside

she searched

for a place 

where no one was

While she walked outside

she met a person

who wouldn’t be more pleased

to go to that place

with her

where no one was

and no one will ever be “

“Sexy Anxiety – Poem by Jay Bunny

I’m hot look at me

I’ve got anxiety

I’m skinny cuz I don’t eat

Don’t laugh that’s not funny

Check, check, checking me out

Standing out of the crowd

Drowning in my own Doubt

What does it feel like to be proud

I’m in control of me

And my choices apparently

Missed two meals I’ll just have tea

Shh don’t tell anybody

Broken Hearts are tuff to fix

Losers, hustlers, and Pricks

Cupid get lost with your tricks

stab yourself with your own stick

Lightheaded me

Hiding up in this tree

My body I cannot feed

Unspoken words that I speak

Falling to the ground

Is this peace that I found

When will love come around

When will I be safe and sound

My scars are apart of me

My hurt is what you don’t see

Unaccountable me

My sexy Anxiety  “

The third batch of 5 anxiety poems

“ Social Anxiety According To Me – Poem by Cindy Washington


‘I can’t make it.’ ‘Have fun without me.’ ‘Maybe next time.’

I came out the womb with these phrases attached to my tongue.

I want to hang out, but then you’ll notice how uncool and socially awkward I am.

I cant have you see the real me, because the real me isn’t worth seeing. 

In my mind, everyone is talking about me, even though I’m not important enough to talk about.

In my mind, everyone is laughing at me, even though I’m not funny enough to laugh about. 

I fidget, constantly fix my hair, and never make enough eye contact to be considered normal.

I forgot what normal looked like so long ago. 

I make over-thinking look professional.

Making mountains out of mole hills is my 9-5 job.

Hyperventilating is the only way I know how to breathe.

Social anxiety is the only friend I have, and even then, I still can’t look it in the eyes. “

“  Ph: Life: Performance Anxiety – Poem by Brian Johnston

We all know that we know there’s someone that’s smarter

That our best’s not the best that will ever be done.

But that is no reason to quit, a no starter, 

And it’s not like a small bit of work’s a burden.

At times it is difficult just getting started, 

The task isn’t well defined, time frame is crazy, 

My budget’s a pittance, the path is uncharted.

It is normal in fact that I’m feeling lazy.

My parents were too strict, my boss even meaner, 

All my friends self-absorbed and employees too green, 

I think that I need it, where’s my intervener? 

Don’t desert me God, help me make sense of this scene! 

Well the day’s close to ending, it won’t be long now, 

Just one more Dr. Pepper, conclusion forgone, 

My sweet wife will be home soon and she’ll have a cow

There is really no choice, shoot, I’d best mow the lawn! “

“ Anxiety Of Fear – Poem by Maria Sudibyo

Though it only takes few seconds

It doesn’t make the burden in my heart

Less its weight

There’s always an unseen wall

That called fear

Fear of rejection

Fear of disappointment

Fear of out of control

Fear of unknown

Maybe it’s enough

Maybe it’s not enough

Maybe it’s should be enough

Maybe it’s never enough

Though I have confidence

Though I have lot experience

It doesn’t make my stomach not ache

Or my feet lighter

There’s always a cold feeling

That called anxiety

Anxiety of acceptance

Anxiety of failure

Anxiety of future

Anxiety of unreasonable

Maybe it’s right

Maybe it’s not right

Maybe it could be right

Maybe it won’t ever be right  “

“ Aunty Anxiety – Poem by Asper Reynolds

Aunty Anxiety 

Dear old Auntie Anxiety came over today, 

A thin prudish woman with nothing nice to say.

“Oh Dear! ” She fussed as we prepared to go out

“Are you wearing that? It makes you look stout.”

As we walked down the street she glared at each stranger with suspicion. 

“I’m keeping you safe.” She said, “It’s just my life’s mission. “

At the store she kept asking ” Are you sure you have enough? 

By the way Dear you probably don’t need all this stuff.

Oh, how’s your friend, Marla? Why hasn’t she called? 

Could she be upset about that thing that happened last fall? 

You should cut your hair, never mind you would only look worse.

Is that man staring? I say, do you have your purse? 

The cost of groceries has really gone up! 

If you aren’t careful my dear you’ll be on the street shaking a cup! 

All day long now I’ve listened to Aunty Anxiety complain.

