Anxiety no more blog (A review)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about anxiety no more blog, the contents of an anxiety no more blog, the advantages of an anxiety no more blog, and more information about an anxiety no more blog.

What is the anxiety no more blog?

This kind of blog was made by a blogger named Paul who also suffered from anxiety in the past of his life.

He had this kind of psychological condition with other symptoms of psychological disorders.

This was shown when he reported that he had depersonalization in his life where he felt like this wasn’t his life he was living in.

He also stated that he had depression as well which made him distressed almost all the time.

Despite his depression, he was still able to go on with trying to treat his psychological disorder.

He stated that he was still holding on hope that the was going to be alright when he gets treatment.

He was even engaging in hobbies that can help minimize the symptoms of his psychological disorder such as exercising regularly.

This led him to feel more likely to seize the world in his newfound glory from the recovery.

He even made a book which was titled ‘At last a life’ which remains to get excellent feedback with many doctors and therapists recommending it to their patients and is now also on prescription at selected surgeries.

This is even in the top sellers on the Amazon website where you can buy this kind of book if you are interested as well.

He explained that he chose the titled of this book called “AT LAST A LIFE” as it made the overall conclusion of his recovery because he finally had his life back.

He also wanted to inspire others when trying to get treatment.

He wants every reader to know that it is not easy living with this kind of psychological disorder and that this kind of book can help people learn about how to deal with their symptoms of this psychological disorder.

He also hopes that visitors of this website will also be inspired to hope to get treatment for this kind of psychological disorder.

Some blogs that are posted in the anxiety no more blog

The following are some blogs that can inspire you to find some hope in getting this kind of psychological disorder treated. 

The key to recovering from anxiety

This blog was first introduced in a tweet that he posted about the recovery of this psychological disorder.

He stated that the key recovery tactic for this psychological disorder is to realize the main cause of this psychological disorder and think about it.

You can also use some techniques that can help you minimize the psychological disorder such as meditation and yoga.

You don’t need to focus on minimizing the symptoms of this psychological disorder since the whole aspect of the psychological disorder is more important.

Man feeling free and at peace from anxiety

Some people with this psychological disorder tend to recreate their symptoms of anxiety.

This can occur since they are afraid that this psychological disorder will occur again just like now.

In order to minimize this situation, people with this psychological disorder should learn how to determine the main cause of this psychological disorder.

This is the only solution that is feasible in treating one’s psychological disorder.

This counterproductive situation can also occur because one focuses on the symptoms of this psychological disorder than the whole disorder which can lead to more worrying and concerns about one’s psychological disorder.

How the blogger recreated his suffering due to anxiety?

This blogger also went through the process where he was obsessed with his feelings that stem from this psychological disorder.

This also made him feel more anxious which made him realize that he’s the only one hurting himself.

He realizes that no one is to blame about his psychological disorder but himself.

This led him to just go with the flow where he will just let the detached feelings go even if he will get worried when they occur again.

He also asked questions about why he was having these symptoms which led him to believe that he needs to experience them even if they are distressing for him since this is the only way he can understand why he’s feeling this way.

Learning to come through anxious feelings by the blogger

Another loop was created when there are new experiences that can trigger this psychological disorder again.

He stated he was doing the thinking patterns again that made it more likely for him to feel like he had this psychological disorder again.

It was then he realized that he needed to try a new tactic that can help him minimize this psychological disorder altogether.

He realized that he needed to release the feelings of this psychological disorder to make him get it empty in his system altogether.

Recovery comes through understanding and not through fighting from anxiety

In this case, there is a need to comprehend what came before the psychological disorder to make sure that recovery is effective for the patient.

There is the need to stop overthinking and processing everything about the psychological disorder which can lead to more anxious feelings that can only deteriorate your mental wellbeing.

There is a need to process the cause even if it hurts most people and try to deal with the cause in a healthy way of coping with mental illness.

Helpful tips for recovering from anxiety in a healthy way

Anxiety has become a mental illness epidemic that is conquering affected people in the UK.

This situation doesn’t mean it is a lost cause to have this epidemic since there are ways to treat this psychological disorder.

Before seeking a professional to treat this psychological disorder, we tend to find our own ways on how to treat this psychological disorder. There are ways one can overcome their anxiety of specific things/situations, themselves.

For this blogger, he used the finding of the cause of this psychological disorder that is occurring to him. 

The reason why the blogger didn’t want to deal with only his symptoms of this psychological disorder since he wants this psychological disorder to be fully gone.

The following are some tips that can be used to treat this psychological disorder.

