Anime quotes on depression (10 Anime quotes)

This article will focus on Anime quotes on depression and how to deal with depression.

  • Kino’s Journey (2000)

“The world is not beautiful; therefore, it is.”

A tale about Kino, who explores the world with nothing but protective weapons and Hermes’ talking motorcycle. Kino visits many magical realms, each with its traditions and individuals, and through their adventures, learns about the universe, conjuring laughter and encouragement at times or penetrating cynicism at other times. 

However, with no exception, Kino’s tradition is to remain in any city for no more than three days, as it is ample time to learn just about everything significant about the area while still having opportunities to discover new lands.

“I’ll never resent you, or hate you, or hurt you. Not ever. Not you or anyone. I’d rather die. So If I’m terminated, I’ll face my executioner with a smile. And I’ll tell them that it’s okay because it won’t be their fault for doing it. It’ll just be that they don’t know any better. I’ll die hopeful, that my death might have helped them… to understand someday.” – Photo.

Photo was a slave from Kino’s Journey.

  • Code: Breaker (2012)

Sakura Sakurakōji looks out the window one day, sitting on a bus, to see people burnt to death with blue flames as a boy her age stays unscathed and stands over the people. There are no bodies or proof of any kind of crime, only a tiny flame when she heads back to the place the very next day.

. She realizes that the recent transfer student is the same boy she saw a day before when she goes to the class. Sakura soon discovers that he is Rei Ogami, the sixth “Code: Breaker,” an oddly capable special form of an assassin and a part of a government-serving secret organization.

“If you let yourself get depressed, you’d be making light of the people who trust and follow you.” – Ogami Rei

  • Gintama (2006)

Skyscrapers, trains, and motorcycles have substituted the peaceful lives of the Earth’s occupants in a world where aliens conquered Edo Period Japan. However, one man still holds a samurai’s soul, Gintoki Sakata, otherwise referred to as Yorozuya Gin-san. Gintoki carries his commitment as impulsive and prepared to face all the challenges with his fellow companions.

“Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway. In the end, there’s nothing you can do.” – Gintoki Sakata

  • My Teen Romantic Comedy (2013)

So precisely what will happen if Hachiman Hikigaya, an isolated high school student with no friends, no desire in having some, and a conviction that everyone’s supposedly wonderful junior high adventures are either illusions or downright falsehoods, is compelled by a well-meaning faculty member to attend the one-member “Services Club” managed by Yukino Yukinoshita, who is clever, beautiful and typically smart.

“The past makes you wanna die out of regret, and the future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.” – Hachiman Hikigaya.

“It is impossible not to hurt someone. Humans unconsciously hurt others by simply existing. Whether you are alive or dead, you keep hurting people. Getting involved will hurt them, but trying not to get involved might hurt them too. But if it’s someone you don’t care about, you won’t notice you’ve hurt them. What’s important is your awareness of it. It’s because you care about them that you feel like you’ve hurt them. Caring about someone means being resolved to the fact that you’ll hurt them. The more people care for each other, the farther out of reach certain things get. But that’s not something to be sad about. I think it’s probably something to be proud of.” – Shizuka Hiratsuka.

Shizuka Hiratsuka is the teacher of Hachiman Hikigaya, a guidance counselor and adviser at the club.

  • Nanana’s Buried Treasure (2014)

Jyugo Yama is a boy who has been shunned by his father and forced to be moved to an artificial island high school. He starts living independently, only to find that his room is possessed by a ghost called Nanana Ryugajou. She was terminated ten years ago, and before her murderer is discovered, she will not rest peacefully. Nanana gathered items from all around the world prior to her death and buried them on the island. Jyugo and Nanana set out to explore these secrets and to find the culprit using their enigmatic powers.

“If you don’t like how things turned out, then try to change it. And then if it still doesn’t work out, that’s when you can be depressed.” – Nanana Ryuugajou

  • Case Closed (1994)

The plot follows the junior high investigator Shinichi Kudo who, while investigating a strange organization, was altered into a child and tries to solve a myriad of cases while imitating the father and other characters of his childhood friend.

“It’s just like changes in the notes and passports. You may find it hard to adjust to at the beginning, but you get used to it eventually. Time is very depressing after all… Both happiness and sadness fade away with time.” – Detective Conan

  • The World God only knows (2010)

A junior high student, Keima, is an ardent romantic simulation gamer. He is recognized as the “Divine Capturer” on the web for his iconic ability to “capture” any girl in 2D games. Keima is regarded as nothing more than a depressing nerd with thick glasses in his actual school life.

“I’d rather have my physical pain exceed my mental pain than the other way around. By hurting myself just enough, I could turn my attention to that.” – Kusunoki

  • Fairy Tail (2009)

The tale follows Lucy Heartfilla, a young girl interested in joining the legendary magical Fairy Tail Guild. She meets Natsu, a member of the guild, during a brave rescue and ultimately provides her a place. For the Fairy Tail Guild, they become partners performing separate assignments. 

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.” – Jellal Fernandes

Jellal Fernandes is the childhood friend of Erza Scarlet.

  • Danganronpa (2013)

Makoto Naegi is admitted into the prestigious Hope’s Peak High School with 14 other students from various classes, but the school turns out to be an intricate setup intended to tempt students to terminate each other.

“It’s okay to feel depressed. It takes time to overcome things. And then, by taking that time, you just start moving forward again. That’s just what humans do.” – Mondo Oowada

  • Your lie in April (2014)

Kousei Arima was a talented pianist before his mother’s unexpected demise, which took away his potential to play. For Kousei, every day was gloomy. And then, he meets Kaori Miyazono, a violinist who has an odd style of playing. His monotonous life was about to change completely.

“Even though I’m bitter over losing, even though I’m depressed, even though my ankle hurts, and my eyes are smeared with tears…even though I’ve never felt worse…I wonder why the stars are sparkling like this.” – Tsubaki Sawabe.

How to cope with depression?

Your strength can be drained by depression, leaving you to feel hollow and weary. This can make it very hard to gather the courage or motivation to pursue counseling.

  • Accept yourself for who you are. Loving yourself is the first step to overcome depression. It is not easy to love yourself. It is a process that will help in the long run. Take small steps, and you will see a big change.
  • Don’t suppress your emotions. It’s an unhealthy way to cope with your emotions. When you feel gloomy, write down your feelings. Journaling might be a good option. It’s a more constructive way to cope with your emotions.
  • Set goals that are achievable. 
  • Reward yourself once you achieve the goals.
  • Take a nature walk, listen to music, or do what you like.
  • Practice meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • Have a record of what you eat. It’s important to have healthy food. Your meals can also have an impact on your mood levels.


This article focused on Anime quotes on depression and how to deal with depression.


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