The special significance of angel number 666

In this blog post, we talk about the significance of angel number 666, the myths related to this number, and the vibrations of number 6. 

Angel number 666 – the symbol of love, compassion, beauty, creation

When 66, 666 or 6666 appears, the message strongly refers to the mother’s archetype and how it appears or not in your life.

The sequence can occur when you are worried, you need support. It is the way of the Universe to tell you to relax because you are guided by divinity.

Angel number 666 also comes as a message that you need to take care of yourself but also those around you. It can also be an urge to take responsibility for yourself.

Angel number 666 origins

Angel number 666 does not have remarkable mathematical properties, but if we take a look at its origins, it shows something interesting about the way the Bible was written.

Apparently, the apocalyptic vision is not the only one to consider.

Basically, 666 is used as a not very subtle code, especially for literati from the New Testament period.

The text was originally written in ancient Greek, which, as everyone probably knows, used numbers written as letters.

The same is true of Hebrew, the other major language of Bible writing. Therefore, each word also had a numerical meaning.

In chapter 13 of the “Book of Revelation,” the number is mentioned as follows: 

Whoever has the skill to count the number of the beast; for it is the number of men. And its number is six hundred and sixty-six.”  This is almost a riddle that urges you to find out the meaning of the number.

The number 666 is written in Hebrew, which gives even greater meaning to numbers that symbolize words and words that symbolize numbers.

So, if you translate 666 into Hebrew, you get Nero Kesar, meaning the writing of the name Nero Caesar, the leader of the Roman Empire in that period (October 13, 54 – June 9, 68). 

He is one of the most controversial and hated historical figures. After all, he was allegedly set on fire in Rome and was suspected of raping his mother.

Only in Greece were there voices concerned with a different image. Thus, for Pausanias, Nero was an example for the correctness of Plato’s statement, according to which the great injustice “does not start from ordinary people, but from a noble soul corrupted by a wrong education.

Apparently, things are the same as the alternative writing of the number of the beast, which in several biblical texts is 616.

This adds to the complexity of the riddle and the secret.

No one wants to write a book in the conditions of imperial persecution, in which he clearly says that the root of all evil is Nero Caesar.

As for the mathematical properties, 666 is a triangular number and the sum of the first 36 numbers.

Triangular numbers are those that can form an equilateral triangle. This is the first clue in decoding the number. 666 is also the sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers. 

666 – Evil number we should be afraid of?

The legendary and dreaded number 666, associated with Satan, to which multiple meanings have been attributed over time, from the incarnation of the antichrist to extraterrestrial influences, has been decrypted by researchers.

The fateful significance of the number has its origin in the Old Testament, which relates Satan’s unfortunate attempt to adopt the Israelite, since the entire patriarchal period, by a man who in the tribal phase to the nation numbered exactly 666 people, none, in addition, none less.

Another reference to the number 666, belonging to the Bible, but also to pagan religions, refers to the beginnings of the world when 66 spirits joined 4 other unclean spirits – 3 present in the world, the other present in the shadows, known as the antichrist. 

These 66 spirits added to the other 4 represent the number of nations on earth. “Everyone lies in the evil one,” Jesus said, and he was not wrong.

All nations are possessed, blocked, captive, and separated from each other in the biblical episode of the Tower of Babel.

In modern popular culture, 666 embodies the imperfection taken to the extreme to the gates of evil.

The number 7 (the symbol of perfection) minus 1 (the symbol of imperfection), represented three times: 666. 

This number can designate the totally imperfect man, the one who embodies all that is worst.

Therefore, we would understand that 666 is, in fact, the symbol of the antichrist, of the one who deliberately opposes or opposes Christ, “say the priests who studied the significance of this number.

Numerologists who decrypted the number 666, claim that it has no remarkable mathematical properties, but if we study its past we can learn fascinating details about how the Bible was originally written. 

Apparently, the most obvious proof is the presence of the number in the Book of Revelation.

Here, the number is used as a code, in a fairly obvious way. Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation mentions the following phrase: “Let the one who understands understand the meaning of the number of the beast, for he is, in fact, the number of a man. His number is 666 “.

Adherents of the conspiracy theory say that roulette would be a devil’s game, because the sum of all the numbers on it, from 1 to 36, would be exactly 666.

