Anxiety Coping skills (11 Skills+PDF)


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Anxiety Coping skills (11 Skills+PDF)

The current blogspot is based on the question “what are the various anxiety coping skills?”. It will enlist the various coping skills used to manage anxiety effectively. It will also describe the details of every coping skill with examples.

What are the anxiety coping skills?

Following are the effective coping skills that can be efficiently used to manage coping skills:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Physical exertion
  • Spend time with pets
  • Talk to friends or relatives
  • Take a time out
  • Watch movies
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Create a to do list
  • Adopt solution focused strategy
  • Listen to music
  • Use a rubik’s cube
  • Involve in humor
  • Use sensory pleasurable activities
  • Use progressive muscle relaxation
  • Adopt solution focused coping strategy
  • Maintain a daily diary
  • Adopt play and art activities
  • Restructuring your thoughts
  • Redecorate your room. Buy indoor plants or paint the walls.

Breathing exercises

One of the quickest ways to cope with anxiety is through breathing exercises.breathing exercises help an individual to relax for some time. It requires the individual to sit in a relaxed place and inhale and exhale with closed eyes to distract oneself from the anxiety from the time being.

Another form of breathing exercises to cope with anxiety is imagining a pleasant place and inhaling and exhaling while taking an imagined trip to your favourite place. 

For example a person suffering from  anxiety can take an imaginary trip to a beach or recall the last journey to a beach while inhaling and exhaling. Thus the individual’s anxiety level will drop as he will be distracted from the anxiety and more interested in recalling the beach trip.

Counting while deep breathing is also a successful form of coping activity for managing anxiety. 

Anxiety Coping skills (11 Skills+PDF)


Aromas in the form of sprays and essential oils are a great source to manage anxiety. Aroma candles are also used for aromatherapy. 

Scents like chamomile, lavender, rosemary and sandalwood have been suggested for aromatherapies to overcome the underlying anxiety and get relaxed.

Aromatherapy activates certain body receptors in the brain in response to the pleasant fragrance.

Aromatherapy can be in the form of massage with an aroma oil or in the form of aroma diffusers while deep breathing in the same space.


Meditation and yoga are another great coping mechanism to decrease or manage coping skills. Check the list of helpful meditation apps that have reduced anxiety in people.

Meditation involves focusing on the mind and body deeply to soothe yourself and get away from the source of anxiety.

Meditation and yoga are forms of exercise that aid in the release of positive hormones and neurotransmitters that help an individual relax.

If you’re open to trying yoga for anxiety and stress relief, check out these top Yoga DVDs.

Mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness exercises aim at proactively managing the source of anxiety. While keeping a wise mind for dealing with daily life stressors, a person with mindful coping skills utilizes radical acceptance and positive psychology exercises to overcome the stress in life.

Some of the mindful exercises to overcome anxiety are cue controlled relaxation, emotional regulation, counting blessings, committed action plans to change one step at a time.

For example a person with anxiety related to meetings at the office might relax himself though cue controlled relaxation. He could tell himself “relax john, they are not evaluating you” to manage his anxiety related to the meetings.

Physical exertion

The coping skill of physical exertion to manage anxiety involves going for a brisk walk 30-40 minutes a day to feel more pleasant and get rid of the anxiety feelings.

The release of endorphins as a result of physical exertion is an effective way to feel more positive and get distracted from the anxious feeling.

Spend time with pets

Spending time with pets is another great coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety. Pets make an individual feel more relaxed and soothing. Pets make it easy to manage the underlying anxiety as they are a source of distraction and take over an individual’s mind while they spend time with them.

Specifically, playing with pets is used  as a coping mechanism for kids as they get more present minded and get distracted from their source of anxiety and stress.

Talk to friends or relatives

Social support and socialization have always been linked to a greater strength and a relaxed self. As talking to friends or relatives is a great source to vent out unpleasant feelings and get social support, it is considered as an effective coping mechanism to overcome anxiety.

For example, if a husband and a wife had a fight in the morning over something, the wife shares the incident with her friend who generalizes her experience by giving her feedback that such fights are a part of the routine in a settled couple’s life.  As a result the anxiety level decreases.

Take a time out

Taking a time out to reduce the anxiety level and overcome the unpleasant feelings associated with anxiety experiences like fear and negative apprehensions . leaving the anxiety provoking situation for some time, and changing your place can be effective to manage anxiety.

Taking a time out after a stressful day and going for having your favourite ice cream or a cup of coffee can significantly reduce your anxiety. In other scenarios, taking a timeout and spending some time all along is also an effective coping strategy for reducing anxiety.

Watch movies

Watching movies  in order to cope and manage anxiety related feelings is also an effective coping skill for people who like to watch movies. Movies based on humor and animated cartoon movies are best to watch in a state of anxiety as these are a source of lightening mood and getting distracted from the underlying feeling.

For example a person after having a bad day at work can go home and watch tom n jerry or mr.bean to relax himself and get away with the inner build of anxiety.

Establish healthy boundaries

Establishing healthy boundaries is another effective coping skill to overcome anxiety. It helps individuals to maintain professional and personal boundaries so that nobody has the ability to overpower them or overburden them emotionally or physically.

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries  aids in managing anxiety through intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that act as a coping mechanism to prevent any anxiety provoking situations.

