Am I Being Used? (Quiz)

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You can answer the question if you are being used if you see the signs of this manipulative behaviour in your relationship. Most people would expect that relationships will require partners to give and take in the relationship.

However, this is not always the case for most relationships. There are relationships that are making one partner get all the gifts and leaving the partner with nothing which doesn’t make a healthy relationship.

The following are the signs that you are being used in your relationship right now.

You’re making excuses for being treated badly in your relationship

You might have noticed that there is something wrong on how your partner treats you and yet you consider this as a sign of stress or going through something at work at the moment. This behaviour in a relationship is not guaranteed to make the relationship last longer and it is only making the affected partner susceptible to abuse.

You might think that this is the only way of letting the relationship stay since you are afraid of breaking up with your partner which might leave you devastated. You shouldn’t make excuses for your partner who is really deteriorating your relationship by appearing manipulative and making you feel used.

They make you feel small in the relationship

You should be able to feel happy being in a relationship with a partner who makes you feel good about yourself. This can make you feel more confident about being you and having this relationship with your partner.

However, a partner who makes you feel small and weak is not a great partner to be with since this is a major sign that they are trying to use you. You shouldn’t let yourself feel small with your partner who disrespects you.

Your friends and family are concerned about the results of your relationship

You’re only leading your family and friends on if you make them think that there is nothing wrong in the relationship right now. This will only make them more concerned about what’s going on in the relationship.

You need to notice if your loved ones are getting concerned about your relationship and you shouldn’t be afraid about talking to them about the obvious problem

Your needs aren’t being met in a relationship

You should start being concerned when your partner has observed that you are feeling sick and is not doing anything about it. This could mean that your relationship is going downhill with this partner since he or she obviously doesn’t care about you with this behaviour.

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You’re not alright with how the relationship is defined by your abusive partner

You should be able to have some equal positions with your partner. This would mean what you and your partner would get in a relationship.

You might be the type to like a commitment but your partner doesn’t like this in the relationship. In this case, you shouldn’t settle for this partner if he or she doesn’t like the same thing you want since this can only lead to misunderstandings and more conflict.

When you like someone, you should like them with all your heart and not using anyone to meet your personal needs. Relationships are two-way streets where each partner should have equal portions of give and take.

If your partner is using you, you need to move on to someone else who can treat you more as an equal and not an object.

Am I Being Used? Test

This test will be answering the question if you are being used by another person or several people you know in your life. This test will make you aware that you are currently being used by someone and this knowledge should lead you to act fast before this usage becomes too powerful.

Instructions: the following are the questions that will state if you are being used by someone or a group of people or you are not being used at all. Please read the questions carefully and answer the choice that is true to you and make sure you answer honestly to get an accurate result.

Have you gotten intimate or romantic contact from your partner or someone close to you lately?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Have you ever caught friends or partners being unfaithful to you by spreading bad rumours about you or cheating on you?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did you ever experience to choose between your partner and your best friend?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did that special person act genuinely concerned about you when you are feeling upset?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Did that special person physically or emotionally abuse you?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did your special person ever you when you have chosen to spend the day without that person even when you really need to spend that day without your special person?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did your special person force you to have sex with him or her?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did your special person ever made you feel ignored in the relationship?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Did you ever see them smile using their whole face instead of only the mouth when they look at you?

  • Yes – 0
  • No – 1

Did this special person threaten you with a break-up if you don’t do what he or she says?

  • Yes – 1
  • No – 0

Total scoring criteria:

6 – 10 points – being used

4 – 5 points – somewhat used

0 – 3 points – not being used

What we recommend for Relationship issues

Professional relationship counselling

If you are suffering from relationship issues then ongoing professional relationship counselling could be what you need. Relationship Counselling can be done individually or with one or more partners.

Relationship counselling helps you regain the amazing elements of your relationship and provides you with the techniques needed to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings and the most common issues most relationships struggle with.


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