Tips to help with anxiety for your mental wellbeing

  • Get plenty of sleep and rest for your mental wellbeing – When our mind and body is overworked, it is even more crucial to get the rest we need to relieve ourselves. There also some tips on sleeping better with anxiety on the blog site. Add a cup of this Best Night Time teas to your sleep hygiene routine for anxiety-free nights.
  • Get a new hobby for your mental wellbeing – Rather than sit around brooding try and fill your day with something you enjoy doing whether it be with yourself or with your loved ones. Relaxing or outdoor hobbies can give you the most advantage. If you like reading, anxiety poems and Bible verses for anxiety can also help with lowering anxiety. Listening to songs or music is also a nice way to soothe yourself when anxious. If you like reading, check the best fiction and spiritual books for anxiety.
  • Get involved in volunteering for your mental wellbeing – Doing something positive can change your mindset and helps you connect to new people in your life.
  • Take up meditation for your mental wellbeing – This can help you let go of that busy mind and mentally switch off for your mental wellbeing. The blogger typically meditates to this day and find it hugely beneficial for your mental wellbeing.
  • Stop blaming the outside for how you feel and prevent conflict for your mental wellbeing – When we feel anxious we can sometimes take how we feel on those around us, which only tends to create more drama and toxic feeling in our life and bad for our mental wellbeing. The outcome of this situation is just more stress and an increase in our anxiety levels which can deteriorate mental wellbeing.
  • Talk to others about how you are feeling to help your mental wellbeing – Opening up to others can have huge advantages, from being able to drop the act of being O.K to lightening the burden you feel for your mental wellbeing. You will also find that people are far more understanding than you think and in many cases find out that they are going through their own private struggle too making you feel less alone in your struggles.
  • Don’t use food or alcohol to suppress how you are feeling which can alleviate your mental wellbeing – No one is perfect and the blogger isn’t saying you shouldn’t have the odd drink or always eat correctly for your mental wellbeing. It is more about not using junk food or alcohol to suppress how you feel in your mental affairs. Both will have the opposite impact and will most likely increase your anxiety, make you lethargic and minimize self-esteem which can affect your mental wellbeing. To incorporate healthy eating in your diet, you can make use of Natrol stress and anxiety supplements, rich in 5-HTP, an amino acid. You can also use Kratom for anxiety. If you’re bummed out by social anxiety, try any of these Kratom strains to feel a lot freer.
  • Cut down on the worry for your mental wellbeing. Worry and stress are the most significant influences to anxiety, indulging in either only hurts you, it doesn’t solve anything for your mental wellbeing. This period of your life is a warning and a time to take stock of your life and make some real changes for your mental wellbeing.
  • Have some downtime for your mental wellbeing – In this busy day and age of smartphones, computers and 101 channels to chose from, many people now find that their brain is always stimulated which can affect mental wellbeing. It is so routine now that some even feel uncomfortable if they aren’t watching T.V or staring at a phone, is it any wonder that peoples minds are busier than ever which can make them more involved and stressed?  If you can find half an hour each day to switch everything off and just be with yourself with no distractions, you will see considerable advantages in the long term for doing so and making your mental wellbeing better. For distraction and lowering anxiety, anxiety tattoos can also be helpful.
  • Be loving and patient towards yourself for your mental wellbeing – Don’t have any guilt for the way you feel or fall into any self-pity mode which can damage your mental wellbeing. Also, don’t expect or want to be better yesterday, give the mind and body all the time they need to heal while at the same time being patient and kind to yourself to help your mental wellbeing.
  • Don’t fill your day with the subject of anxiety which can affect your mental wellbeing – Filling your day with the subject can end up with the thoughts about anxiety becoming sub-conscious and with this habit, you find you are unable to think of anything else which can affect your mental wellbeing. Firstly, there is no reason to go over the subject continuously; it does you no good for your mental wellbeing.
  • Don’t prevent life or triggers which can affect your mental wellbeing – Don’t fall into avoidance behaviours because you don’t wish to feel anxiety which can affect your mental wellbeing. This avoidance only creates new complications and ends up giving you a very narrow existence which can destroy your individuality. The truth is recovery lies in these places and it lies in allowing yourself to feel anxious for your mental wellbeing. Regaining your life and former you will never come through avoidance which can affect your mental wellbeing.
  • Do the best you can for your mental wellbeing – Recovery can take time and progress can be slow at first, so just do the best you can for now and don’t expect too much too soon when it comes to your mental wellbeing. In time, you will look back at be amazed at how far you have come which can create an impact to your mental wellbeing.
  • Lose the negative people in your life to help your mental wellbeing – If there are people around you who tend to bring you down or pull you into their drama for whatever reason, then it may be time to think of having a spring clean and give yourself some distance for a while for your mental wellbeing.


In this brief blog, we have talked about anxiety no more blog, the contents of an anxiety no more blog, the advantages of an anxiety no more blog, and more information about an anxiety no more blog.

If you have any questions about an anxiety no more blog, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: anxiety no more blog

How long do anxiety setbacks last?

Anxiety setbacks last for at least six months.

This kind of situation is an appropriate element to a full recovery from this kind of psychological disorder.

This kind of situation can only occur when you have recovered for a few weeks before having the symptoms again. 

How do you release nervous energy?

You can release nervous energy by doing a five-minute extra self-hygiene routine, indulge in some form of physical activity, go through your email account and delete all unnecessary emails, try a meditation routine where you have to do almost nothing, and try colouring an adult colouring book or colour materials in a free-form method. 

Can you have good and bad days with anxiety?

Yes, you can have good and bad days with anxiety.

This can be manifested when the anxious person has some good times in the morning or some might have it better in the evening.

People who have generalized anxiety disorder are more likely to have good times and bad times every hour. 

Why do setbacks happen?

Setbacks happen because they offer clues that interventions aren’t working for the affected person or some events in our lives are impacting the affected person again.

These kinds of situations can occur to each of us since we tend to miss opportunities or aren’t performing the same level we have. 

How do you rebound a setback?

You can rebound a setback by establishing a strong foundation beforehand, change your present mindset, acknowledge this kind of situation, get connected with others, strategize for the next situation that can trigger a setback, act carefully when trying to prevent a setback, and learn as you go. 


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