Affirmations for smaller breasts (29+)

Affirmations for smaller breasts

  • Actually, I have great breasts.
  • All is Well.
  • All my past decisions have made me who I am today, I am grateful.
  • I accept, love and nurture myself in my inner-world as well as in the physical world.
  • I allow health and peace to flow through me.
  • I allow others to be who they are and to walk their own paths.
  • I allow the energy of guilt and grief to flow OUT of my body and OUT of my life!
  • I am a powerful, wise, abundant sovereign being.
  • I am always connected to my loved ones. I hold them safe and close in my heart.
  • I am at peace with my past.
  • I am capable, calm and confident.
  • I am cherished and supported.
  • I am confident, calm and capable.
  • I am forgiving, peaceful and loving.
  • I am free to express myself.
  • I am free, expansive and safe.
  • I am good enough!
  • I am in control of my life.
  • I am kind, loving and nurturing to myself.
  • I am love.
  • I am loved and loveable.
  • I am naturally reducing the size of my breasts
  • I am peace.
  • I am peaceful.
  • I am reassured, trusting and confident.
  • I am safe and loved and totally supported.
  • I am safe, confident and secure.
  • I am starting to notice my breasts feel lighter and firmer
  • I am worthy!
  • I am worthy!
  • I believe deeply that I will have smaller breasts
  • I can redirect my body fat away from my breasts
  • I can use my mind to influence the process of fat reduction in my breasts
  • I choose to have peace in my body and in my life.
  • I deserve to have healthier, smaller breasts
  • I easily support myself.
  • I enjoy the perfect balance of giving and of receiving.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I have good breasts.
  • I have healthy emotional boundaries.
  • I have naturally pert and slim breasts
  • I have naturally small breasts
  • I honour myself by saying no without fear or guilt.
  • I let go and trust.
  • I let go of all past hurts. They can no longer reach or hurt me.
  • I let go with love and trust.
  • I live a healthy lifestyle that encourages smaller breast size
  • I live in the present moment in peace.
  • I love my breasts no matter what
  • I love, respect and value myself.
  • I no longer sacrifice myself for others.
  • I no longer shrink or make myself less so others can feel more. I give myself permission to shine!
  • I no longer take on everyone else’s problems or carry the weight of the world.
  • I no longer worry about what others think, I approve of myself.
  • I now realise it is safe and appropriate to ask for and to receive help.
  • I practice self-allowance.
  • I realise that nothing is ever truly lost and love never dies.
  • I recognise and value all that I am and everything I have achieved.
  • I recognise and value my unique talents and abilities.
  • I remember my own needs.
  • I remember to look after myself.
  • I take all the time and space I need to honour my own needs.
  • I take time to nurture myself.
  • I trust, relax and let go.
  • I will be happy with my smaller breasts
  • I will burn the excess fat in my breasts
  • I will eat healthy, lose weight, and reduce the size of my breasts
  • I will have beautiful small breasts
  • I will reduce the size of my breasts
  • I will send positive energy to my breasts
  • In my anxious moments, I remember that in this now moment, I am safe.
  • Living a healthier lifestyle and reducing my weight will lead to smaller breasts
  • My body is burning the fat in my breasts
  • My body sends revitalizing energy and nutrition to my breasts
  • My body will store any excess fat away from my breasts
  • My breasts are a normal size
  • My breasts are becoming smaller
  • My breasts are firm and healthy
  • My breasts are of an average size
  • My breasts are small
  • My breasts are the perfect size
  • My breasts feel as light as a feather
  • My mind is completely focused on reducing my breast size
  • My sense of value and safety no longer depends on others. I value, trust and love myself.
  • Sending nutrients to my breasts will make them smaller and firmer
  • Sending positive energy to my breasts is important
  • Thank you breasts, for everything you do for me.
  • The past no longer hurts me, I am free.

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