Am I Intelligent? (Quiz)

You can answer the question if you are intelligent when you can see that the signs below apply to you and the following are some research findings of what makes a person intelligent than other people.

  • Being good at video games is a measure of intelligence as reported in the study
  • High levels of intelligence make you worse at being a leader for other people as reported in a study
  • Visual intelligence is not related to higher IQ as reported in the study

The following are some subtle symptoms that you are considered intelligent:

You took music lessons in your younger years

Most intelligent people have taken lessons in learning how to play an instrument. The following are the findings in the study that music lessons can help people be more intelligent in the following methods:

• A 2011 research paper discovered that scores on a test of verbal intelligence among 4- to 6-year-olds increase after only a month of music lessons as reported.

• A 2004 research study led by Glenn Schellenberg discover that 6-year-olds who took nine months of keyboard or voice lessons had an IQ boost compared with kids who took drama lessons or no classes at all.

In this case, musical training can open up the cognitive capabilities of children when they engage in music lessons.

You’re the oldest of the siblings

Epidemiologists have found that elder siblings were more intelligent than other siblings in the family. This was based on the interaction of parents and the oldest sibling where responsibility is placed on the older sibling than the other siblings.

The study has found that older siblings had higher IQ points compared to younger siblings when they were recorded at a specific age.

You’re thin

There were many studies that indicate that unintelligent people were those who have higher weights than those with lower weights. In preschoolers, this conclusion was also made to children who have higher waistlines.

In this case, people who are underweight tend to be more intelligent but this may have something to do with the lifestyle of an intelligent person when he or she has more time in understanding concepts that he or she is interested in which can lead to not recalling that they have to eat first.

You have a cat in your home

There was a study that had people who preferred cats and other people who preferred dogs were tested for personality and intelligence. People who preferred cats had higher IQ scores than people who prefer dogs.

You were breastfed during the younger years

There was a study that suggested that children who had enough breastfeeding in the younger years. This can occur when there is a stronger manifestation of the gene thanks to breastfeeding.

You’ve used recreational drugs in some parts of your life

There have been studies that are showing that intelligence and drug use are associated with each other. This study is very contradictory to beliefs that drugs can make people less intelligent.

Researchers James W. White, Catharine R. Gale, and David Batty stated that children who have high IQ scores were predicted to engage in drug use after 30 years. In this case, intelligence in the early years can only bring the influence of taking drugs in the later years.

You’re left-handed

People who were left-handed were first believed to be prone to criminal acts but further studies have shown that this characteristic can be associated with intelligence. A study has shown that people who are left-handed were more likely to have divergent thinking and they are more capable of doing this thinking.

This means that these people are more likely to find multiple solutions to a problem which can elicit intelligence in a person.

You’re tall

People who were taller at the age of 3 were shown to have higher IQ scores than people who are shorter. In this case, you are considered intelligent due to your height but there is a need for you to address other characteristics of intelligence as well.

You drink alcohol daily

Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa and colleagues found that people who were more likely to engage in frequent drinking were more intelligent than people who only drank alcohol occasionally. 

You learned to read from your younger years

Children who have learned how to read in the early years were more likely to have enhanced cognitive ability when they grew up. This was found in a study where the researchers were studying twins.

You worry all the time

Many studies have suggested that people who worry a lot are highly intelligent. Although the study only found that people who worry were more intelligent in verbal reasoning while those who do not worry were more intelligent in non-verbal reasoning.

You’re funny

People who are able to make other people laugh are actually intelligent. This was found in a study where intelligent people had to make captions that were made to be funny and their captions were found to be more funny than those who are only average in intelligence.

You’re curious

Psychology professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzi states that intelligent people are more likely to ask questions than other people. This can show that these people are only growing their intelligence by asking questions that matter.

You’re messy

A study has shown that intelligent people are more likely to be those people who are very messy. This can also manifest that the intelligent person is creative which can only reinforce intelligence.

You should use this excuse when your parents will make you clean your room again.

You didn’t have sex until after your high school years

Intelligent people are more likely to be virgins which is no surprise to most people. Studies have shown that most intelligent people in the survey didn’t have sex until after high school.

This might be the effect of not having a proper sexual partner at that time knowing that high school students can be immature which is a turn-off during sex.

You’re a night owl most of the time

The night is considered the time to create new ideas which is why most intelligent people find their light in the darkness. In this case, you are intelligent when you engage yourself in intellectual activities during the nightly hours.

You don’t always have to try hard almost all the time

This doesn’t mean that intelligent people are prone to procrastination. These people tend to nurture their intelligence because they have the passion to keep it growing. 

This also means that intelligent people are more likely to have innate abilities that are associated with intelligence which makes them less likely to struggle too much when it comes to academic pursuits.

People with a self-starter attitude are considered intelligent too.

Am I Intelligent? Test

This test will answer the question if you are considered as intelligent depending on your behaviours and your preferences in life. This is not an IQ test since IQ can only take you far but personality and behaviours can be a huge influence to consider if you really are intelligent. In this case, this test is a personality test.

Instructions: The following are questions that can imply if you are intelligent or not. Please read the questions carefully and choose the choice that applies to you in each question. Please answer the questions honestly to get an accurate result.

Do you prefer to spend time alone almost all the time?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Would you believe someone if he or she immediately says that it is the end of the world?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you think that you are not intelligent enough?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you often swear?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you read books as a regular hobby?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you like to wake up late?

  • Yes – `1
  • No – 0

Do you have a low body weight?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you believe in astrology and how it controls your life?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you ask a lot of questions?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you like to get your rewards from a job well done immediately after the job?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Total scoring criteria:

6 – 10 points – intelligent

4 – 5 points – average

0 – 3 points – not intelligent

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