Affirmations for working out (53+)

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Affirmations for working out

  • Each time I exercise, I literally feel my body growing stronger!
  • With each repetition, my body builds itself.
  • As I exercise my body, my body will repay me with extra years of good health!
  • I am able to run 5 miles without a break!
  • I CRUSH all my fitness goals!
  • I keep my body in shape for myself and for my children.
  • By exercising, I am an amazing role model for my children!
  • I move my body and I feel amazing!
  • My body works exactly as it is supposed to.
  • My body is a kick ass machine!
  • I am lean, fit, and fabulous!
  • I am strong and powerful!
  • My body is in perfect health all the time.
  • My body is healthy and strong.
  • I treat my body like a temple.
  • I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant.
  • I love my body for everything amazing it can do!
  • I am slim, sassy, and feeling great!
  • I am capable of any physical feat I wish to do!
  • I work out to honor my body, its strength, and its grit.
  • I fuel my body and I have amazing energy for my workouts.
  • I am light on my feet.
  • I drink water throughout the day to hydrate my body and mind.
  • I nourish my body with nutritious foods and my body is thankful!
  • Each day, my body grows stronger.
  • Breathing in, I feel healthy. Breathing out, I AM healthy.
  • Step by step and rep by rep, I am creating my ideal body!
  • Today I choose health and wellness over illness in my life.
  • I am fit! I am healthy! I am strong!
  • When I eat right, I feel right!
  • The more water I drink the better I feel!jug-3464829_640
  • My life is what I make of it and today I choose to make it healthy place to be.
  • No (insert disease or condition) for me! My immune system is healthy, strong, and protecting me right now!
  • Today I cease my focus on the weight I have to lose and focus completely on the me I am creating!
  • When I feel good, I exercise. When I exercise, I feel good.
  • Today and every day, I cleanse my being with the life force of my breath.
  • I AM healthy in mind, body, and spirit!
  • My body is a marvelous machine that supports and meets my every need!
  • Day by day, my body is transforming into the vision I have for it.
  • Today I am healthy, strong, and disease-free!
  • I am strong, vibrant, and healthy!
  • Today and every day, I express my gratitude for my good health.
  • Today I am blessed by the beautiful and delicious food that brings me to full health!
  • My pain is limited to my body. I am constantly connected to something far greater than my body.
  • As my reasons for holding on to my excess weight melt away, so does the weight.
  • Today I am shedding the pounds as I shred my self doubt.
  • Today nothing, and I mean nothing, stands between me and my goal weight. I am there before I know it!
  • people-2561333_640Day by day, I am losing the weight and the people around me are taking notice.
  • My heart beats strong and healthy!
  • My lungs breathe clear and strong!
  • Day in and day out, I develop the habits of health!
  • My body is the very picture of health and vitality!
  • Today I am shedding pounds as i shred my self-doubt!
  • My body is a well-oiled machine ready to meet my every need!
  • I pay attention to the needs of my body. I feed it, exercise it, and love it!
  • Today I push my limits in the gym so that tomorrow I can push the limits in my life!
  • Today I am transforming my body into calorie-burning machine.
  • As my self-confidence rises, the number on the scale drops!
  • Who I am transcends a number on a scale! Today I focus on my health not my weight!
  • Today I experience vibrant health and profound well-being!
  • Even at the height of my pain, I experience moments of release, contentment, and joy.
  • I may have to live with pain, but I absolutely refuse to be defined by it!
  • I love and accept myself at my current weight, even as I march pound by pound to my goal weight!
  • My contributions to life measure my self-worth not the scale!
  • Happiness is an attitude not a number on a scale! I refuse to be defined by my weight!
  • I beyond the need for food to fill me up. My life is full of people and activities that do it.weight-loss-2036967_640
  • I cannot lose 100 pounds this week, but I CAN lose three pounds and I AM!
  • Today I see myself at my goal weight. I feel my feelings at my goal weight. I see the clothes I wear. I see the experiences I have. I hear the compliments I receive. Today I am my goal weight. Today I am my goal weight. Today I am my goal weight.
  • Day by day, I am transforming my body into a high performance machine!
  • My weight loss is within me. My diet is only a tool to get me to my goal.
  • As I commit to my exercise program, I transform my body!
  • Step by step and rep by rep, I am losing pounds and inches today!
  • A fit, healthy person lives within me. Today that person emerges.
  • Today I eat for my goal weight! Today I exercise for my goal weight! Today I AM my goal weight!
  • The more I bike the better I feel and the better I feel the more I bike!
  • The more I run, the better I feel and the better I feel the more I run!Fitness center
  • I am slender, strong, and perfectly conditioned.
  • The longer I exercise the stronger I get and the stronger I get the longer I exercise!
  • I am an immaculate being of light. Perfect in form and function. My body is a marvelous machine that supports and meets my every need.
  • My weight is meaningless in the big picture. Today I release the need to weigh one pound more than I want to!
  • Pound by pound, inch by inch, choice by choice I am becoming healthy and fit!
  • I struggle, but I grow. I fall, but I get up. Even amid adversity, I keep moving towards my goal weight.
  • Today my portion size is shrinking and so is my waistline.
  • I am beautiful, I am fit, I am healthy; and more so every day!
  • Today I am making the choices and the changes to have the body I want!
  • Today and every day, I feel the momentum building in my life for a healthy, fit lifestyle.
  • I love my body and today I treat it with the respect it deserves.
  • I deserve a healthy, fit body and today I claim it!
  • Today I weigh less than yesterday and tomorrow I weigh even less!
  • Today I am seeing the new, slimmer me in the mirror and I love that!
  • Today I am making peace with food. Food nourishes my body, but I nourish my soul!
  • I am motivated to exercise
  • I always stick to my exercise plan
  • I always finish all my exercises
  • I am naturally driven to get in shape and be the healthiest I can be
  • I exercise every day and I love it
  • I am always motivated to exercise
  • I stay motivated through out my entire workout routine
  • I am in great shape because I never miss a workout
  • I always look forward to exercising
  • I am totally focused on getting myself in shape
  • I will motivate myself to exercise
  • I am becoming more and more motivated to exercise
  • I am changing into someone who is always motivated to exercise
  • I will exercise even when I don’t feel like it
  • I will exercise every day and achieve the body of my dreams
  • I am finding it easier to motivate myself to exercise
  • I will always finish my workout no matter how tired I am
  • Others are beginning to notice how dedicated I am to getting in shape
  • I am transforming into someone who exercises regularly and is in great shape
  • I am starting to go to the gym every day
  • I am naturally motivated to exercise
  • The motivation to exercise comes naturally to me
  • I love exercising
  • I am totally focused on sticking to my workout routine and getting in shape
  • My motivation to exercise is helping me to achieve optimum health
  • I find it easy to get pumped up about going to the gym every day
  • I am naturally driven to get in shape
  • I am the kind of person who just loves pushing myself during my workout
  • It feels great when I exercise regularly and take care of myself
  • Keeping myself in top shape is extremely important to me

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