Affirmations for safety (43+)

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Affirmations for safety

  • I AM content and safe during all my travels.
  • My safety is always first.
  • God has given my Guardian Angel charge over me; to protect me and to keep me safe.
  • I AM Divinely protected by God Himself.
  • My safety is a ‘given’ because God is on my side.
  • My mature and responsible actions and reactions keep me safe at all times.
  • My living environment is safe, secure and Divinely protected.
  • I AM confident my environment is safe and Divinely guarded.
  • My security is ‘guarded’ by Guardian Angels.
  • I AM comforted knowing my Guardian Angels are ‘guarding’ me.
  • I’m safe
  • I’m safe and protected
  • All is well in my world
  • I trust the Universe to keep me safe
  • I feel safe
  • I am always safe and protected.
  • I am safe at all times.
  • I easily avoid dangerous circumstances.
  • I deserve to be safe at all times.
  • I see myself safely traveling to and from work every day.
  • God keeps me well protected and I feel that today.
  • Held safely within me are the answers to all my questions.
  • I am safe within myself.
  • I am safe within my thoughts.
  • I remain safe through my entire spiritual journey.
  • Earth is now a safe place to live.
  • It’s safe to openly express my ideas.
  • I’m free from feeling I need to be physically protected.
  • I am safe from all people who would try to hurt me.
  • I deserve a safe environment.
  • My safety is assured.
  • My family and I remain safe always.
  • Worry thoughts about my safety are gone.
  • I continue to live safely among well-adjusted people.
  • I always feel safe and protected in the world.
  • I am always safe to be myself.
  • I am always safe when I travel.
  • I am as safe and sound as I imagine I am.
  • I am Divinely protected in all that I do.
  • I am relaxed and secure at all times.
  • I am safe and protected at all times.
  • I am safe and secure at all times.
  • I am safe and secure in all situations.
  • I am safe and well treated at all times.
  • I am secure about all aspects of my being.
  • I choose to feel safe and secure at all times.
  • I feel completely safe and secure in my life.
  • I feel immensely safe and secure because I am optimistic and joyful at all times.
  • I feel protected and safe at all times.
  • I feel protected and safe wherever I go.
  • I feel safe and protected.
  • I feel safe and secure.
  • I feel safe and secure at all times.
  • I move through life knowing that I am divinely guided and protected.
  • My children always return home safely.
  • My home always keeps me and my family safe and protected.
  • My life is safe because my thoughts are positive.
  • My life supports me in every way and I know that I am safe at all times.
  • My safety is guaranteed by the thoughts I hold.
  • My spirit guards over me.
  • My inner being watches over me.
  • My positive thoughts ensure my well-being and safety.
  • My thoughts and actions keep me safe and secure.
  • No matter where I am, I am always safe.
  • The neighborhood I live in is quiet and safe.
  • The Universal Force protects me in all that I do.
  • Today I bless my being with total security.
  • Whenever I hear a siren, I give thanks that my life is safe and secure.
  • Wherever I go, I am always safe.
  • I am safe and always feel protected
  • My family is protected by the divine
  • I am always guided, guarded, and protected
  • I am protected from any negative influence
  • I now release all fear and anxiety
  • I am divinely protected with the power to repell all negativity
  • I am divinely protected and guided
  • I am divinely protected, guided, and strengthened
  • I am confident that I am always protected by God
  • I live in a Divine circle of protection
  • I am rooted deeply within my truth
  • I stay grounded and easily adapt to any situation
  • I am nurtured and safe
  • I am divinely protected at all times and in all ways
  • I am flexible with the flow of life and adapt with effortless ease
  • I am present
  • I embody health and wellbeing
  • I allow my body and mind to evolve with the seasons and cycles of life
  • I am one with my body, my spirit, my heart and my mind
  • I nourish myself and am nourished by the Universe
  • I am connected deeply to the Earth and her medicine
  • I am able to withstand all storms
  • I am calm, centered and peaceful
  • I am able to release my fears and trust that I am always safe
  • I let go of all of anxiety
  • I remove my energetic roots from all that no longer serves me
  • I am worthy of feeling secure and safe
  • I am at peace with the world surrounding me
  • I invite wellbeing and balance into my sacred space
  • My home is my sanctuary
  • I am fully supported by the Universe in all ways
  • Everything that I desire is making its way to me
  • I am blessed. 
  • I am loved. 
  • I am safe

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