Affirmations for sadness (57+)

Affirmations for sadness

  • I am understanding that how I feel is a choice.
  • I am choosing happiness and contentment.
  • I am relinquishing feelings and thoughts of sadness, grief, despair and hopelessness.
  • I am feeling excited about life, including day-to-day activities.
  • I am feeling hopeful.
  • I am knowing that something wonderful is about to happen for me.
  • I am expecting positive experiences, and therefore they are happening for me.
  • I am knowing that I am loved unconditionally.
  • I am allowing myself to love unconditionally.
  • I am knowing that happiness is a choice.
  • I am choosing happiness over depression.
  • I am resilient.
  • I am needed.
  • My future is filled with happiness and harmony.
  • I am in the healing process and getting better day by day.
  • I am stronger than I may realize.
  • I have so much to offer this world.
  • Everything will be ok.
  • I focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses.
  • I am open to receiving help from others.
  • I forgive myself for any mistakes I make and let go of them.
  • I take things step by step and don’t put pressure on myself to do more than I can handle.
  • I am worthy of love, acceptance, and happiness.
  • Any sadness I may feel is only temporary and will be overcome.
  • Life is beautiful.
  • I release all past trauma and pain. I replace it with pure love and forgiveness.
  • I surround myself with white light to protect me.
  • I am full of strength and power.
  • I am deserving of an amazing, beautiful life.
  • I am stronger than my fears.
  • I let go of any grudges so I can grow and get better.
  • I am in charge of how I feel.
  • I am brave and ask for help when I need to.
  • I love the person I am becoming.
  • I will be ok no matter how things turn out.
  • When things start to worry me I take a deep breath and release the fear.
  • I forgive myself for what I have done and what I have gone through.
  • Today is a new day.
  • Every situation gives me an opportunity to grow and adapt.
  • I am safe.
  • I focus on the good in my life.
  • I will focus on that I do have in my life
  • Although I feel sad today, I will feel stronger as each day goes by
  • I am filled with love and happiness
  • I am loved and I am love
  • I am much more than the opinions of myself
  • My soul is beautiful and can heal all inner wounds
  • I am okay with how I am right now
  • I will overcome all obstacles
  • I am stronger than my sadness and depression
  • I am needed and one with this universe
  • My challenges today will bring me rewards and strength in my future
  • I will get through this
  • I will focus on all the blessings and good things in my life
  • I am in control of all of my thoughts and emotions
  • I know I will get through this stronger and better than ever
  • I only allow loving and healthy relationships into my life
  • I have the ability to control my reactions to the challenges I face
  • I am a radiant and joyous being
  • I am enough
  • I am thankful for this part of my journey and I will persevere and come out stronger than ever before.
  • It’s okay for me to cry over what is going on. There is no shame in it.
  • Once I let out my sadness, it’s time to look at my situation critically and see what I can do.
  • Can I control my situation? Then it’s time to make change. Is it beyond my control? Then I need to stop worrying about it.
  • Why does this situation make me depressed? Facing the reasons why can help with how I feel.
  • This situation is only temporary. It will soon pass, and I can look back and laugh.
  • I need to get my mind off it. Is there anything I can do to help with that?
  • I should go take a walk. Enjoy the fresh air and keep my mind off my worries for a little while.
  • Is there anyone I can talk to for this situational depression? I should realize that there is no shame in talking to a loved one if I need a little help.
  • My situation will only improve. I can do this. I am in control of my own destiny.
  • For not, I should stop worrying about my situation. Instead, I’m going to take a nap and get some sleep.
  • I am going to take care of myself and make the most out of this situation.
  • I will get through this. This depression is only my mind being mean to me.
  • It’s okay for me to feel sad for no reason. The human mind works like that.
  • I need to keep to a routine. That can distract me and prevent the depression from worsening.
  • I don’t seem to enjoy my hobbies anymore. Why not try to find some new hobbies? Surely variety will make me happier.
  • I need to be mindful. Don’t focus on the past or present, but instead bask in the little things around me.
  • When I’m depressed, I may not get much sleep, or sleep too much at all. This is normal. I should stop worrying about sleep.
  • There are people who want to help me. I should reach out to a loved one so I can realize that I’m not alone.
  • It’s okay for me to take medication for this. It does not make me any weaker, but instead shows I am willing to fight this.
  • I am going to look at my episodes and see if there are any triggers. That can help me reduce my episodes next time.
  • If I keep feeling depressed, I am going to speak to a therapist. There is no shame in me doing so.
  • Just like the seasons pass, so will my seasonal depression.
  • I need to go out and get some more light. This can make me feel better during the winter.
  • I’m going to go out and take a walk. Even if it’s cold, it can make me feel happier.
  • It’s okay for me to stay indoors and relax if I don’t like the weather. I may open up some windows to let the light in.
  • I don’t have to feel great during summer. Not everyone loves the heat.
  • It’s okay that I didn’t do everything I wanted for the summer. I can do these things any day of the year.
  • Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that my adventures have to be. No use crying over it.
  • I shouldn’t overthink the holidays. They are a time for celebration, not for stressing over gifts.
  • Winter lasts a long time, and that’s okay. It’s time to do some things I like that are winter friendly.
  • It’s not me, it’s Mother Nature!
  • It’s that time of the year, and while I am sad I know I can overcome it.
  • My hormones have changed. This is temporary.
  • I may feel sad now, but it’s worth it for my beautiful baby.
  • I deserve a day to myself. No shame in that.
  • Remember, this depression doesn’t last long.
  • It’s okay for me to get help. It doesn’t make me a weak parent.
  • I’m going to do something that makes me happy today with my kid.
  • My child’s smile beats any depression.
  • I may go see a doctor if this doesn’t clear up.
  • I went through a tough pregnancy. It’s okay for me to not feel 100 percent yet.
  • I’m going to spend my free time doing something I enjoy.

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