Affirmations for speaking up (41+)

Affirmations for speaking up

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • I will try to communicate with everyone!
  • It is not at all difficult for me to mingle with people!
  • I have many things to share with the people around me!
  • I am not shy and hesitant!
  • I can speak fluently in my mother tongue as well as in English!
  • I have the ability to present my views perfectly to the people!
  • I can talk about anything and everything with my people!
  • I will build a healthy communicational network with my colleagues!
  • I am smart and confident enough to speak in front of people looking at me!
  • I have to spark if I want to stand for what is right and wrong!
  • I will talk to my parents about everything that is making me miserable!
  • I am an excellent speaker!
  • I don’t shy away when I need to speak up for myself and my community!
  • I can assert my points in front of the audience confidently!
  • I can influence people with my communication abilities!
  • My plus point is I am confident to speak with anyone!
  • People like talking to me!
  • I will improve my communication skills if needed!
  • I will do anything to be able to assert my point of view in front of people!
  • People do not get bored while talking to me!
  • People around me find me interesting to talk to!
  • IIf I was a bad speaker then I could have faced a lot of difficulties!
  • I am friendly and good to talk to!
  • People like to spend time with me for my excellent abilities to communicate!
  • I am not just a good speaker but a listener too!
  • My communication skills are getting more polished and enhanced day by day-that is a good thing!
  • I do not have to worry about people- for I know when to speak and when not to!
  • Being able to speak is the strongest plus point I have achieved!
  • I have been able to rank 1st and 2nd in debates, recitations, story-telling competitions because of my ability to speak well!
  • Speaking fluently is an asset to me!
  • I am not among those who will stay quiet so that people do not take me as a rude and arrogant girl!
  • Why should I not speak when needed?
  • I am an extrovert with good communication skills!
  • Given me a chance I can shush everyone with my talent of speaking!
  • The thing that makes me more attractive is I speak to the point and with facts and figures!
  • I do not speak unnecessarily but when needed I can speak for myself and others!
  • The positive side is I do not lose my control and calm while speaking on sensitive topics with others!
  • I speak with evidence and prove, not just in air!
  • My talent for communication has helped me a lot to get over many things!
  • People will understand what I want to say because I have good communication skills!
  • I can help many people because I know how to represent them and myself on a larger platform!
  • My communication skills have helped many people’s lives!
  • I am proud of my communication skills!
  • I have trained myself properly to be able to speak in front of anyone I want to!
  • No one can best me in speaking!
  • Communication is an important key for me!
  • I have to speak about what is good for me!
  • I cannot mum myself because they do not want to speak!
  • I am a good orator and that is my plus point!
  • The only thing that makes me different from the rest of the participants is that I have good communication skills!
  • No one can dominate me if I can speak fluently!
  • People love me for I can entertain them by talking and talking!
  • My friends are able to share their problems with me because I can console them the best with my ability to choose good words!
  • My part in the class is to break the silence!
  • I always have something or the other to talk about!
  • I can make the mass understand my point of view because of my communication skills!
  • Why will people not listen to me if I am able to speak properly and confidently!
  • I will others understand the importance of having good communication skills!
  • I can speak that does not mean I will speak without facts and proves- I make sure that everything that I speak is based on facts!
  • People cannot win in communication skills with me!
  • My motive is clear- to speak confidently and fluently!
  • I will have to improve my communication skills if I want to be heard!
  • I will be the voice of poor and exploited communities!
  • People will love me for my quality of being able to talk about anything!
  • I am proud of the fact that people around me find comfort in talking to me!
  • I have nothing to worry about- I have a master one of the most important skills and that is communication!
  • The world will have to listen to me this time because I have decided to speak this time!
  • I will practice being a pro in communicating!
  • Being able to communicate in this era is not less than mastering any degree!
  • I am a born leader!
  • I am a born speaker!
  • Lecturing will be the best profession for me because I have good communication skills!
  • I trust my ability to speak for what is right, than any other thing!
  • I am learning and practicing to be a good speaker!
  • I can make a difference in society and the world with the help of my communication skills!
  • Who can suppress me when I can speak for myself? No one!
  • I am trying to be a good speaker and a lecturer!
  • I am unique and beautiful.
  • I’m kind to the person I see in the mirror.
  • I deserve to see myself as amusing.
  • If a few people don’t accept me, I’m confident with that.
  • I forgive others for their wrong deeds, and I will forgive myself when I do so.
  • I am going to trust myself and my instincts.
  • Whatever difficulties that come to me, I can overcome them.
  • I was born tough, and I grow stronger every day.
  • I’m a quick, capable learner.
  • I believe in myself as a person and in all my capabilities.
  • I’m enough, and I am okay with myself.
  • I choose not to let those hurtful things affect me negatively.
  • Others respect me for following my own beliefs.
  • I am working every day on the best me that I can be.
  • I believe in who I am.
  • I free myself from unnecessary fear, doubt, and judgment.
  • I’m collected and calm.
  • My negative thoughts are irrational, and I will stop myself from getting ruined by these.
  • My fear does not control my life – I do.
  • I am safe because this is my world.
  • This moment is just temporary.
  • I release negative feelings and thoughts about myself.
  • I’m not going to be scared by pure substantial consequences.
  • I always see the best in others.
  • I am on a journey, ever-growing and developing.
  • Nobody can disturb this peacefulness.
  • I am consistent in the words and things that I say and do.

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