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The secret of number 6

The first even-numbered number is a symbol of balance, harmony, humanity.

Those characterized by this number show nobility and sensitivity, are generous, romantic, serene, give love.

They have great emotion, a pleasant temperament, they are idealistic, charitable. 

Very conservative and traditionalist in ideas and opinions, oscillating.

The negative side of this vibration brings the lack of ideals, laziness and indulgence in a harmful state of rest, immersed in their own ocean of dreams and especially in sometimes unreal problems, created by themselves.

The one born on the 6th, 15th, 24th of any month indicates a responsible person, eager for progress, especially in terms of career and profession.

You are understanding, you offer your help with sincerity, being an open and honest person, who knows how to take care of his family and loved ones. 

You will gain emotional balance through marriage. Financially, you will enjoy security and material success.

Gentle, tender and charming, he shows devotion to family, friends and the relationships that bring him closer and unite people. 

The sense of duty, which binds him to his loved ones, is so strong that he often sacrifices his interest and health.

Perfect, serene and balanced, he is very dissatisfied with the disinterest and disapproval shown towards their actions, they then become quarrelsome and brutal.

In numerology, the number 6 belongs to the “responsible martyr” who has to learn both the lesson of responsibility and that of the family.

The symbol for this number is a pentagram in the middle of which is a person. Each peak of the pentagram represents one of the 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit).

According to some, these elements make up the whole world. The person sitting in the centre of the pentagram gives us the feeling that she feels responsible for all aspects of the world around her.

The alternative symbolism for this figure is a pregnant woman with a prominent belly.

This symbol denotes compassion and love that make direct reference to the personality of this number, along with the responsibility of caring for family and children.

 Positive aspects of the personality of number 6

The keyword we need to keep in mind about this figure is: responsibility. Of all the numbers, he is the most responsible.

This is further emphasized by the tarot card no. 6 – Lovers. This book talks about the difficulty of making important decisions and the fear of having full responsibility for a particular decision.

The second keyword to remember is family. Of all the numbers, again, this is the one that keeps the strongest connection with his family. It can be the family in which he is born or the one in which he enters through marriage.

It’s often about both. For this number, raising children and keeping the family together is a very important thing, almost like a personal mission.

For individuals whose map is strong, marriage is a natural thing to do – it’s just a matter of time.

From a romantic perspective, the representatives of this figure have high standards for their partners, but they have such standards only because they care and want the best in life for those they love.

For those who pursue a relationship with such people, it is important to realize that harmony is a very important issue for them, along with good manners and common sense.

From an astrological perspective, the personality of these individuals is similar to the combination of Cancer and Libra.

We mention the compassion and emotional side of cancer, along with the aesthetic sense and diplomacy of Libra. Both signs are family-oriented.

Among the most suitable careers for those born below this figure are occupations related to healing, teaching, counselling, management; and, in general, any kind of career that involves a high degree of responsibility.

 Negative aspects of the personality of number 6

Knowing that the family is one of the most important things for these individuals, we can easily see how they tend to get involved in all the problems of the family trying to “fix” everything.

Their friends should understand that when they talk about a problem with people born under number 6, in most cases the latter will want to solve that problem.

Thus, if a person does not need or seek help… they should omit their problems in discussions with them.

Due to the strong ties with the family, this is one of the numbers that can represent a codependent relationship.

Many individuals marked by this figure have very vivid memories of their emotional experiences.

This means that they do not forget and do not forgive easily. It is very difficult for them to forgive the mistakes of the past, which often leads them to many conflicts and problems.

Finally, the number 6 may predispose to difficulties in receiving the love of others.

Although they are extraordinary when it comes to giving love and showing compassion, they are not so good at receiving and enjoying affection.

Their lesson in this life is to learn that it is normal to accept the love of others and even to be pampered by them.


In this blog post, we talked about the significance of angel number 666, the myths related to this number, and the vibrations of number 6. 

When 66, 666 or 6666 appears, the message strongly refers to the mother’s archetype and how it appears or not in your life.

The sequence can occur when you are worried, you need support. 

Angel number 666 also comes as a message that you need to take care of yourself but also those around you. It can also be an urge to take responsibility for yourself.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please feel free to share them. 

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