Affirmations for tests (45+)

Affirmations for tests

  • I am open to new experiences today.
  • I have everything I need today.
  • Peace and relaxation flow through me with every breath I take.
  • I look for the positive in each situation.
  • I do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.
  • I am positive and directed, and I have purpose in my life.
  • I am waiting patiently for the opportunity to serve my purpose in life.
  • I am learning to relax today.
  • I take full responsibility for my life today.
  • I am responsible, organized, motivated, and productive today.
  • I deserve to feel safe.
  • God is guiding me safely on my journey.
  • I am passing the bar exam with ease.
  • I am filled with all the knowledge I need to pass the bar exam.
  • My mind is relaxed and open to all that I need to learn today.
  • I am finding learning to be fun and exciting.
  • I am doing the very best I can.
  • I’m becoming smarter and more skillful every day.
  • I am learning to refrain from judging myself if I have trouble with ________________ (insert your own word or phrase).
  • I am learning to refrain from demeaning myself if something is too hard.  I can ask for help without feeling less than others.
  • I can!
  • I know, love, and trust myself today.
  • I am equal to the task I face.
  • I am giving up my need for self-pity today.
  • I am letting go of the burden of shame in my life.
  • I am willing to forgive myself for things I have done in the past.
  • God is giving me all the strength I need today.
  • I am willing to move forward, in spite of my struggles.
  • I am getting more and more successful in _________________ (insert your own words or phrase). 
  • I am successful in all that I do today.
  • God is guiding me forward to succeed.
  • I am working towards successful results.
  • I surrender the things that hold me back.
  • I give up my need to do everything alone.
  • I’m developing my God-given talents.
  • My talents and abilities are valued and needed.
  • I have put aside my regrets from the past and my fear of the future.
  • This is the first day of the rest of my life.
  • I am relaxed and patient.
  • I trust that God is guiding me to my next steps in life.
  • I am letting go of doubt, fear, anger, and distrust, and quietly accepting the unknown.
  • I am on the right path for me today.
  • I am willing to do everything I can to nurture my mind, heart, and body.
  • I am a positive and loving person.
  • Fear can’t stop me from moving forward.
  • I’m turning my fear into faith.
  • I’m moving beyond my fear.
  • I’m worthy of positive changes in my life.
  • Today, I welcome change as an opportunity.
  • I am fulfilling all my commitments today.
  • I am confident in my ability to meet challenges today.
  • I feel strong and confident today.
  • I have all that I need to do what is good and right in my life today.
  • I am learning to trust my own wisdom and give myself permission to follow it.
  • I feel confident in my ability to study for and pass the bar exam.
  • I have all the courage I need today to face my shortcomings.
  • I use my energy to create positive results.
  • I am not my feelings.
  • I do not have to act out on all my feelings.
  • I’m handling my feelings in a healthy way.
  • I am letting joy into my life.
  • I am letting go of the blocks that keep me stuck so I can be free to move forward.
  • I am setting realistic goals for me today.
  • God gives me all the strength I need to reach my goals.
  • I have all the intelligence I need today to pass the bar exam.
  • I am an intelligent person.
  • My past no longer owns me.
  • I am no longer a victim of my past.
  • I’m letting go of self-imposed burdens today.
  • I enjoy learning.
  • My brain can easily contain a lot of information.
  • My mind is expanding each day.
  • I gather new information daily.
  • My knowledge is becoming wisdom.
  • I enjoy expanding my knowledge.
  • I absorb new information quickly.
  • I am becoming smarter ever day.
  • My memory is sharp.
  • I easily remember everything that I read.
  • My memory is excellent.
  • Remembering a lot of information comes naturally to me.
  • My mind is clear and focused.
  • I can retain information quickly.
  • My brain is a sponge that can absorb all information.
  • My memory is strengthening each day.
  • I love studying.
  • I choose to make studying a priority.
  • My mind is sharp and focused.
  • Nothing will distract me from studying.
  • I can easily focus on what I`m learning.
  • I let go of all distractions.
  • My study habits are getting better every day.
  • I look forward to taking tests.
  • I am calm and relaxed and ready to ace my test.
  • I will score high points on my test.
  • I feel very relaxed after and during tests.
  • Tests inspire me to study harder.
  • I will do great at my exams.
  • I am smart, intelligent and can do anything.
  • I can tackle any subject.
  • I easily study any subject I`m interested in.
  • Learning new subject broadens my perspective and knowledge.
  • I am always motivated to learn new things.
  • Understanding new things is easy for me.
  • Studying will make me a smarter person tomorrow.
  • I am a naturally smart and intelligent person.
  • I am capable of learning a lot.
  • I will have great results on my tests.
  • I improve my studying abilities every day.
  • I enjoy learning new and interesting things.

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