Am I Cursed? (Quiz)


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Page last updated: 11/10/2022

Am I Cursed?

To answer the question that you might be cursed, you need to take note that the possibility of getting a curse is almost unlikely but it is still possible. You also need to think about what you did to deserve being cursed in such a way where you have bad experiences, unlike other people.

This can help you realize that you are only cursed because of what you did wrong and other reasons that you might deserve a curse. The following are some symptoms that you are cursed and that you need to take into account that you have to get most of these symptoms to know that you are truly cursed.

Many people want to know the spiritual meaning of the left eye twitching. They think it might mean you’re cursed.

Symptom of a Curse (Inexplicable Illness and/or wound)

You might have most of your experiences being healthy and then you suddenly have a chronic illness which is strange in your part. You should also think first that you might have gotten this illness because something is wrong in an aspect of yours whether it’s your body, mind or soul.

Of course, there are also instances that your illness can come from a curse when the illness is not immediately treated by medical professionals but can only be treated by spiritual healers who know how to deal with illnesses that are caused by curses.

The so-called “Cursed images” are also circulating on the internet, but they have nothing to do with spiritism.

String of Bad Luck in Your Life

You might have noticed that you are mostly a person with good luck. This is based on the reasons why you deserve the good luck in your life. 

However, you may have noticed that you are starting to have bad luck in your life in the last few weeks or months. You might even get this bad luck due to the horrible decisions you have made in your life. 

If your bad luck doesn’t come from the bad decisions you have made in life, there is a possibility that you are cursed. Bad luck that might occur in your life could be financial complications, broken relationships, and losing your job.

Am I Cursed? (Quiz)

You’re Involved in a Current Witch War

There are witches that are trained in the dark arts that won’t hesitate hurting other witches. If you are a witch or a pagan, you might be cursed due to a witch trying to hurt you.

When drama is prominent, you shouldn’t be surprised that a witch is trying to curse since witches are more likely to get in trouble when other witches are trying to bring a hex to you than they were dealing with other witches.

Strange Animal Occurrences In Your Vicinity

This is a typical sign if you are cursed when your animal is missing or another animal is visiting your home. There is a possibility that the animal that is visiting you is some magical person’s familiar. 

You might notice this if an animal has become a regular visitor at your home. You could also notice that a dead animal is lying on your doorstep or on your backyard.

Broken Glass

You might notice that there might be broken shards of glass on your front yard or on your doorstep. This is a sign that someone is trying to put a curse on you since these shards can be used as ingredients for a curse.

Your Guides Are Warning You Of a Curse That Is Casted Upon You

Some subtle signs in your environment can indicate that you are about to be cursed. This can manifest through random conversations or some strange occurrences that are happening in nature.

Random Negative Thoughts In Your Head

You might consider yourself as a normally optimistic person which will make it confusing if you are suddenly experiencing negative thoughts. These thoughts should not be your own if you want to be sure that really are cursed to have these thoughts.

Broken Relationships

Sudden broken relationships can also be signs that you are being cursed and this symptom should be mixed with the mentioned symptoms of being cursed to count that you truly are being cursed.

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Strange Stuff On Your Home

Some people who want to curse you would put some negative items in your property. This can indicate that the person who cast the curse is trying to bring bad luck in your life.

You need to be able to remove these stuff if you want to keep your normal life back than living in a life filled with bad luck

Missing Personal Belongings

Other people would find it easier to put a curse on you when your personal belonging is with them. A typical example is a lock of your hair since it is close to your DNA.

You should be able to keep your personal belongings at your supervision at all times to minimize the people being able to curse you.

Bad Omens

You should minimize encountering bad omens that are typically from nature such as having six crows by the porch or hearing a woodpecker knocking on your door.

Bad Weather Over Your House Which Can Be A Common Occurrence

Some people have enough power to curse you with bad weather. This can be observed when you typically dark clouds over you or a fog surrounding your house.

Feelings of Being Watched Is a Symptom of a Curse

You can notice when someone is spying on you when you notice a strange animal that keeps coming near your house. The whole spying thing is a curse and it signifies that someone is looking for your weak spots and using these spots against you.

Nightmares and Recurring Dreams Every Night

Our guides can also help us when we are being cursed by giving us dreams of the possible bad luck that can occur in our future. Nightmares are effects of someone cursing you which you should look out for and be brave in facing them.

Threatening Letters or Emails In Your Personal Devices

You should look out for people who are trying to scare you with threatening letters and emails since this is a symptom that they are trying to curse you.

How to Break A Recurrent Curse?

If you have found that most of these symptoms are applied to you, you need to find ways to break the curse immediately. You can start by not getting afraid by these symptoms since fear will only strengthen the curse.

You can also try to fix this curse by asking spiritual healers who can do this work for you. If you believe in a powerful deity, you need to pray that this curse will be lifted or get blessed by a tool fo the deity such as a priest.

Once you have done this, you can feel positive again and you don’t have to worry about someone cursing you again with the power of the deity.

Am I Cursed? Test

This test will tell if you have the experiences and characteristics that display that you are cursed. This curse may come from the result of someone throwing the curse upon you or the universe is giving you this curse but it really depends on your belief when it comes to curses.

Instructions: The following questions will indicate that you are cursed or not depending on the honesty of your answers. Please read the questions carefully to answer honestly as you go over the questions and get the accurate result.

Additionally, you can also take the Am I dying? quiz if you think you’ll die because you’re cursed.

Did you ever win a lottery or some prize from a game based on luck such as bingo or others?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Have you observed that bad things constantly happen to you?

  • Yes – 1 
  • No – 0

Have you ever had an item that was stolen from you?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you accidentally drop things almost all the time?

  • Yes – 1 
  • No – 0

Have you gone through an accident such as a car deailment or drowning?

  • Yes – 1 
  • No – 0

Do you run away from stressful situations?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Have you engaged in fortune-telling before whether you’ve received one or did one?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you always have nightmares?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did you have a serious mental condition such as depression or an eating disorder?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Do you always get in trouble whether at home or work or school?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Total scoring criteria:

6 – 10 points – cursed

4 – 5 points – somewhat cursed where the curse may be based on your activities in life such as getting yourself in trouble on purpose

0 – 3 points – not cursed


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