Affirmations for self-esteem (31+)

Affirmations for self-esteem

  • I will have a lasting impact on the lives of women and leaders that I coach
  • I am a confident, strong woman that accomplishes my goals
  • I set a positive example for future women leaders
  • I deserve to be happy and successful.
  • I am worthy of happiness and love.
  • I love, respect, and believe in myself.
  • I am a unique and special person.
  • I deserve all that is good.
  • I am learning and changing for the better.
  • I value my opinions and ideas.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I approve of myself, right here and now.
  • I can learn to accept the parts of myself that I don’t like — that is how I grow.
  • I have high self-esteem as I respect myself.
  • There are no such things as problems, only opportunities.
  • I am unique. I feel good about being alive and being me.
  • I replace “I must”, “I should” and “I have to” with “I choose”.
  • I choose to be happy right now. I love my life.
  • I appreciate everything I have. I live in joy.
  • I am positive and optimistic. I believe things will always work out for the best.
  • I am a powerful creator. I create the life I want.
  • I am successful right now.
  • I am passionate. I am outrageously enthusiastic and inspire others.
  • My high self-esteem enables me to respect others and beget respect in turn.
  • I am optimistic. I believe things will always work out for the best.
  • I have unlimited power at my disposal.
  • I am energetic and enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature.
  • I am focused and persistent. I will never quit.
  • I have integrity. I am totally reliable. I do what I say.
  • My high self-esteem allows me to accept compliments easily and also freely compliment others.
  • I release the need to prove myself to anyone as I am my own self and I love it that way.
  • I consciously release the past and live only in the present. That way I get to enjoy and experience life to the full.
  • I accept others as they are and they in turn accept me as I am.
  • The more I like myself, the more others will like me.
  • I am becoming better with each day.
  • I am happy to be here.
  • I have people who care about me and will help me if I need it.
  • I will ask for help if I need it.
  • I am always learning more about who I am and what matters to me.
  • I understand that my actions become habits so I will try to do the right thing.
  • I love and respect my family for all they do for me.
  • I am an intelligent being, but I don’t know everything.
  • I am proud to represent the values that matter to me and my community.
  • I love myself.
  • I feel lucky to have the opportunities that I do.
  •  My dreams are achievable.
  • The only people who may be judging me, are the people who are most afraid of being judged.
  • In 5 years it is not going to matter what I wore today.
  • In 15 years the only thing that will remain is what I have learned.
  • My first love will probably not be my only love, and I’m ok with that.
  • People can be mean, but it only reflects the kind of person they are.
  • I am happy. Who else am I trying to please?
  • I accept and love the way I look without comparing myself to others.
  • A six-pack does not need to be standard. In either form.
  • I am completely unique and therefore, there are no rules to what I am and am not.
  • I give myself permission to do what is best for me.
  • I admit that I may not always know what is best for me, so I am open to advice from people who I respect.
  • I do not need drugs or alcohol to have fun.
  • I do not need to share every personal detail with my entire social network.
  • I am responsible with my technology.
  • My opinion matters.
  • I acknowledge that sometimes it is not appropriate to voice my opinion.
  • I care about what is going on in the world.
  • I can say no, and no will mean no.
  • I stand up for myself because I matter.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I see the beauty in stopping to appreciate my blessings.
  • I am not in a race, there is plenty of time.
  • Reputation is important, but it is not defining.
  • My friends are not always right.
  • I am not lost, I’m still creating myself.
  • When there is a bump in the road, I keep going.
  • If someone is trying to bring me down, it means I am above them.
  • I have all the tools to be successful.
  • Though times may be difficult, they will eventually get better.
  • I do not regret yesterday and I am excited for tomorrow.
  • This is only the beginning.
  • I will do better next time.
  • I haven’t even seen what I am capable of yet.
  • I will savor my youth.
  • I do not wish for age but instead experiences and knowledge.
  • I will do today what I will appreciate tomorrow.
  • I begin my day by affirming the positive and end my day with gratitude.
  • I am enough
  • I choose what I become
  • I have the power to change my story
  • I am at peace with my life
  • I am letting go of negativity
  • I deserve to feel loved and happy
  • I am making progress every day
  • I am capable of amazing things
  • I’ve made it through before and I’ll make it through again
  • I have the power to change my story
  • I choose hope over fear
  • I am free of worry and at peace with who I am
  • My intelligence and wisdom grow every day
  • I am on the best path for me
  • My mind, body, and soul are fit and strong
  • I feel gratitude for this beautiful life
  • I believe in my potential
  • Good things are coming my way
  • I am in charge of how I feel
  • I matter and what I have to offer this world also matters

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