Anger Worksheets (7+)

This page displays anger worksheets. Anger is one of the basic emotions experienced as a result of some triggers.

Being angry is not bad but unable to control one’s anger can harm him. Thus, anger management is necessary.

These anger worksheets help individuals identify their anger triggers and work on them to prevent their effects.

Anger worksheets enable individuals to manage their emotions by adopting effective coping skills and strategies.

The anger worksheets presented to you on this page are an effective source of anger management.

Some of these anger worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

Anger Worksheet- Where does it Feel?

Anger is one of the basic emotions experienced in response to a stimulus.

The anger triggers could be another emotion, a feeling, a person, an event or anything that stimulates the feelings of anger in an individual.

Anger can be felt in different parts of the body such as the head and chest. Different people feel anger in different parts of their bodies.

Most commonly it is felt in the head region in the form of headache, head pounding, in the chest in the form of pressure or pain and in the heart in the form of a burning sensation or striking feeling.

Identifying the parts of the body where anger is felt, and taking necessary measures for avoiding these effects are helpful for managing anger burst outs.

Anger occurs purposefully and is not harmful in many ways but if it prolongs and starts controlling the individual, it can affect him adversely.

Anger Worksheets (7+)

Anger Worksheet- Dealing with Anger

Anger needs to be managed properly to prevent its negative effects on the individual, his family, his friends and other people around him.

There are numerous ways of coping with feelings resulting from anger.

Some effective strategies for managing anger include using humor, thinking logically, restructuring cognitions, rationalizing illogical beliefs, distracting oneself instantly when he gets angry and thinking over the anger causing situation later on with a calm mind.

Although anger is beneficial in many ways such as for expressing your feelings about a certain thing, telling of something wrong being happened, differentiating between good and bad etcetera.

Despite this, one needs to learn to control his anger for preventing the harmful effects of anger.

Preventing and coping with anger are two different things.

Preventive measures are taken before anger arises and coping strategies are used when an individual is experiencing anger. 

Some ways to prevent anger include getting close to nature such as by doing morning walks regularly, being fit by eating healthy and exercising, increasing mindfulness by meditating and doing yoga and so on.

Anger Worksheets (7+)

Anger Worksheet- Anger Management  

Anger management is referred to as the adoption of certain skills and strategies for managing anger.

Anger results from frustration, distress, threatening feeling and so on. 

Anger management is essential to deal with the anger emotion efficiently.

Some ways by which anger can be managed include thinking carefully before speaking, distracting oneself when in anger and expressing it once the individual is calm, taking a time-out, thinking rationally, reshaping cognitions, using ‘I’ statements and using humor to release anger and stress etcetera.

Learning anger management skills and strategies are helpful for dealing with anger effectively.

It not only teaches emotional regulation to the individual but also ensures his emotional, physical and psychological health. 

Anger Worksheets (7+)

Anger Worksheet- Anger Iceberg

Oftentimes anger emerges as a result of any other emotion. This is why anger is sometimes referred to as the tip of the iceberg.

Other emotions lying in the bottom part of the iceberg are the emotions that gave rise to anger emotion in an individual.

These emotions could be frustration, stress, anxiety, tension, jealousy, hatred etcetera.

The anger iceberg worksheet is a great exercise for individuals to help them identify their emotions which are bursting out as anger.

This activity also increases mindfulness in an individual and allows him to accept his emotions. 

This worksheet can be used in more than one way. The description of this worksheet guides the individuals on how to start this activity.

Before doing this worksheet, you need to read the guidelines for this worksheet present on this site.

You can download the worksheet in the form of pdf from the same site.

Anger Worksheet- Coping Skills: Anger

Anger leaves various negative effects on an individual. Hence, to avoid these effects one needs to learn to prevent and manage anger.

This worksheet explains six anger coping strategies in detail.

These six strategies include identifying anger triggers, deep breathing techniques, distraction techniques, time-put technique, and recognizing warning signs.

These techniques are helpful in reducing the effects of anger and dealing with this emotion effectively. 

Each of these six techniques is explained in detail with their application in real life.

Learning these techniques can help individual manage anger in a way that it does not harm hi and the people in his surroundings.

This worksheet consists of two pages only. It is effective and easily accessible.

You can also download it in the form of pdf fr your convenience.

Anger Worksheet- Triggers

Anger triggers are the emotions, feelings, events, people or anything that triggers anger emotion in an individual.

Recognizing one’s anger triggers can help an individual avoid them to prevent anger burst outs.

The triggers worksheet is a helpful source for helping individuals recognize their anger triggers.

It prepares an individual for anger triggering situations and gives them tips on how they can deal with such situations without losing control over themselves and bursting out.

This worksheet is easily accessible and can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this site.

The triggers worksheet is simple yet an effective source of identifying and dealing with anger triggers.

Anger Worksheet- Seven Printable Anger Management Worksheets

Not every anger management technique is helpful for every individual for dealing with anger emotion.

Thus, one should be aware of more than one kind of anger management strategy so he could use them according to his needs, the intensity of anger and the severity of the situation.

This site presents seven printable anger management worksheets.

Each of these seven anger management worksheets is unique in nature and helps individuals manage their anger.

These worksheets aim to aid individuals in identifying their anger triggers, understanding these triggers, managing anger, expressing anger in a healthy way and learning time-out techniques for dealing with anger. 

These worksheets also enable an individual to effectively manage his anger in various anger-causing situations. 

These worksheets are easily accessible and can be downloaded easily from the same site by just clicking the image of the worksheet.

Anger Worksheet- Anger management Skill Cards Worksheet

Anger is an intense emotion that takes away the thinking ability of an individual when he is experiencing anger.

When an individual fails to think over the situation calmly, he loses his control over his emotion and bursts out. 

Anger management skill cards worksheets consist of some cards that reflect different anger management strategies to help manage anger.

This worksheet is specifically designed for kids of 10 years old and elder.

The colorful images on the cards are attractive and helpful for children in managing anger.

The children who are facing issues in expressing and managing anger can be provided with these cards and asked to perform any one of these activities in fifteen minutes.

This will help them learn healthy coping skills and manage their anger skilfully.

Anger management skills cards worksheet can be downloaded in the form of pdf easily from this site.

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This page provided you with some of the most effective anger worksheets.

These anger worksheets are helpful for identifying, understanding and managing anger-causing situations.

These worksheets help an individual to prevent and manage his anger effectively.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you.

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