Affirmations for suicidal thoughts (35+)

Affirmations for suicidal thoughts

  • I am not a fool to give up on me!
  • I am a talented person and the world needs a talented person like me!
  • Bad days will not last long if I remain strong!
  • I am glad that I am bestowed an opportunity to make the best for myself!
  • The world is full of possibilities if I look for it!
  • I am not a quitter!
  • I will be remembered as a fighter, not as a loser!
  • I am not a loser! 
  • I will find myself!
  • I am tough, I will not give up on my life!
  • I am competent and I know it!
  • I am a hero, not a coward!
  • I am a wonderful person and the world needs me!
  • I am courageous and do not need to prove it!
  • I will survive this!
  • I have faced much more difficult situations than these!
  • I will learn from my suffering!
  • I will be good to myself!
  • I am directed here for a purpose!
  • I have decided to be an example!
  • I will not run away from my responsibilities!
  • I will perform my roles!
  • I am full of energy!
  • I am an optimistic person!
  • I have faith in myself!
  • I have to pamper myself!
  • I am delighted to have this life!
  • I am active and hopeful for life!
  • I am respecting everything that comes in!
  • I am willing to live!
  • I am an unpretentious person!
  • I am thankful to have this beautiful life!
  • I am hopeful for the coming good days!
  • I have faith in my endurance ability!
  • I am a developer and a strong individual!
  • I am self-sufficient and optimistic!
  • I am coming up with stability on every lonely day!
  • I understand myself and that is enough!
  • I am gorgeous in and out!
  • I am satisfied, I do not need more in life!
  • I am substantial and stuffed with skills!
  • I am full of life and hope for better days!
  • I am here with a purpose!
  • My life will not be a waste for sure!
  • I will shine brighter after the dark days!
  • I love myself unconditionally!
  • I am strong and can cope up with predicaments in life!
  • I will overcome all this with utmost sincerity!
  • I will not let myself and my parent down because of my actions!
  • I am the epitome of love and positive thoughts!
  • Living every day and trying to assert myself is something I will never give up on!
  • I will have to be good for myself first then with other people!
  • I am accepting every nice and bad thing in life!
  • I will build a  life that I wish for myself!
  • The galaxy is in the right place and so is me! 
  • I invariably understand myself and my needs!
  • I am respected even when I am not profitable!
  • I love myself despite my sadness!  
  • I am not unhappy because of an absence of action or a loss at modifying faulty feelings!
  • I will enjoy it even when I can’t provide greatly!
  • The world needs me even when I think I am worthless!  
  • I will segregate myself from pessimism!
  • I am not any smaller of someone because a specific community can not comprehend my ailment!
  • I have maintained and preserved myself and I should enjoy my power!
  • I am powerful even with my shortcomings!
  • I am much better than anyone else’s viewpoints of myself!
  • My brain is my companion, not my enemy!
  • My pain will not survive permanently!
  • I am doing fine without any external support!
  • I am a mute fighter!
  • I will be a fighter and a motivator for myself!
  • I am fine where I am precisely now!
  • I thrive to be a better and promising edition of myself!
  • I do not have to be productive all the time!
  • I will be a powerful woman!
  • I am not weak!
  • I will cry if I want to but not give up!
  • I will take a break if everything around me is hampering my peace of mind!
  • I am friendly, peaceful, and secure!
  • I always gaze for the reasonable things in myself and from people around me!
  • I have sufficient stamina, vigor, and well-being!
  • I live with enthusiasm and tolerance!
  • It is me who can help myself!
  • I trust myself in everything I perform!
  • I am appreciative of all the wonderful periods in my life!
  • I recognize myself for who I am!
  • I have elevated self-esteem for myself!
  • I know, I deserve the fairest, and I approve it now!
  • All my desires and ambitions are fulfilled before I actually ask for it! 
  • I have a powerful psyche, physique, and spirit!
  • I am stable in the present! 
  • I will give up my toxic lifestyle!
  • I will treat myself right all the time!
  • I will not try to escape from difficulties for sure!
  • I realize I am comfortable with my life!
  • I adore myself for not giving up!  
  • I am capable of loving and being loved!
  • I reckon in my diligence!
  • I excite the good people and the nicest conditions for my elevated interest!
  • The Cosmos is for me and I am for the cosmos!
  • I will keep going without stopping!
  • Being strong in difficult times is something that I will learn!
  • I will make it live!
  • I am the one who can save myself from the negativity around me!
  • I will manage everything that I can!
  • I pet myself completely!
  • I am dignified of the individual I am!
  • I will not let myself get destroyed in this way!
  • I respect, accept, and adapt everything about myself!
  • I have never been unproductive in life!
  • I know my parents love me if no one else does!
  • I can never be a bad influence on other people!

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