Affirmations for slowing down (35+)

Affirmations for slowing down

  • Being calm and centered is one of the top priorities in my life.
  • Being in a peaceful state is normal for me
  • Calmness washes over me with every deep breath I take.
  • Challenges bring opportunities.
  • Each day I am more at peace
  • Each moment I relax my body more and more
  • Finding time each day to relax and unwind is important
  • I acquaint myself with the world under my feet.
  • I am breathing slowly and deeply, filling myself with calmness.
  • I am calm and relaxed in all situations.
  • I am centered and quiet
  • I am centered and quiet.
  • I am centered and quiet.
  • I am comfortable around other people.
  • I am letting go of all my worries
  • I am letting go of all my worries and fears.
  • I am practicing this feeling.
  • I am relaxed
  • I am relaxed and calm.
  • I am relaxing and feeling more and more sleepy.
  • I am releasing all negative emotions from my system.
  • I am releasing my concerns by breathing slowly and deeply.
  • I am starting to feel more balanced and calm
  • I am starting to relax
  • I am steady and aware.
  • I am thankful and grateful for the good in my life.
  • I am transforming into someone who is always relaxed and centered
  • I can effortlessly let go of any thoughts, concerns, or worries
  • I can’t be everything to everyone.
  • I choose to live at a comfortable pace.
  • I deserve a peaceful and loving life.
  • I enjoy nurturing myself with deep relaxation
  • I feel myself unwinding.
  • I find love and support inside and out.
  • I give myself a credit every time I do something that makes me happy.
  • I have a naturally peaceful mind
  • I let go of defensiveness and choose to fill my world with joy and kindness instead.
  • I love myself for who I am.
  • I love relaxing
  • I lovingly forgive and let go of the past.
  • I release my concerns for the time being
  • I see stressful situations as challenges.
  • I will find time each day to relax
  • I’m breaking the habit of “busy.”
  • I’m enjoying the journey.
  • I’m enjoying the people who are in my life, right now.
  • I’m making the conscious choice to slow down.
  • I’m making time to observe life.
  • I’m only human. I will not put unnecessary pressure on myself.
  • I’m scheduling life in a way where I can have some rest.
  • I’m taking the time to simply be.
  • Inhale, exhale. I take time to do both fully.
  • It’s OK to ask for help.
  • Letting go of the tension in my life is rejuvenating
  • My ‘no’ can be powerful and polite at the same time.
  • My body is relaxed and at peace
  • My breath, and with it, my mind, are slowing down.
  • My husband is my helpmate, so I will let him help me.
  • My life is beginning to feel more peaceful
  • My mind is beginning to feel calmer
  • My mind is calm
  • My mind is slowing down
  • My mind is slowing down.
  • My muscles are relaxed
  • My muscles are relaxed.
  • My peace is more important than having a packed schedule.
  • My tension is melting away
  • My tension is melting away.
  • My thoughts are calming down
  • My thoughts are calming down.
  • My timeline is not everyone else’s timeline.
  • Others are beginning to notice how relaxed I am becoming
  • People see me as someone who is balanced, calm, and centered
  • Relaxing is becoming easier and easier
  • Relaxing my body is easy
  • Rest is required.
  • Slowing down feels good
  • What, exactly, am I racing toward?

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