Anger Management Worksheets (5)

On this page, we are going to provide a list of anger management worksheets and inform you about how they can help you reduce and manage your anger. 

Anger management worksheets aim to provide self-help strategies for managing anger and prepare you for facing anger triggering situations in a healthy way. 

Anger management is a crucial element for the maintenance of life. It is a natural emotion and it is okay to feel angry over things.

Getting angry is a way of discovering that you feel unpleasant about a thing or something has not met your expectations or you don’t feel good at somebody’s certain act or phrase.

It is fine to get angry but excess of everything is bad.

Anger needs to be managed in order to maintain your well-being and secure healthy relations with others.

Anger management worksheets have the same goal that is to enable you to manage your anger.

These worksheets will be created by us and others will be curated from reputable third parties.

These worksheets will be based on daily life events and thus would be a good measure for assisting in managing anger.

Anger Management Worksheet – Finding Anger Triggers and Justifying Anger

Anger Management Worksheet – What Anger Feels Like?

Anger Management Worksheet – REBT Model for Anger Management

REBT, the rational emotive behavioral therapy, is the one that helps people replace their faulty beliefs with rational ones.

Every person has a different thinking pattern. 

Having different perspectives of viewing things is not wrong but not being able to understand the other person’s perspective may lead to problems.

REBT approach assists people in exploring the true meaning of a certain act. 

It helps to shape their beliefs and replace their irrational beliefs with more logical ones.

In view of Ellis, changing one’s beliefs can change their way of thinking which may produce different outcomes as with the previous belief system. REBT enables people to think in a more positive way.

Objectives: To enhance problem solving skills in individuals.

Instructions: For each of the conditions mentioned below, devise a way by which anger can be managed.

Anger Management Worksheet – Anger Iceberg

Anger is often referred to as the tip of the iceberg. It means anger may not be the primary emotion necessarily.

It could be a result of another emotion such as fear, anxiety, stress and so forth.

Therefore it is important to figure out all the primary emotions behind anger, so one can work on them individually and prevent anger burst outs.

Objective: To explore various undealt emotions behind an individual’s anger.

Instructions: Anger is not always a primary emotion. It could be a result of other emotions as well.

In the lower part of the iceberg, enlist all the emotions which in your view, precursors of anger emotion.

Anger Management Worksheet – Me in Anger

         Anger is an uncomfortable emotion and often results in burst outs. Those who experience high intensity of anger feel difficulty in managing their anger and lose control.

The most important tip for coping with negative emotions is to not let them control you.  For that it is important to know what a person feels like when he is angry.

Once he becomes aware of consequences of his anger, he can take specific actions for calming down.

Objectives: To make an individual aware of the consequences of his anger so he could take the right steps at the right time.

Instructions: Encircle the things that happen to you when you are angry.

Anger Management Worksheet – How Can I Deal with What Makes Me Angry

         There could be various reasons behind an individual’s anger. An individual could get angry if somebody lies to him, if he misses his class due to traffic, if he loses his best friend and so on.

With the emergence of every problem, there is a resolution of that problem too.

Therefore it is important to focus on keeping a control on oneself and tackling the problem mindfully.

Objectives: To enable individuals to think about tackling their issues mindfully, to prevent anger burst outs.

Instructions: Enlist the events that make you angry the most. Then devise a solution for tackling those problematic events.

Event Solution

Anger Management Worksheet – Dos and Don’ts

         Determining you dos and don’ts is a significant step towards anger management.

An individual can efficiently cope with his anger issues if he is clear which skills he has to adopt during anger and which ones to avoid.

Objective: To enable individuals to deal with anger efficiently.

Instructions: Make a list of things you would do and things which you will avoid when you experience anger. 


 Anger Management Worksheet – Developing Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is a natural phenomenon and every individual does it. Positive self-talk is the key to eliminating negative emotions.

Positive self-talk helps an individual to calm him down during alarming situations such as when he encounters anger.

Objectives: To enable individuals to develop positive self-talk during anger triggering situations.

Instructions: Enlist phases that you would speak to yourself when you experience anger. Remember, these should be positive phrases.

For example, I will not let anger take control over me.


          Anger Management Worksheet – Anger Distractions

Anger can be managed by distracting oneself in different activities like coloring, writing, playing games and so forth.

Anger makes an individual unable to think mindfully. Therefore it is important to distract oneself when he gets angry.

After some time one’s anger will vanish and he can think over the previous event mindfully.  

Objectives: To enable an individual to find distractions for himself when he gets angry.

Instructions: Enlist activities you would do to calm yourself down when you get angry.

Anger Management Worksheet – Contract

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On this page, we provided a list of anger management worksheets and informed you about how they can help you reduce and manage your anger.

Anger management is a necessary step towards a healthy life and anger management worksheets help you achieve this goal.

Remember, experiencing anger emotion is not wrong but letting your anger emotion take control over you physically and psychologically is dangerous.

Therefore learn to manage your anger by adopting healthy coping skills.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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