Am I in Love Quiz (+19 Questions for Proof)

Am I in Love Quiz

In the questions below, choose the option which you relate to the most,

1. If you think about your crush dating someone else, how do you immediately feel?

a) I really don’t care at all

b) I will become insanely jealous

2. When was the last time you thought about your crush?

a) A couple of days back

b) I am thinking about them all the time

3. Can you see yourself doing boring chores, like filing taxes, with your crush?

a) Nah! I need to be on an exciting date when I am with them

b) Of course! I don’t mind doing anything with them as long as we are together

4. Would you give up your last slice of pizza for your crush?

a) No way! Joey doesn’t share food, and so don’t I

b) They can have the entire pizza if they want

5. What’s your favorite thing about your crush?

a) I like their eyes/dress-sense/any other factor

b) I can’t choose. I like everything about them

6. How frequently do you talk to your crush?

a) We talk when we meet, maybe about once in a couple of weeks

b) I text or talk almost every other day. Otherwise, I am always unconsciously talking to them!

7. Have you ever argued with your crush?

a) No way! We haven’t spoken deeply about anything that can bring up an argument

b) Yes, a couple of times. But we have immediately put aside our egos and spoken afterward

8. Have you gone out of your way to meet or speak to your crush?

a) No, not exactly

b) Yes, many times

9. Why do you want to be in a relationship with your crush?

a) They are really good-looking. We’ll make a great pair

b) I want to be there for them and I want their company all the time

10.  Do you like your crush’s friends?

a) No, they are kind of annoying

b) Yes. If my crush likes them, I like them too

11.  How would you react if your crush asked you out on a date?

a) I would immediately say yes

b) I would be speechless for some time. Then I would surely give a long speech about how much I have adored them for a long time

12.  Has your current relationship with your crush changed?

a) No, it has been pretty stable ever since I have known them

b) Yes, I feel that we know each other much better now

13.  What would you say if your best friend criticizes your crush?

a) I would sit and think about what they have said. What if they are right?

b) I would immediately defend my crush

14.  How would you feel if you and your crush were stuck in a flat with no internet or entertainment for a whole week?

a) I would go nuts. I need to be updated with my Instagram and Twitter

b) I would be happy to spend all my time with them

15.  Would you call your crush your home?

a) No. My crush is just my crush.

b) Of course, I feel like home whenever I am with my crush

16.  What would you do if someone else other than your crush asks you out?

a) If they are better-looking I would say yes

b) I would turn down the offer. I would rather wait for my crush.

17.  How do you feel when you suddenly see your crush somewhere?

a) I would make up some excuse to immediately talk to them

b) I would feel very nervous, something like ‘butterflies in my stomach’

18.  How would you feel about introducing your crush to your family?

a) I would wait for some time. Things might be happening too soon

b) I would be happy about introducing them to my family

19.  Would you like to get physical with your crush as soon as possible?

a) Yes, of course. They are too good to resist

b) If they would like to, I would go for it. But I don’t mind waiting for the right moment

Results for Am I in Love quiz

If your answers were mostly a’s, it can be just a fleeting crush. Maybe you are infatuated with someone or the idea of someone, but it looks like you are not exactly in love with this person. You might need to introspect and ask what you truly want in a relationship.

If your answers were mostly b’s, you are most definitely in love. Not only is your love very strong, but you are also sensible and mature about the entire idea about dating your crush. It is high time that one of you makes the move and asks the other person out.

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