Affirmations for your wife (59+)

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Affirmations for your wife

  • You are my fave!
  • You make me happy.
  • I adore you.
  • You are IT!
  • Every day I love you more.
  • You + Me = Awesome
  • You are my greatest adventure.
  • You’re the only woman for me.
  • Things on my mind right now: 1. you 2. You 3. YOU
  • You make my heart so, so full.
  • I love you here, there, and everywhere.
  • I’m crazy about you.
  • My soul found its mate.
  • Knowing what I know now, I would choose you all over again.  A thousand times!
  • You are my favorite daydream.
  • I’m glad I get to grow old with you, what a privilege!
  • I’m totally into you.
  • In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.
  • We are together.  I forget the rest.
  • You mean the world to me.
  • You’re incredible.
  • I’m smitten.
  • You still give me butterflies.
  • You turn my world upside down.
  • I love you more than coffee (please don’t make me prove it)!
  • You take my breath away.
  • I have a weakness for you.
  • You have my whole heart for my whole life.
  • I’m wearing the smile you gave me.
  • Home is wherever I’m with you.
  • I love us.
  • You are pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of forever.
  • You are perfect just as you are.
  • You are better than I could have ever dreamed.
  • You make me a better man.
  • You’re my girl.
  • We are perfect for each other.
  • You are so right for me.
  • We make a good team.
  • I’m still infatuated with you.
  • You captivate me and you always will.
  • I’ve fallen for you and I keep falling!
  • I have a major crush on you.
  • I’ve never felt love like this.
  • You’re still the one.  Forever.
  • You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me!
  • I’m rather partial to you.
  • I am enamored.
  • I’m mad about you.
  • I’m all about you.
  • I’m down with you.
  • I kinda like you.
  • I’m quite fond of you.
  • I’m under your spell.
  • You are the object of my affection.
  • I love you more than you love me.
  • Your happiness is my happiness.
  • This is forever.
  • I love your sense of humor.
  • You are the best part of my day.
  • Let’s flip a coin.  Head’s I’m yours, tails you’re mine.
  • We’re not just good.  We’re exceptional!
  • I love you.  The end.
  • I dream of you in colors that don’t exist.
  • I love you because you make me bacon.
  • You are my favorite reason to lose sleep.
  • You make me look forward to tomorrow.
  • You are my happy place.
  • Your authenticity is magnetic.
  • Your smile is contagious.
  • I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile.
  • I like it when you smile, but I love it when I’m the reason.
  • I hope you feel beautiful today — because you are.
  • I love your confidence.
  • Your face is perfection.
  • I can always count on you for the best advice.
  • I appreciate your positivity.
  • You have so much wisdom.  I’m just lucky I get to benefit from it!
  • Everybody knows how great you are, I can’t believe I’m your guy!
  • I love how you make me feel!
  • You nailed it!
  • I married up!
  • I love the way your mind works.
  • You are such a perfect arrangement of atoms.
  • You make me feel so safe.
  • I don’t deserve you, you are so amazing.
  • You are the best partner, I can’t believe I get to do life with you!
  • You are the last person I think about before I go to sleep.
  • I value your perspective.
  • I was telling my co-workers how amazing you are.
  • You make me smile, even when you are not around.
  • I love the vision you have for our family.
  • Thanks for setting such a great example for the kids.
  • I recognize everything you do for us…and it’s a lot!
  • I love seeing your qualities in our children.
  • Thank you for loving each of us in spite of our flaws.
  • You’re a great mother — the best actually!
  • Our kids adore you and I do too!
  • Keep calm, you’re a great mom!
  • You sacrifice so much for us.  Thank you!
  • You are a brave and fearless mother.
  • I couldn’t think of a better partner to raise kids with!
  • Thanks for working so hard for our family.
  • You love without limits.
  • I love watching you play with the kids.  You’re a fun mom!
  • Thanks for creating a peaceful environment in our home.
  • I’m glad the kids have a mom they can trust.
  • I’ve learned a lot about parenting just by watching you!
  • My kids have such a wonderful mother.  I love how you love them.
  • You juggle so much, thanks for making us a priority.

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