Am I Ready For A Baby? (Quiz)

You can answer the question if you are ready for a baby by checking some signs that apply to you below.

You are about to get ready for an important chapter in your parent life:

  •  Literally every corner you turn there’s a baby in your sight. There actually isn’t but they’re just on your radar a lot. Like, hard and persistent.
  • You’ve kicked yourself black and blue for giving your dog your favourite name even though you are planning it for a baby. It wouldn’t be that weird to have a baby and a beagle named Niko or Blue, would it?
  • You sneak into a maternity store and try on clothes when no one is looking at you. Bonus readiness points for taking a few mirror selfies with the strap-on bump and sending them to your husband or BFF.
  • You get jealous when you see a mom pushing the stroller you’ve already picked out in a store. Sure it costs as much as a decent used car but nothing is too good for your unborn future baby in your life.
  • You’re so connected to your lady parts you can actually feel it when you ovulate. You know that moment when you just dropped an egg, in case anyone was wondering.
  • You have a secret nursery board on Pinterest or other websites where you can collect images. And you’ve been known to lose sleep wondering if teepees and sheepskin will still be in by the time you get knocked up with a new baby.
  • You’ve disturbed a dinner party by casually asking the table, “So what do you guys think of circumcision on babies?” Well, you need to know and the lack of knowledge is killing you!
  • You can get a lousy night’s sleep and still function the next day which is odd. Maintain this for four years straight and you’re as ready as the baby comes.
  • You find an excuse to cut through the baby section every time you’re in Target or any other clothing store. Every once in a while, something impossibly cute and tiny might even throw itself into your cart which you might be do without your awareness.
  • You can think of worse things than living in yoga pants and spit-up stained t-shirts for a year or so when you are going to be pregnant. You even secretly look forward to trading in your sling-backs for Birkenstocks for nine blissful months of waiting for your baby.
  • You stock up on Clearblue home pregnancy tests even before your period is late just because you’re excited. Your rationale for this behaviour: When you’re actually pregnant, you may be too tired for a drugstore run and you’d rather do this chore on your own!
  • When your cat barfs on your new bedspread, you feel nothing but concern for her well-being which can nurture your maternal attitude. If there were actual you’re ready signs, this one would be made of twenty-foot flashing neon letters for your readiness.
  • You’re suddenly excessively interested in every food’s folic acid content to take care of your baby’s diet. A girl can learn to love leafy greens even though you are the type of girl to stock up on junk food all the time.
  • You’ve grilled your own mom about her labour and delivery experiences to make you feel more prepared about delivering your baby. Now you just hope things have improved with twenty-plus years of medical advances and you won’t feel too much pain when you bring out your child.
  • Your Google search history consists of questions such as “how does caffeine affect a growing fetus?” because you just love coffee and you are having a baby.
  • You stand sideways in the mirror a lot, just trying to assess what you’ll look like with a bump. Probably a lot like Gisele Bundchen, am I right?
  • You’ve checked all of your neighbourhood schools’ rankings on to get your child in a good school when he or she is at the right age. Looking for local preschools on Yelp isn’t far behind for you.
  • You’ve got more than seventy bucks in the bank right now. Kids are freaking expensive which means you need to think at least eighteen grand a year which adds up to a third of a mil by the time they graduate college.
  • It’s all you can do to hide your envy when another friend announces she’s pregnant with a baby. You’re still happy for her and you’d just rather be happy with her for now.
  • You already know exactly how you’ll tell your partner about your pregnancy. A hint of this is it involves poetry and body paint and you’re positive it will go viral on social media.

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Am I Ready For A Baby? Quiz

This test will be answering the question if you are ready for a baby or not.

You might be wondering about since a new family member is about to come in the household.

Instructions: The following questions will imply if you are ready for a baby or not.

Please read the questions carefully and choose the choice that applies to you.

Please answer the questions honestly to get an accurate result.

Do you feel excited about starting a family?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Have you always fantasized a future with a child or children with your husband or wife?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you think your life will be pretty much the same once you have a baby?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you feel like your partner might not like the baby?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you know how to take care of a baby when he or she will be crying constantly?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did you and your partner choose out of love to have a baby?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Have you done babysitting jobs before which has made you experienced in taking care of children?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Would you be willing to share your doubts about your new baby with your partner?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Have you been fond of babies even before having a baby of your own?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Total scoring criteria:

6 – 10 points – ready for a baby

4 – 5 points – somewhat ready for a baby

0 – 3 points – not ready for a baby

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Parents. 20 Signs You’re Ready to Have a Baby.

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