Affirmations for swimmers (35+)

Affirmations for swimmers

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  • I am an incredible swimmer.
  • I have strong endurance.
  • I have powerful strokes.
  • I have excellent rhythm between breaths and strokes.
  • I have efficient breathing.
  • I guide through the water quickly and powerfully.
  • I clear my mind when its time to train.
  • I am concentrated on becoming an incredible swimmer.
  • I enjoy training and becoming a better swimmer.
  • I am very coordinated and intentional with my rhythm.s
  • I will stay focused in the pool.
  • I am building my confidence and endurance with each practice.
  • I will train diligently and with dedication.
  • My technique is continually improving.
  • I will become faster and stronger.
  • Others will remember me for my swimming talent.
  • I will always choose to do my very best at each swim meet.
  • I will choose to continually improve my swimming skills.
  • Swimming fast comes naturally to me. I am always able to focus while in water.
  • Freestyle is both fun and effortless. I am confident in my breastroke skills.
  • Backstroke is naturally one of my strengths.
  • Butterfly stroke has been ingrained in me.
  • My sidestroke is a powerful strength of mine.
  • I enjoy practicing and pushing myself to become better.
  • I am naturally motivated to do my best when swimming.
  • I find winning at swim competitions natural.
  • Swimming techniques are easy for me to perfect.
  • I have incredible and enduring stamina.
  • I seek to be the best in all I do.
  • I am a skilled swimmer
  • I have incredible endurance
  • I am physically strong
  • I have excellent rhythm
  • I breathe efficiently
  • I make swimming look effortless
  • I have a clear mind
  • I am focused on swimming
  • I enjoy training
  • I am very coordinated
  • I will become a championship swimmer
  • I will increase my stamina
  • I will stay focused
  • I am building my endurance
  • I will train regularly
  • My technique is improving
  • I am becoming stronger
  • Others are starting to notice what a great swimmer I am
  • I will always perform to my absolute best
  • I will be dedicate myself to swimming
  • Swimming comes naturally to me
  • Concentrating in the water feels natural
  • Swimming is easy
  • I enjoy training hard and pushing myself to the max
  • I am naturally focused when swimming
  • Training is fun
  • Swimming competitions are easy to win
  • Perfect swimming technique comes naturally to me
  • I have great stamina
  • I am naturally motivated to train hard
  • I swim like a fish.
  • I am a coordinated swimmer.
  • I master swimming strokes easily.
  • I have amazing stamina.
  • My breath control is awesome.
  • Every day my swimming improves.
  • I practice swimming regularly.
  • I love the freedom water gives me.
  • I look forward to swimming competitions.
  • I always swim to the best of my ability.
  • People admire my swimming technique.
  • I’m a fantastic swimmer.
  • I run fast
  • I jump high
  • I am a great athlete
  • I am a fierce competitor
  • I can run like the wind
  • I am a winner
  • I am dedicated to my training
  • I am motivated to practice
  • I am a skilled player
  • I will stay focused on winning
  • I will train consistently
  • I am becoming a great athlete
  • I will enjoy practicing
  • I will reach my full athletic potential
  • I will exceed the expectations of others
  • I will push myself to attain a high level of athleticism
  • I will always perform my best
  • My stamina is increasing
  • Each day my running becomes faster and faster
  • My stamina is naturally high
  • Motivation is a normal part of my every day life
  • Running fast is easy
  • Practicing regularly is fun
  • My athletic abilities are naturally strong
  • My endurance is high
  • I can reach any athletic goals that I want
  • Focusing my mind is something I just naturally do
  • Winning is the best feeling in the world

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