Affirmations for rest (61+)

Affirmations for rest

  • When I do less, I make more space for what matters most.
  • My worth is determined by who I am, not by what I do.
  • Rest is productive.
  • Downtime is valuable time.
  • I accept that this is a productive time even though nothing can be seen yet.
  • It is safe for me to take a break.
  • Being is just as valuable as doing, and sometimes even more so.
  • Taking frequent breaks allows me to do my best work.
  • My creativity is fueled by rest.
  • I am my best self when I am well rested.
  • Doing less allows me to have more of what matters in my life.
  • I am relaxed.
  • I am peaceful and calm.
  • I am centered and stress-free.
  • I find it very easy to relax.
  • I have no worries at all.
  • Every day I am relaxing more and more.
  • I am turning into a very peaceful person.
  • I am willingly slowing down.
  • I release my problems and concerns.
  • My body feels light and calm.
  • I am worry free.
  • I am attracting peace into my life.
  • My mind is quiet and calm.
  • I am surrounded by peaceful energy.
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I see peace everywhere around me.
  • I focus on peaceful and relaxing activities.
  • I can easily slow my mind down.
  • Having peace of mind comes naturally to me.
  • I have an inner peace that can’t be disturbed.
  • I attract peaceful and quiet people in my life.
  • I am stress free.
  • I let go of stressful thoughts and feelings.
  • I am a naturally calm person.
  • I release all tension from my body.
  • I feel my worries slowly leaving my body.
  • I am completely in control of my stress.
  • I am attracting a stress free life.
  • Reducing my stress is effortlessly for me.
  • I choose to be stress free
  • I willingly let my anxiety go.
  • I release any thought that causes me anxiety.
  • I am at ease with myself.
  • I am overcoming my anxiety daily.
  • I am safe, secure and loved.
  • I am in control of my thoughts.
  • I am a naturally serene and composed person.
  • I am thankful for today.
  • I feel calm and at peace.
  • I am in control of my thoughts and I choose positive ones.
  • I choose calm. I choose peace. (meditation can help with this too)
  • I let go of my responsibilities of the day.
  • I let go of worry.
  • I let go of what I can’t control.
  • I release anything that didn’t go well today.
  • My to-do list will wait for tomorrow.
  • Nothing will disturb my peace unless I let it.
  • I let go of the past and the future. I focus on the present moment.
  • I let go of tense thoughts.
  • I am still and calm.
  • I breathe deeply and slowly.
  • I am grateful for the simple and profound joys of the day.
  • I am grateful for my bed, my room, and my quieting body.
  • I give myself permission to do nothing.
  • I am enough. I did enough. I can let go.
  • I forgive myself for any mistakes made today.
  • I forgive others that made mistakes today. We are all human.
  • I am allowed to feel good at the end of the day.
  • I release the anxieties and stress of the day.
  • I am grateful for the lessons that today brought. (find great gratitude quotes HERE)
  • Peace and happiness are my priority as I finish my day.
  • I worked hard today, and deserve to rest. There is nothing more I can do tonight.
  • I give myself permission to sleep deeply.
  • My body feels heavy and relaxed.
  • My body and mind need rest and rejuvenation to function well.
  • Sleep and rest are essential to my success.
  • I did my best today and now I rest.
  • My eyes and head feel heavy.
  • I embrace rest. I welcome sleep.
  • I am safe in my room. I can relax completely.
  • May my sleep by calm and peaceful.
  • My mind and spirit are still and tranquil.
  • There is nothing I need to do to fall asleep. I can simply let it happen.
  • I relax my head, face, neck, arms, stomach, legs, and feet. I let them sink deeply into the bed.
  • I empty my head of racing thoughts. I let them float along, or I tuck them away for another time.
  • I will wake refreshed and happy after a good night’s sleep.
  • Tomorrow will be a fantastic day.
  • I unplug tonight in order to conquer the day tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow I will wake with a positive attitude.
  • I worked today for a better tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is full of fresh possibilities. (Find amazing motivational quotes HERE)
  • I will wake strong, inspired, and energized tomorrow.
  • I have prepared myself for a beautiful morning.
  • All the cells of my body are rejuvenated and restored while I sleep.
  • As I go to sleep, I give thanks for another fantastic day.
  • As I lay down to sleep, a beautiful sense of deep relaxation fills my body.
  • As I prepare to fall asleep, I know that my body is beginning a truly miraculous transformation.
  • As I prepare to fall asleep, I relax in knowing that my mind is at peace,
  • As I prepare to fall asleep, I willingly release all the stresses of the day.
  • As soon as my head finds the pillow, I am off into a restful sleep.
  • Every night I relax through meditation and fall deeply and soundly asleep.
  • Falling asleep is easy for me. I just turn out the light and drift away.
  • I always awaken rested and energized.
  • I always fall asleep quickly.
  • I always get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed every morning.
  • I always get the sleep I need.
  • I always sleep soundly.
  • I always sleep soundly, no matter where I am.

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