Create a to do list

Creating a to-do list of pleasurable activities is also an effective coping strategy. An individual makes a list of all the activities that they like to do and find pleasure in doing. A person makes a list of all the activities including physical activities, watching movies, listening to music, cooking, talking to a friend and other such activities that are a source of decreasing negative feelings.

For example a person may list out activities such as taking a warm shower, drinking hot coffee, eating a chocolate, holding an ice cube to numb their unpleasant feelings.

Adopt solution focused strategy

In order to cope with anxiety, a solution focused coping strategy is best recommended. The solution focused strategy is suggested to mentaly evaluate the possible solutions and consider the best possible solution as per the resources.

Listen to music

Listening to any sort of music like songs, poems, instrumental or drumming is also a recommended coping strategy to overcome anxiety. Music is also known as the food for the soul. 

If you like reading, check the best fiction and spiritual books for anxiety.

Music has a tendency to uplift the mood and distract the mind from the underlying anxiety experiences and negative feelings.

To be used as an effective coping mechanism, music must be of a type that a person likes to listen to and that relaxes a person.

Music and sounds can stimulate the brain. If you’re open to trying out some binaural beats to get rid of fear and anxiety, try Best Binaural Beats for Anxiety.

Use a rubik’s cube

In order to instantly distract one’s mind from anxiety experiences, a rubik’s cube is used. Coping anxiety through rubik’s cube involves getting distracted instantly and channelizing the negative energy by focusing on the rubik cube specifically.

For example an adolescent who was scolded by his parents can sit in the same room and start playing with a rubik’s cube to distract himself from the negative and unpleasant feeling that might push him to behave negatively otherwise.

Involve in humor

Getting involved in humor and cracking jokes with your friends or watching funny videos help to lighten the mood and intensity of the anxiety related feelings. 

Humor is a great source to get an individual distracted from the underlying source of anxiety.

Use sensory pleasurable activities

Coping through getting involved in various sensory activities is also a great way to overcome anxiety. Using the 5 senses of smell, taste, vision, touch and hearing can ease a person to swiftly overcome the negative emotions and the unpleasant thoughts related to anxiety.

The activities involving the sense of smell include wearing your favourite perfume, smelling your favourite dish while cooking and enjoying the aroma of your favourite hot drink to overcome anxiety. 

The activities involving the sense of taste to overcome anxiety include eating your favourite food, eating chocolate or drinking your favourite drink.

If you’re looking for snack options that can help manage anxiety, here are the Best Snacks for Anxiety.

The activities involving the sense of touch to overcome anxiety include touching your pet’s skin, or playing with sand or a playdough or slime.

The activities involving the sense of vision to overcome anxiety include watching pleasant sceneries, watching movies, watching colour harmony or watching your favourite movies.

The activities involving the sense of hearing to overcome anxiety include listening to soothing instrumental music, listening to favourite songs, listening to podcasts or talking to a friend.

Use progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation coping strategy to overcome anxiety aids in deep muscle relaxation. It helps individuals to reduce and manage the muscular tension as a result of anxiety.

During progressive muscle relaxation exercise, a person contracts the muscles as he breathes in and relaxes them as he exhales. An individual doing progressive muscle relaxation starts with the  muscles of the head and goes towards the other body part one by one till he reaches the lower limbs and the feet. Hence at the end of the progressive muscle relaxation a epros feels more relaxed and has a decreased anxiety level.

Maintain a daily diary

Maintaining a daily dairy to mindfully overcome your anxiety related to routine life is also an effective coping strategy. A daily dairy helps in identifying and recognizing the level of anxiety on a daily basis and the source related to that anxiety. 

As a result of maintaining a dairy, a person can find alternate behaviors to the triggering events and manage their daily routine more effectively.

Adopt play strategies

Adopting play and art therapy strategies is an effective way to overcome anxiety, thoughts and feelings. During play an individual is able to get away with the anxious feelings and the associated fear. 

When individuals are involved in art, coloring or any other form of play, they unconsciously deal with their underlying anxiety and feel more relaxed.

Painting, coloring, playing board games or video games are all sort of coping strategies to overcome anxiety.

Restructuring your thoughts

Restructuring your negative automatic thoughts related to an anxiety provoking event is also a coping mechanism. It helps the individual to overcome the distorted patterns of thinking and adopt a more positive perspective to life that is less anxiety provoking.

Restructuring of thoughts often involves getting cognitive behavior therapy from a specially trained therapist in order to convert the dysfunctional thought pattern to functional one and manage anxiety.


The current blogspot provided detailed information about the various coping strategies that can be effectively used to manage and overcome anxiety. We learned that various coping mechanisms like breathing exercises, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, talking to a friend, listening to music and watching movies can instantly help to reduce the anxiety level significantly.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Anxiety coping skills

Why are coping skills important for anxiety?

Coping skills are important to overcome anxiety. They prevent an individual from suffering the long term negative effects of anxiety. They improve the quality of life in all the spheres of a person suffering from anxiety. Coping skills also help the anxious person to manage the unpleasant thoughts and behaviors related to anxiety.

What are the three most important coping skills for anxiety?

The three important coping skills to overcome anxiety are :

Breathing exercises
Social support

What are the unhealthy coping skills to overcome anxiety?

The unhealthy coping skills to overcome anxiety include substance abuse, shouting, self harming behaviours and suicidal ideation.


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