Affirmations for the success of a sale (45+)

Affirmations for the success of a sale

  • Nobody closes a deal the way I close a deal!
  • I am the best salesperson in my office and this month I prove it!
  • I win deals by out-planning and out-preparing the competition.
  • I have all the tools I need to achieve my goals.
  • Every rejection brings me closer to my next sale.
  • I think positive and prosperous thoughts for myself, my sales team, my company, and my customers. In my selling world, everyone wins!
  • I bloom on objections. I listen to the objection. I process the objection and I handle it!
  • I’m pleasantly persistent with every objection I receive.
  • Today, I will meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all.
  • My product is the best on the market.
  • Every day in every way my revenues keep growing and growing.
  • I am attracting all the people circumstances and events I need to succeed.
  • I bounce back from each no I hear quickly.
  • I have a lot of energy, which makes it easy for me to outsell the competition.
  • I practice my sales scripts daily.
  • My clear honest positive disposition makes me magnetic and charismatic to close any deal.
  • Action today is exciting and restates the true champion inside of me.
  • My most important product is me! I believe in that product and I am always ready to sell it!
  • My company sets my quota, but I set my goals! This month I blow my quota out of the water!
  • I get paid a lot of money because I’m terrific at what I love doing.
  • I talk about the best qualities of every person I meet. I concentrate on the good aspects of every place and thing.
  • Month after month, I am the top salesperson in my office!
  • The word no doesn’t move me. When I hear it I think, “Let the selling begin!”
  • I have a high degree of personal integrity that leads me to put out extra effort.
  • A great salesperson lives within me! Today that salesperson shows up at my appointments!
  • I am worthy and deserving of success. 
  • I am capable of achieving any level of success that I desire. 
  • I am committed to becoming the person I need and want to be.
  • I attract the success I desire. 
  • I attract the people who fit perfectly with my business. 
  • I am committed to my goals.
  • I settle for nothing but the best in my life and my business. 
  • I am worthy, I am deserving and there is plenty of abundance in the world to go around for everyone. I am included in that.
  • I seek to achieve my highest good and also contribute to the good of others.
  • I am an inspiration to others as well as myself as I take action each day and easily achieve my goals.
  • I am pleased with my day as I took the needed actions to reach my goals. I am prepared for tomorrow and know what steps I’ll be taking in my business.
  • As I sleep, I know my mind is being conditioned for more success and tomorrow is lining up to beautifully meet my goals and expectations.
  • I sleep peacefully and awake well rested, ready to explode my day, taking my business to I I I even higher levels of success.
  • I’m A Master Of Marketing
  • Talking To Prospects Is Easy For Me
  • I’m Talking To A Friend
  • I Really Care About This Person
  • I’m Great At Asking Questions
  • I’m A Wonderful Listener
  • I’m Much Better Than An Ordinary Salesperson
  • My Skills Go Far Beyond What A Salesperson Does
  • I’m Caring, Real And Human
  • I Want To Know Your Concerns
  • If I Know Your Concerns, I Know What To Say To You
  • I Want To Know What You Think
  • I’m Great At Asking “What If?”
  • I’m Unattached To Getting My Result
  • I Imagine My Success
  • I Feel My Success
  • I Trust Myself
  • I Trust Myself To Know What To Say
  • I’m Ready To Share My Talents And Gifts With The World
  • I Always Ask For The Business
  • After Asking, I Shut Up & Wait
  • I’m Grateful
  • I’m Grateful That You’re Taking The Time To Talk With Me
  • I’m Grateful That You’re Sharing Your Thoughts & Concerns
  • I’m Grateful That You’ve Allowed Us To Have This Time Together
  • The More No’s I Get, The More Yes’s I Know I Will Get
  • I’m Really Good At What I Do
  • I Love Talking To People
  • Hearing The Word No, Energizes Me
  • I Get Energized By “No” Because It Brings Me Closer To Hearing My Next “Yes”
  • I Learn Something From Every Conversation
  • I’m Getting Better & Better Each Time I Use Sunny’s Method
  • I’m Generous & Gracious
  • It’s Easy For Me To Tell People What I Want For Them
  • It’s Easy For Me To Tell Them What I Want For Myself
  • It’s Easy For Me To Ask For What I Want
  • I’m Unattached From Hearing “Yes” Or “No”, I Just Ask & Wait
  • I’m Succeeding More & More With Every Call, Regardless Of The Outcome
  • I Like This
  • I’m Good At This
  • I’m Going To Keep Going
  • I’m Persistent
  • I Believe In Myself
  • I Believe In My Abilities
  • I Believe In My Skills
  • Everybody Likes Me
  • Everybody Likes Me Whether They Know It Or Not
  • The Entire Universe Loves Me
  • I Love Myself
  • I’m Proud Of Myself
  • I’m Successful
  • I’m Enthusiastic
  • I’m Naturally Enthusiastic
  • I’m Positive & Happy
  • I’m On My Way
  • I’m Enjoying The Journey
  • I Can Do This
  • I’m gonna be successful
  • I am expecting success
  • My sales are successful
  • I reach my sales success

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