Affirmations for routine (45+)

Affirmations for routine

  • I am responsible for creating the life I want.
  • I will be calm and composed, always greeting the day with ease.
  • I am grateful for what I have today.
  • I choose to be exuberant and productive today.
  • I will joyously live in the present moment.
  • I am meant to have an amazing life.
  • Today, I give gratitude for everything in my life.
  • Today, I feel strong, I feel healthy, I feel tranquil.
  • Today, I am full of energy and I’m overflowing with joy.
  • Today, I welcome infinite possibilities.
  • I am patient.
  • I feel calm, centered and balanced.
  • Good things are coming to me.
  • I am powerful and I create the life I desire.
  • My dreams are much greater than my fears.
  • I have limitless abilities to overcome my challenges.
  • Today, I have enough time to do everything I need to do.
  • I love and appreciate, all that surrounds me.
  • I always focus on and find the good in everything.
  • Life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me.
  • In order to earn more, I must learn more.
  • If I change, everything will change for me.
  • As I think I shall become.
  • The past does not equal the future.
  • If I cant, then I must. Then I must, then I will.
  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.
  • My caring is my ultimate power
  • I am feeling healthy and strong today.
  • I send love to each organ, bone, and muscle in my body.
  • I am open and receptive to healing energy.
  • My body is worthy of love and healthy choices.
  • I thank my body through exercise and healthy choices.
  • I am a healthy and happy person.
  • My body is a vessel of wellness.
  • I lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining health.
  • Today I focus on what makes me feel good.
  • Good health comes from love and appreciation.
  • I am investing in my health because I know I am worth it.
  • I know each day is a blessing and a gift.
  • Today is going to be a really, really good day.
  • I am excited to wake up each morning and experience this beautiful life, that I am creating with my thoughts and visions.
  • Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and start again.
  • My life is a gift. I will use this gift with confidence, joy, and exuberance.
  • Today I align myself with freedom, growth, and joy.
  • I release all resistance of the past and move into the present moment.
  • No negative thought will take root in my mind.
  • I am joyful every day and create joy for others.
  • My life is a blast of growing opportunity because I never stop creating.
  • I am fulfilling my purpose in this world.
  • I give myself permission to go after what I want.
  • I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire.
  • I am grateful that my life is so happy and successful.
  • I wake up every morning ready for a new day of exciting possibilities.
  • To be positive is to be productive.
  • Today I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.
  • I am determined and will never give up.
  • I believe in my ultimate potential.
  • My thoughts do not control me, I control my thoughts.
  • I am thankful for what I have, even if it is not perfect.
  • I work well under pressure and always feel motivated.
  • I have everything I need to face any obstacles that come.
  • I am learning to trust the journey.
  • I greet this day with confidence and ease.
  • I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.
  • The partner I seek is also seeking me and I now release any blocks that are standing in between us.
  • I am attracting the perfect person for me.
  • I love who I am, and so does my partner.
  • My mind and my heart will remain open today.
  • I am open to love.
  • I find love everywhere I go.
  • The universe is bringing my soulmate to me.
  • I happily give and receive love each day.
  • I attract joy, happiness, and abundance. 
  • My contributions are unique and meaningful.
  • My feelings, thoughts, and experiences are valid. 
  • I observe my thoughts and actions without judging them. 
  • I am healing and growing every day. 
  • I allow myself to be happy. 
  • I trust myself along with my inner wisdom and intuition. 
  • I know exactly what I need to do to achieve success. 
  • I am doing my best and that is enough. 
  • I am confident in myself and the roles I fulfill. 
  • I forgive myself. 
  • I can and I will. 
  • I approve of myself and love myself deeply and completely. 
  • Mistakes and setbacks are stepping stone to my success because I learn from them. 
  • I believe in the person that I am becoming. 
  • I choose to be proud of myself. 
  • I am a power-house, I am indestructible. 
  • I am a powerful, intelligent, and beautiful person. 
  • I am always authentically myself. 
  • I accept myself for the way I am. 
  • I give love, I receive love, I am love
  • I will not shrink myself for other people’s expectations
  • I am enough
  • I love my body and what it does for me
  • I release the need to judge myself
  • I forgive myself
  • I have a warm and caring heart
  • I deflect negatively
  • I believe in myself
  • I have achieved great things

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