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Am I smart

In this article, we will try to answer the question, “Am I smart?” To figure out if you are smart, you should learn the necessary information about intelligence, because the level of intelligence determines how smart you are.

Here you will learn what intelligence is, and what are its main characteristics.

You can also learn some ways to become intelligent and how to recognize a person with high intelligence. 

Am I smart

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is the quality of the psyche, consisting of the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to learn and remember based on experience, understanding and applying abstract concepts, and using your knowledge to control the surrounding environment.

The general ability to recognize and solve problems, which combines all cognitive abilities: sensation, perception, memory, representation, thinking, imagination, as well as attention, will, and reflection.

Am I smart

The Main Characteristics of Intelligence

If you want to find the answer to the question “Am I smart,” besides knowing what intelligence is, you also need to know its main features.

The main characteristics of intelligence are curiosity, mind depth, logic, mental flexibility, breadth of thinking, and critical thinking. 


Curiosity is the desire to learn something new, to explore phenomena.

Mind depth

Mind depth assumes the ability to find the most important in the heap of information and to filter out the unnecessary.

Am I smart? (Tips)


Logic assumes the sequence of reasoning, the ability to build reasonable and correct chains, taking into account interconnections and details.

Mind flexibility

Is the skill to use your abilities, experience, knowledge, not using templates, but creating your solutions for problems.

Breadth of thinking

Breadth of thinking assumes the ability to thoroughly study the data, not lose information, see several solutions to the problem.

Critical thinking

Is the ability to evaluate the result of work, find the right ones, and filter out the false ones, is also the ability to change the path if it is not valid.

Am I smart

What do I need to become more intelligent and give an affirmative answer to the question, “Am I smart?”

Different things can help you become intelligent. Here are some of them:

Constant development

The concept of “high intelligence” assumes the ability to cognit, the ability to adapt to different situations.

The mind continually requires development; it cannot be “pumped up” once and forever, because rarely used information cannot continuously circulate in the brain, and is forgotten by time.

The potential of all people is almost the same, but you have to develop your personality independently by obtaining and processing information.

The important thing is not the amount of information stored, but it is quality and processing algorithm.

You should not swallow information for the sake of information; you should isolate what you need, and sift out the “garbage.”

Awareness and erudition

There are many television programs where people compete in erudition, prove their peculiarity and intelligence.

So is in life; you should try to stand out, to know more than others, to share your knowledge and experience.

Knowledge evidences good memory, but this may not be enough for high intelligence.

It is necessary not only to know certain information but also to be able to use it.

After all, well-readiness is also a positive feature; it speaks about your intelligence.

The quality of the books you have read is not the most important thing; the most important is the ideas and the meaning you got reading the books.

A person with high intelligence understands that it is better to read one “smart” book than a dozen “about nothing.”

Rational thinking

To become more intelligent, you should invent something new if there is a reason for it.

You should try to show the flexibility of thinking and rationality, and find another, more straightforward and optimal way to solve the problem.

You need to consider the problem from different angles, look for not one solution, but have several options.

You should learn to be critical of your decisions and thoughts, be able to recognize your imperfection and mistakes.

To become more intelligent, you should not consider yourself superior or smarter than others; you should be able to evaluate your knowledge adequately.

Self-improvement and craving for knowledge will help make yourself better to answer the question “Am I smart,” positively.

Sometimes people want others to guide/correct them, therefore they ask questions like ‘am i right?’ However, if you’re smart enough to process things on your own, you don’t always have to ask other people.

Signs to recognize a person with high intellect

Here are a few signs that can help you to recognize a person with high intellect:

The ability not to be distracted by extraneous irritants

Smart people can focus on the important for a long time.

The ability to quickly adapt to new situations

This is due not only to new work but also to the search for the optimal path that can more effectively change the situation.

A person with high intelligence acknowledges that he/she does not know much.

He/she is not afraid to say that he/she does not have an answer to the question asked, he/she understands that the more you know, the more often you encounter the unknown.

Smart people are incredibly curious.

Curiosity is one of the main signs of high intelligence.

The ability to seek and accept new ideas, opportunities

Such people do not think in a standard way; they are always looking for an alternative that can lead to the goal with the least loss.

They feel comfortable alone.

They do not need anyone’s society to feel needed; they are self-sufficient individuals.

They know how to take control of their own emotions in a difficult situation.

Intellectuals can plan their own time, can build strategies, and evaluate the results.

They are not impulsive; they always decide after carefully considering the possible consequences.

Good sense of humor

It was proved that smart people have an excellent sense of humor; this is confirmed by the tests that comedians went through.


An intelligent person can put himself in the place of another and look at the situation from the side.

He will be able to calculate the reaction and turn the situation at a favorable angle for himself.

The ability to find connections that are not visible at first sight

Intellectuals can find differences and general characteristics of any objects, because they think on a larger scale and never use patterns.

Thinking about global issues

People often think about the meaning of life, their destiny, the existence of parallel universes.

They wonder why this happened, and not differently, and what could be changed to prevent such a resolution of the situation.

According to some researches, there are several unexpected signs of high intelligence:

  • Untidiness is a sign of high intelligence;
  • Smart people have an extensive vocabulary, so they speak foul;
  • Slender people have a higher IQ than full ones;
  • Modesty – because such people are not able to boast or overestimate their strengths;
  • Liking cats more than dogs;
  • Preservation of virginity in adolescence is one of the indicators of an intelligent person.

These researches do not seem to be trustful, and the mentioned signs are often perceived skeptically.

The difference between low intellect and high intellect

If you still are not sure if you are smart, here are a few characteristics of low intelligence, that differ it from high intelligence:

  • Any material is digested and is difficult to remember;
  • Lack of social skills;
  • You have no control over your own emotions, you are not restrained, aggressive, at first you do, and then think to what it will lead;
  • You do not learn from your mistakes;
  • You are not able to feel and understand the emotions of other people;
  • You spend more than they can afford, do not know how to manage their finances properly, do not think about the future, therefore spend money on little things, cannot accumulate;
  • You think only about yourself;
  • You do not accept criticism;
  • You blame other people for your failures;
  • You continuously argue for no reason, even if you know that you are wrong;
  • You do not know how to manage your time correctly;
  • You do not stay long at one job.

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In this article, we tried to answer your question, “Am I smart,” presenting what intelligence is, and what are its main characteristics.

In the case you think you are not that smart, do not worry, you can work on yourself to become more intelligent using our recommendations, which can be useful.

Please feel free to comment on the content or ask any questions in the comments section below.


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