Affirmations for skinny legs (39+)

Affirmations for skinny legs

  • Age has nothing to do with it. I am releasing this weight in a wise way.
  • Being thin and healthy is very important
  • Each day I become thinner and more fit
  • Eating right and losing weight is becoming easier and easier
  • Every physical movement that I make burns the extra fat in my body and helps me to maintain my ideal body weight.
  • I adore the taste of healthy food.
  • I always watch what I eat
  • I am a disciplined eater.
  • I am becoming fitter and stronger everyday through training.
  • I am becoming more focused on losing weight
  • I am coming closer to achieving my ideal body
  • I am constantly developing healthier eating habits.
  • I am creating the body I have always wanted.
  • I am dedicated to achieving my ideal weight
  • I am dedicated to following my weight loss plan
  • I am dedicated to losing weight
  • I am eating foods contributing to my wellbeing.
  • I am finding it easier to envision weight loss success
  • I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.
  • I am flexible to change.
  • I am getting thinner every day.
  • I am grateful for my body and where it takes me.
  • I am joyfully achieving my weight loss goals.
  • I am losing weight every single day.
  • I am losing weight for me because I love me.
  • I am naturally slim.
  • I am naturally thin
  • I am naturally thin
  • I am patient in achieving my ideal shape.
  • I am showing up for myself and treating myself with respect.
  • I am slim and beautiful
  • I am taking responsibility for my health.
  • I am thin now
  • I am transforming into someone who is thin, healthy, and happy
  • I believe deeply in my ability to be thin and healthy
  • I believe in my ability to lose weight and keep it off.
  • I can easily reach and maintain my ideal weight.
  • I completely understand that unhealthy foods do not help me lose weight, so I eat only healthy, nutritious foods.
  • I control how much I eat.
  • I deserve to be slim, healthy, and beautiful.
  • I deserve to be thin
  • I deserve to have a lean, healthy, and attractive body.
  • I easily choose healthy snacks over junk food.
  • I eat at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • I eat balanced meals every day.
  • I eat healthily and set a good example for my family.
  • I eat lots of fruits and veggies.
  • I eat only when I feel hungry.
  • I enjoy exercising, it makes me feel very good.
  • I enjoy training.
  • I find it easy to keep fit.
  • I find it quite easy to lose weight.
  • I have a great body
  • I have a naturally healthy mind and body.
  • I have the power to achieve a high degree of health and well-being
  • I have total belief in myself
  • I love and care for my body.
  • I love exercising regularly.
  • I love my body
  • I now certainly see myself at my ideal weight.
  • I only eat healthy foods.
  • I think positively and naturally lose weight.
  • I trust my body and it’s capabilities to heal and thrive.
  • I visualize my ideal body and take action to make it happen
  • I visualize my ideal body and this motivates me to keep losing weight
  • I will become thin and set a good example for others
  • I will have the body I’ve always wanted
  • I will nurture and respect my body always
  • I will reach my weight loss goals
  • It feels great to lose weight and get in shape
  • Losing weight is natural for me.
  • My mind is focused on achieving my weight loss goals
  • My mind is totally attuned to my body
  • My weight loss story is successful.
  • Others are beginning to notice how thin and healthy I am
  • Weight gain happens over time, so my weight loss equally requires time, patience, and lifestyle changes.

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