Affirmations for your vision (55+)

Affirmations for your vision

  • Today I transform my fear of failure into a vision for success!
  • I can and I know I can! I can because I have the vision and the nerve.
  • I am a great visionary! Today I make my visions so!
  • My vision is a powerful and inevitable reality and so am I!
  • Today I shift my thoughts. Today I shift my paradigms. Today I shift the world.
  • My mind is a fertile place always ready to grow and embrace new and powerful visions of myself and the world.
  • We created the status quo and only we can change it!
  • The bigger I believe, the bigger I achieve.
  • I am focused on the sunshine of my vision, not the shadows of my doubts.
  • My mind constantly produces creative, forward-looking ideas!
  • I am a business visionary. I am always setting the trends that others follow in my niche!
  • I am a visionary. I see and respond to trends well ahead of the pack.
  • I am a visionary! I’m always thinking new thoughts and dreaming new dreams!
  • I am a great visionary. I see the world not as it is, but as it can be.
  • My purpose is strong. My vision is clear. I’m prepared to follow my vision come what may!
  • Today I push the unmovable! Today I change the unchangeable! Today I think the unthinkable! Today I transform what is!
  • I understand that every big breakthrough risks the wrath of conventional wisdom. My idea is so big I take that risk willingly.
  • Today I am shaking off the status quo and my old paradigms to create a better life!
  • I see more in me. I see more in you. I see more in us.
  • Bigger thoughts change me. Bigger actions change my life. Bigger paradigms change everything.
  • If being controversial shakes up the status quo, then I will shake, shake away!
  • The status quo is a kind of gravity and today I reach escape velocity!
  • Today I lose my useless paradigms in favor of paradigms that serve me.
  • The further I look, the further I see. Today I see our big future!
  • We are entering an era of astonishing revelations and paradigm shifts that will shatter all that has come before.
  • The visionary knows that every moment has within it the power to transform every moment that came before it.
  • It is in the nature of the tribe to revile living visionaries and revere dead ones.
  • Where the world sees walls, the visionary sees doorways.
  • Where the world sees acorns on the ground, the visionary sees forests.
  • The visionary doesn’t wait for maps, he makes the map.
  • One visionary mind begins the revolution that leads to evolution.
  • The visionary has released the mindset that life happens out there and to you and grasped that life happens in here and by you. Life happens THROUGH us, not TO us.
  • We can choose to live in the limited paradigms inherited from others, or
  • become the people we really came here to be.
  • The tribe will always conform you until you have the courage to
  • transform you.
  • The tribe demands conformity, but the visionary commands greatness.
  • What we refuse to question rules us. What we dare not question enslaves us.
  • The visionary always risks being unpopular or uncool for the sake of the vision.
  • The tribe believes the visionary has turned his or her back on them when the visionary has simply turned to face the tribe’s future.
  • Conventional thinking keeps the world going day to day, but only visionary thinking changes the world. Be a visionary!
  • The visionary knows that mind always creates the world. It is never the other way around.
  • When the status quo seems permanent and unchangeable, remember that every status quo it replaced seemed the same way. Visionaries with determination can move the unmovable.
  • The tribe says, “choose a side”. The visionary says, “there is a better way.”
  • True originals break free from the herd and become themselves. Be an original!
  • The Power of One is astounding. Every avalanche begins with one determined snow flake! Every new paradigm with one determined vision.
  • You can’t “crunch the numbers” on a dream. Your big dreams defy conventional wisdom and that’s a good thing!
  • The powers that be fear the visionary; for the visionary is the only one capable of making them the powers that were.
  • The power of one determined person is life’s X Factor.
  • Experts can quote chapter and verse of what is, but it takes a visionary to see what can be. Be a visionary!
  • The tribe demands conformity. The visionary ignores the drama and opens new possibilities for them anyway.
  • The tribe often believes the visionary has turned his back on them, when, in reality, he’s simply raised his hopes for them.
  • Do you create your own paradigms or are you a tenant farmer in someone eles’s paradigm?
  • Whose paradigms are you living by today? Yours or unconscious ones planted by others?
  • A visionary is someone who has broken the conditioning of his or her tribe.
  • What is is, but that doesn’t mean it’s what has to be.
  • Unless you awaken and think for yourself, those who control your paradigms will control you.
  • The truth already set you free. Now its time for your paradigms to catch up with that fact.
  • In every moment, ordinary thinkers are transforming their world unconsciously. A visionary is an extraordinary thinker who makes that process conscious.
  • What myths do you need to drop from your self-paradigm to claim your future?
  • A paradigm tested by questioning is a fortress. A paradigm untested and
  • unquestioned is a house of cards. The visionary questions.
  • The problem with relying on “the experts” is that it forces you to live in the paradigms they create. We must create our own. The visionary is a master at creating his own paradigms.
  • Everything enters the realm of possibility when you release the power of the status quo. Break its chains! Escape its gravity!
  • I have a vision for my life. 
  • I am attracting everything I need to build a life and business I’ll love 
  • The best is yet to come
  • My ideas are true, authentic, and uniquely special to me 
  • I’ve been gifted with clarity of thought and purpose 
  • Anything that tries to prevent me from accomplishing my goals and reaching my targets will not prosper
  • My dreams are valid
  • I am equipped with everything I need to see them come to fruition 
  • I excel in each and every thing I’m working towards 
  • Success comes to me naturally 
  • I have what it takes to surpass even my wildest dreams 
  • I am thankful for each and every talent I’ve been gifted 
  • Fear and low self-esteem have no place in my heart or mind 
  • There are endless opportunities for me, and I have the God-given clarity and confidence to know which ones will serve me best
  • I am surrounded by supportive people who believe in me and speak life into me and my vision
  • I have all the resources I need 
  • I am open new ways to achieve success 
  • I am focused
  • I am organized
  • I manage my time well
  • I love what a do, and I end each day knowing that I am pursuing my calling and fulfilling my purpose 
  • My ambitions are in perfect flow with my values, and I do not compromise the things or the ones I love most 
  • I trust that my Heavenly Father is ordering my steps
  • There is a solution for every problem. 
  • Creating solutions comes easily and naturally to me
  • I always expect a positive outcome. 
  • I speak positivity into every situation 
  • Abundance of every good thing is overflowing in my life. 
  • I am stress free, and I thrive under pressure
  • I am committed to making the world a better place by staying true to my calling
  • I am thankful for the wealth I am building and the financial windfall making its way towards me
  • I am love and light
  • My customers come to me for a product/experience specifically related to my unique talents and gifting
  • I not only create new God-given opportunities but I have what it takes to retain them and manage them with excellence. 
  • I am one of a kind. 
  • I embrace the journey
  • I am resilient
  • I am living wildest dreams.

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