Am I Emotionally Unavailable?(Quiz)

You can answer this question by knowing the signs and seeing if they apply to you. This kind of condition in your life may come from the fact that you have been a victim of relationship stress that has complicated your view on relationships for most of the time.

You might have blamed your partner for this relationship stress which is normal for most relationships who are going through this kind of state in the relationship. However, you don’t need to blame your partner or relationships all the time since this can only make you closed off and distrustful.

You should also know if the effects of this relationship stress can apply to you and start being honest about your feelings which you can start by knowing if most of these signs apply to you:

You Don’t Get Close Or Intimate to People

There are times that you might still be engaging in social interactions with other people even when you feel that you are emotionally unavailable right now. However, these interactions are shallow and there is a lack of real connection which most people won’t notice at first hand.

You try to resist creating bonds since you are afraid of going through relationships since you are not emotionally available right now.

You Cut And Remove People Out of Your Life

Although you are right to close off people who are considered toxic in your life. However, it is already unhealthy for you to cut off every single person in your life which most people who are emotionally unavailable would do.

Even the people who are trying to help you with your relationship stress will be cut off because of your emotional unavailability.

You Have Troubles in Loving Yourself

You tend to lack this love since the lack of love can make you think that you are not worthy enough. You might lack the need to engage in self-love activities which can help you in the long run.

This is very unfortunate since the engagement of self-love activities can be helpful when you engage in relationships again. Your self-criticism may even be at higher levels which can stem from you being unable to get love which can also deny the love for yourself.

You’ve Just Got Removed from a Relationship

You have your own way of coping after a breakup and you shouldn’t let other people control how you deal with things. You might have gotten out form a long-term relationship and it is no surprise that you will feel the impact of being taken away from that loving relationship

When you have been deleted from a serious relationship, you are inclined to be emotionally unavailable at this time. If you find someone that you are interested in, you can only engage in casual conversations with that person but don’t get too emotionally involved or you could tell the person once you are close enough what happened in your previous relationship.

You can’t force yourself to give someone else your emotions and space that lives inside your heart but you shouldn’t try to lead someone on at the moment.

You Are a Perfectionist in Life

This trait is good when it comes to getting success in every aspect of your life. You shouldn’t feel bad that you tend to do your best.

However, this becomes too much when you make it rule over your relationships too much. This can be shown when you pick the best partners based on your high standards but this can be very hard since there is no such thing as the perfect partner but only someone that you would feel compatible with.

You’re Elusive

You would think that you don’t owe anyone vital information about you. This is fine since some people might use your secrets against you and something that can protect you from imminent danger.

However, this trait becomes too much if you lack social interaction in your life which is also vital for your mental health. You can make time for people and yourself as well to make this trait tone down to its moderate level.

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Am I Emotionally Unavailable? Test

This test will be answering the question of whether you are currently not interested in being intimate or being emotional to anyone right now. Being emotionally unavailable means not interested in being emotionally involved with anyone right now whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship.

Instructions: The following questions will indicate if you are emotionally unavailable or not. Please read the questions carefully and select the choice that applies well to you. Please answer the questions honestly to get a more accurate result.

After you’re done with the test below, you can also try the Am I unlovable quiz? or Am i happy quiz.

When you get home from work, do you tell anyone about the happenings of your day?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Are you recently in love with someone?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Did you laugh in a situation that was meant to be serious?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

When someone tells you that they love you, would you respond with the same affection back?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you always fantasize about having the perfect romantic relationship in your life?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you express your emotions easily?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you get yourself involved in your present relationships such as friendships or romantic relationships?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you like to show your loved ones that you like them almost all the time?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Do you hide your sickness or feelings of unpleasantness such as depression from your loved ones?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you get affected easily when you were separated from your intimate partner or losing a close friend?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Total scoring criteria:

6 – 10 points – emotionally unavailable

4 – 5 points – somewhat emotionally unavailable

0 – 3 points – emotionally available

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