How I wish I could just send her back on the train. “

“Anxiety – Poem by Lacey UnKnown

Breathe in 

Breathe out

I gasp

Choking on my own stale breath

Breathe in 

Breathe out

My mind blanks


Breathe in

Breathe out

I close my eyes

Count to ten

Breathe in 

Breathe out

Forget it all 

Anxiety  “

The fourth batch of 5 anxiety poems

“Anxiety poem by unknown

Breeding nerves

can become a sport

akin to talking.

Like sound, nerves travel in waves.

Intense ones 

move furthest or

they impact hardest, nearest

Breeding nerves can appear smart;

like ultra concerned about an issue

until the audience leaves,

then nerves return to feed on you

Animals breed nerves too.

Might simply be a survival instinct.

Maybe for humans too. “

“Anxiety poem by unknown

I fell and shadows appeared.

Ghosts that no longer talk to me.

Tried to love, tried to connect,

But the cut is cruel,

And unexpected.

When you lose what’s in your soul you question everything.

Lost my joy but not the memories, which now haunt my dreams.

Lost what I was most sure of.

Lost what I loved.

Now in prison, love only a memory.

On the other side of love I found despair.

Nothing good now, no pleasure other than fleeting.

Feelings always fall back low and heavy.

Will I rise, will I escape?

Want to escape, want to fly, but the shadows are always there,

recalling the sweet innocence of love, wreaking havoc where I stand.

Don’t want to be seen, stay in the dark

Can’t separate from the past, don’t know how to recover.

Nowhere to hide and exposed to shame

Face it head on, soak it up.

Divorced and divorced from emotion.

No more sharing now.

Don’t know the final lines, don’t have the answers.  “

“ JayceeJellies – Panic Attack

Panic attacks for me are shakey.

I start to think everyone’s starring,

I wonder what they’re thinking.

My resoloution is to get out.

Then the tears come pouring down.

As they do my body follows.

I sink to the ground and try to hide myself.

The sleeves of my jacket become soaked,

And then my heart feels like it’ll explode.

Anxiety is a whole nother code. “

“Mysterious pain b Peggy stewart

With her head hung low

and nowhere to go,

she can’t explain

this mysterious pain.

It comes on so fast.

How long will it last?

Her heart is just pounding; her head starts to spin.

Please go away; she does not want you in.

She’s uncontrollably crying.

It feels like she’s dying.

Her body is trembling; her hands start to shake.

She feels so helpless with this horrible ache.

Someone, please help her; make this go away.

She can’t stand to feel this way one more day.

Someone, please help her; she’s down on her knees.

She’s scared and helpless and hopes no one sees.

With her head hung low,

not knowing where to go,

she tries to explain

this mysterious pain.  “

“ Anxiety poem by unknown

They say anxious people

Have a head full of dreams

But let me tell you

Anxiety is not all what it seems

It’s not butterflies in your stomach

Or a rush of blood to your head

It’s a thousand pounding drums in your chest

The stuttering, muttering, mumbling

Of words your lips can’t expel

The beads of sweat breaking out on your brow

Then trickling down your cheek

Anxiety is desperately trying

To look strong when you’re undeniably weak

“I’m calm, I’m in control”

“I can do this” … No, no, no

“I’m not worthy at all”

And in between all your “what ifs”

You realize anxiety is just a thief

Stealing your joys, grinning slyly

As it jumps off your window

Breathe, breathe…

Every day you have a choice

Walk out of the house

Leaving your agitation by the door

Or collapse, curl up in a corner

And watch your teardrops splatter on the floor

Anxiety is not a flustered irritable being

It’s a person who may be worth knowing

An unclothed soul you wouldn’t blush when seeing

A heart wide open peeking through a trembling body

You can’t see all the quivering and shaking

You see, anxiety is often invisible

With all the colossal efforts a person is making

To stand tall, and say the right things

Which they often don’t, by the way

So if they choose to remain silent

Just know it’s for your own sake

It takes courage to love them

And more courage to keep this love awake

It’s hard work, confusing, perplexing,

But loving an anxious person may just be

the best mistake you’ll ever make “

Pictures of anxiety poems

The pictures of anxiety poems below may be able to help you relax more when having a  panic attack of feeling low.

If you have any other anxiety poems or anxiety pictures you want us to add here then please leave it in the comments.

If you find that you are struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, loneliness and any other wellness issue you may be able to use the CAMHS service if you are under 18.

The CAMHS is a mental wellness service provided by the NHS.

If you are considering being referred to CAMHS you should consider reading the CAMHS  referral criteria and then filling in the CAMHS referral form.