Anxiety Looks Different In Men (5 reasons why)

In this article we will discuss how anxiety looks different in men, we will start with learning what anxiety is? We will try and understand what the symptoms of anxiety look like in men? And what is the treatment for anxiety in men? We will also look at how to help a man who is struggling with anxiety, to cope with some dos and don’ts. Lastly, we will answer a few FAQs based on the topic to get an even better understanding of it.

Anxiety looks different in men  

Men and women both experience anxiety differently. Men generally tend to put off getting any kind of help or support, because of the stereotype that men are supposed to be tough, be able to manage pain, be self-reliant, and take charge of the situation. 

Due to these reasons, it makes it very hard for men to acknowledge that they might have any mental health issues, especially the ones that affect their social and emotional wellbeing.

Though men are less likely to be diagnosed with anxiety, when compared to women, and are even less likely to receive treatment for it, there is no denying that they do get anxious too, men just don’t show it the same.

For men showing any emotional vulnerability or even seeking help from professionals is often seen as a weakness. While women get help from mental health professionals or even find support from other female friends.

 Men might feel pressured to express their emotions in a way that seems more masculine, from childhood men are thought to not show any anxious feelings or emotions that would make them even slightly vulnerable. They have to remain tough and strong in all situations.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the most common mental health issue that many people experience, it is a bodily response to stress. It’s a feeling of apprehension about the future or a feeling of fear. But if these emotions are persistent, irrational, and even excessive, it might affect the person’s ability to function, and therefore cause an anxiety disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Specific phobia is a form of anxiety that is related to internal fears of specific things or objects. For example fear of airplanes. If you’re fear of airplanes, you might use sedatives for Airplane Anxiety. Also, check the Best Airlines for Anxiety and things to take for airplane anxiety,

What are the symptoms of anxiety seen in men?

In men anxiety is expressed differently, instead of being nervous or being worried, they might display aggressive behavior, which tends to be more socially acceptable. They often avoid emotional expression and always deny vulnerability, since it is not exhibited healthily in men it usually comes out in a burst of anger.

The physical signs of anxiety include:

The emotional signs of anxiety include:

  • Fear of losing control 
  • Difficulty in concentration 
  • Worrying about the future
  • Avoidance 
  • Being overly vigilant towards danger
  • Aggression 
  • Absentmindedness 

Treatment for anxiety in men 

One of the best ways to treat anxiety is to manage it and recover. Lifestyle changes, like regularly exercising, spending time with loved ones and supportive friends, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, and other drugs, can help reduce anxiety symptoms. If you are an alcoholic, try other non-alcoholic fermented beverages. Check our Best Kombucha for anxiety.

Also, psychological treatments like cognitive behavior therapy, are effective ways to treat anxiety and are usually recommended first, particularly if anxiety symptoms are mild or moderate. It is also recommended to see a counselor or psychologist for this type of treatment.

Antidepressants medication might be necessary for some people, it is effective in treating anxiety and also depression. There is usually a time period of two weeks for it to start affecting, as it might take the doctor to find the correct medication and dose that could be most effective for the patient. 

How to help a man who is struggling with anxiety? 

There are many ways one can help someone struggling with anxiety, one of the things they can do is encourage them to look after their health and wellbeing, to find the best approach that best suits them. For instants, trying to stay active by going for a run, doing daily exercises.

They should try and introduce new activities and hobbies that they specifically might enjoy into their everyday life, at times these tasks might seem like a drag but if they keep active and become persistent, the enjoyment would eventually return.

There are some Do’s and Don’ts to help a man struggling with anxiety,


  • First and foremost don’t forget to be compassionate, realize the individual is struggling. 
  • Do not label anything as “anxiety” right off the bat, this might make some men very uncomfortable. Trying to take more practical and goal-oriented solutions.
  • Don’t ever give an ultimatum, this might make him even more reluctant to seek treatment.


  • Do emphasize that with treatment, the quality of life could improve, that things would get better, and that he could be able to enjoy stuff much more and would have less stress at work, etc.
  • Encourage healthy living, like regular exercise, eating more greens, getting enough sleep, meditation, and finding any other way to reduce stress. Check the list of helpful meditation apps that have reduced anxiety in people.
  • Expressing one’s own worry about his suffering, talking about how this is affecting and worrying the other person too.
  • It is important to suggest seeking help from mental health professionals if very necessary, and that there isn’t any shame in getting so. Medication, CBT, and group therapy can help wonders in relieving anxiety.

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FAQs: Anxiety looks different in men

What usually causes anxiety in men?

Anxiety can be caused due to ongoing stress about work, family, traumatic life experiences, or relationship, but it could also be because of any medication condition, such as, diabetes, heart disease, or even a decline in hormone levels, it is said that low testosterone can contribute in increased anxiety levels and even an increase in the stress hormone which drive the anxious feelings, cortisol.

Can anxiety cause different symptoms?

Long-term anxiety and panic attacks can cause your brain to release stress hormones on a regular basis. This can increase the frequency of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and depression.

Does anxiety turn into anger for men?

Often when anxiety is left unacknowledged and unexpressed by men, it can turn into frustration, which can lead to anger. When anxiety turns to anger, it is because an individual who expresses anger will have an underlying fear about something in their life.

What exactly is male anxiety?

Anxiety usually comes across as nervousness or worry, but anxiety in men often appears as anger, muscle aches, or alcohol use, which therefore leads many men to go undiagnosed.

Does anxiety go away if you ignore it?

No, ignoring your anxiety doesn’t make it go away,  the relentless thoughts just continue and might even make it worse. That’s why it’s recommended to get help to deal with anxiety.


In this article we discussed how anxiety looks different in men, we also learned what anxiety is. We understood what the symptoms of anxiety look like in men and what the treatment for anxiety in men is. We also looked at how to help a man who is struggling with anxiety with some dos and don’ts. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, feel free to check out to us directly.