Affirmations for the rich (55+)

Affirmations for the rich

  • I am a millionaire.
  • I attract people who help me to riches.
  • It’s okay to expect bigger and better things in my life.
  • It’s safe for me to become a millionaire.
  • I allow myself to spontaneously become wealthy.
  • I now fulfill my money desires.
  • With every breath, I accept and allow more abundance.
  • I clearly see and feel myself rich now.
  • I love the feeling of being rich.
  • I give myself permission to prosper.
  • I accept financial miracles.
  • I accept financial miracles.
  • I am ready to become a millionaire.
  • I love the new, abundant life I’m creating for myself.
  • A calm, secure feeling of prosperity fills my mind.
  • All my investments are enormously successful.
  • As I associate with wealth-minded people, my own prosperity increases.
  • As I develop a wealth consciousness, my prosperity increases accordingly.
  • As I follow my bliss, wealth and prosperity follow me.
  • As I practice prosperity thinking, my finances improve rapidly.
  • As my service to others increases, so does my wealth.
  • Being prosperous gives me the ability to support causes that I care about.
  • Being prosperous is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.
  • Being wealthy gives me unlimited options in my life.
  • Being wealthy is my birthright, and I claim that right now.
  • Being wealthy is my inherent right and I claim that right today.
  • By being wealth-minded, true abundance blesses my life.
  • Creating wealth is now an natural part of my being.
  • Every action I take moves me towards greater financial freedom.
  • Every day brings me increased wealth.
  • Every day brings more opportunities for wealth and abundance.
  • Every day I am creating more wealth in my life.
  • Every day I am gaining greater financial independence.
  • Every day I attract more wealth-creating opportunities.
  • Every day I discover new ways to bring more wealth in my life.
  • Every day I exercise an attitude of prosperity.
  • Every day I exercise thoughts of prosperity and abundance.
  • Every day I give thanks for all the wealth in my life.
  • Every day I practice feeling wealthy.
  • Every day I practice the feeling of financial freedom.
  • Every day I take positive action towards the creation of wealth.
  • Every day I visualize myself creating more and more wealth.
  • Every day in every way I am getting wealthier and wealthier.
  • Every day, the work I do creates more and more wealth for myself and others.
  • Every day I practice the feeling of being a millionaire.
  • Every moment of every day I am becoming wealthier and wealthier.
  • Every new project I develop creates more prosperity for myself and for others.
  • Every positive thought I have adds to my prosperity consciousness.
  • Everyone I meet prospers with me.
  • Everything I do attracts more prosperity in to my life.
  • Everything I do returns to me as prosperity.
  • Everything I touch turns to gold.
  • Financial abundance is now mine.
  • inancial freedom is mine for the asking.
  • Financial growth is a natural part of my life.
  • I accept total financial freedom for myself and my family.
  • I allow financial abundance to flow freely in my life.
  • I always project a prosperous self image.
  • I always travel first class.
  • I am a channel for the infinite abundance in the universe.
  • I am a multi-millionaire.
  • I am a powerful prosperity magnet.
  • I am a self-made millionaire.
  • I am a wealth magnet.
  • I am an incredibly capable person with all the ability I need to create great wealth in my life.
  • I am as worthy of financial wealth as anyone else.
  • I am constantly thinking of new ways to create wealth.
  • I am creating new venues to wealth for myself and others every day.
  • I am dedicated to creating wealth in my life.
  • I am exceedingly wealthy and happy.
  • I am financially independent.
  • I am financially self-sufficient.
  • I am financially well off, and love sharing this wealth with others.
  • I am increasing my financial independence every day.
  • I am living my dream of being a millionaire right now.
  • I am now open to ever-increasing prosperity.
  • I am now open to receive the financial abundance I desire.
  • I am open to receiving prosperity now.
  • I am passionate about building a life of financial freedom.
  • I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.
  • I am so happy and grateful for the financial freedom I now have.
  • I am surrounded by an ocean of wealth and I draw from this ocean all that I need.
  • I am totally confident in my ability to create financial prosperity.
  • I am traveling the road to riches.
  • I am very comfortable earning large sums of money.
  • I am wealthier and wealthier every day.
  • I am wealth-minded and only entertain prosperous thoughts.
  • I attract prosperity into my life with every positive thought and action.
  • I choose to be financially abundant.
  • I choose to live my life feeling wealthy and prosperous.
  • I constantly think of new possibilities for building wealth.
  • I combine intelligent thought with personal action to create new wealth and success in my life.
  • I create abundant wealth in honor of the Universal Force that is within me.
  • I create wealth for everyone in my life.
  • I deserve and willingly accept the abundant wealth of the universe.
  • I deserve to be wealthy and prosperous.
  • I easily afford everything I desire and need.
  • I easily afford the luxuries of life.
  • I easily and naturally attract all the wealth I desire.
  • I easily recognize viable wealth building opportunities.
  • I easily recognize wealth building opportunities as they appear.
  • I expect and accept abundant wealth in my life.
  • I feel like a million dollars.
  • I feel positively prosperous today.
  • I focus my mind on prosperity, and prosperity appears in my life.
  • I go first class all the way.
  • I gratefully accept prosperity and abundance into my life.
  • I have a natural ability to attract great wealth into my life.
  • I have all the resources I need right now to become a millionaire.

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