Anxiety activities for adults (5+)

The current blogpost will be based on the question “What are anxiety activities for adults?”. We will discuss the various anxiety activities that can be done to manage and overcome anxiety among adults.

What are anxiety activities for adults?

Anxiety in adults is usually related to restlessness, frustration, irritability and anger. Due to anxiety, many other life spheres get affected among adults. In order to manage anxiety it is necessary to  get engaged in a variety of activities and exercises to channelize the negative thought patterns and negative feelings that are related to anxiety. 

Inorder to calm down your nerves it is necessary to get engaged in a variety of various routine activities that are :

  • Exercise
  • Walk
  • Yoga
  • Meditate
  • Go for a drive
  • Listen to music
  • Clean and organize your home
  • Focus on breathing
  • Spend time with pets
  • Get intimate
  • Get creative
  • Start reading
  • Shift your state
  • Use your senses
  • Start knitting
  • Start gardening
  • Talk to a friend
  • Start counseling


A very productive activity for adults with anxiety symptoms is exercise. Exercising in the form of aerobics, cardio or zumba helps to minimize the anxiety symptoms and improves the oxygen supply to the whole body. 

As a result of exercise anxiety tends to decrease and an adult becomes more mindful of their state and is able to manage their symptoms in response to anxiety.


Walking to reduce anxiety symptoms is a recommended exercise. Through regular walking our body gets trained for producing more of the positive endorphins that tend to balance the negative energy. As a result the anxiety in adults gets significantly reduced.


Adults can try yoga to overcome  their anxiety. Through yge, adults can practice to be here now.  As a result of yoga, the adults are able to focus better and improve concentration that usually declines as a result of anxiety.


Meditation helps adults with anxiety to stay in peace and stay calm. Meditation can also take the form of prayers or regular supplication. Meditation helps us to better connect our mind and body. It helps the adults to achieve mindfulness and live a more mindful life instead of being mindless.

Go for a drive

Distraction from the anxiety triggers often works for getting over anxiety. Going for a drive works for adults in decreasing their anxiety level as drives require mental focus and thus they divert your focus of attention from self to the outside world.

Listen to music

Music has often been referred to as the food for the soul. Listening to your favourite music often helps in lowering down the fight or flight mode that usually gets activated as a result of anxiety.

Clean and organize your home

Cleaning and organizing is a good strategy to focus on your life and outside world instead of focusing on your inner thoughts and feelings. Cleaning and organizing is a way to remain focused and remain present minded. Cleaning the wardrobe, organizing the cupboard, organizing your books and storerooms are all various cleaning and organizing activities that help adults to reduce their anxiety. 

Focus on breathing

Breathing exercises have always been a go to way when it comes to anxiety relief. They tend to give the adult person a source of calmness and also help adults to minimize anxiety. Deep breathing exercise, shallow breathing exercise and progressive muscle relaxation are a good activity for reducing anxiety among adults.

Spend time with pets

Taming pets, playing with them and spending time nurturing them is a good source of overcoming anxiety among adults. Playing with pets limits the adults from negative thinking and gives them a source of play and fun to enjoy their moment.

Get intimate

Getting sexually active and intimate with your partener is a way to overcome anxiety in adults. Dong sex in your favourite way and foreplay in itself produces positivity in adults and thus takes off their focus froom anxiety provoking situations and scenarios. As a result the negative thoughts and feelings also get numbed down .

Get creative

Being creative, getting involved in paintings, coloring and drawing are all forms of art therapy for reducing anxiety. Getting creative takes a person to enjoy the inner child experiences that further help them with overcoming the fears and negative feelings associated with anxiety. 

Start reading

Reading your favourite books and novels are a good way to reduce anxiety. Adults are able to overcome their anxiety, fear and tension. Being involved in reading stimulates our senses and imagination to think about other scenarios instead of situational triggers.

Shift your state

Going outside, dining out, taking a bubble bath, dancing and watching a movie are all ways to shift your mental state and minimize anxiety. Changing mental state helps the adults to minimize their anxiety and manage their negative energies.

Use your senses

Using and focusing on the activities based on 5 senses can help adults to minimize their anxiety and be more in a pleasurable state. Using tactile, visual, temporal, olfactory and visual sense can help adults get involved in activities that they enjoy.

Start knitting

Knitting woolen shawls and sweaters for one’s own self or loved ones is a good activity to overcome anxiety. Knitting helps in being present minded and focused on the sweater or shawl instead of being focused on negative automatic thoughts that induce anxiety.

Start gardening

Gardening is a great physical and mental exercise to overcome anxiety. As an adult nurtures and cares for the plants they tend to feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Gardening helps them to improve their focus.

Talk to a friend

Talking to a friend and socializing is a way to get a decreased level of anxiety among adults. Talking to friends helps us do catharsis and get rid of our anxieties related to various stressors in life. Venting out negative feelings and gaining empathy helps adults gather themselves better.

Start counseling

Often we need to consult professional counselors in order to get rid of anxiety in adults. This is true for cases where anxiety is associated with traumatic life events. Counseling helps us understand the faulty thought patterns and behaviors patterns in our life.


The current blogpost was based on the question “what are anxiety activities for adults”?. We learned the various activities that can be used with adults in order to minimize anxiety symptoms and manage its triggers that induce anxiety among adults.

Frequently asked questions anxiety activities for adults

What activities are good for anxiety?

Following are good activities for anxiety in adults:

  • Go for a regular walk
  • Write in a journal
  • Practice yoga
  • Deep breath often

What is the 3-3-3 rule for anxiety?

The 3×3 anxiety rule is based on the following :

  • Start by looking around you and naming three things you can see. 
  • Then listen, wWhat three sounds do you hear? 
  • Next, move three parts of your body, such as your fingers, toes, or clench and release your shoulder

What helps adults with anxiety?

Following strategies help adults with anxiety :

  • Taking a timeout
  • Talking to a friend
  • Eating balanced meals
  • Counting to 10
  • Exercising daily