Affirmations for quitting sugar (29+)

Affirmations for quitting sugar

  • Drinks with added sugar just do not appeal to me now
  • Eating healthy comes easily to me.
  • Eating healthy is my priority.
  • Food with added sugar tastes so sweet to me now and I choose to avoid it
  • I am determined to stop eating sugar.
  • I am free from my sugar cravings.
  • I am free from sugar cravings
  • I am healthy
  • I am improving my overall health every day.
  • I am in charge of my choices.
  • I am in control of my choices.
  • I am in control of my food choices
  • I am in control of my life.
  • I am in control of what I eat.
  • I am overcoming my sugar addiction every day.
  • I am stronger than my sugar addiction.
  • I am stronger than my urges.
  • I am transforming into a healthier person.
  • I believe in my ability to stop sugar cravings.
  • I buy healthy food
  • I can control my need for sugar.
  • I can easily resist sugar.
  • I can quit eating sugar easily.
  • I can resist candies and chocolates.
  • I choose food that is healthy for me
  • I choose fruits and vegetables over sugary snacks
  • I choose natural food
  • I choose to stop eating sugar.
  • I choose whole foods instead of sweet things.
  • I crave fresh and healthy food.
  • I deserve to be healthy.
  • I dislike the taste of sugary food
  • I don’t have anything with added sugar
  • I easily quit sugar
  • I enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • I enjoy getting sweetness from foods naturally and not through added sweetener
  • I feel my addiction slowly leaving my body.
  • I find it easy to let go of sugar.
  • I have a healthy and balanced diet
  • I have a healthy and balanced diet.
  • I have my addiction under control.
  • I have power over my impulses.
  • I let go my sugar addiction.
  • I let go of the need for sweets.
  • I love and nourish my body
  • I no longer eat food with added sugar
  • I prefer a low sugar diet
  • I reclaim my ability to choose healthy options
  • I release my sugar cravings.
  • I release the need for sugar
  • I release the obsessive need for sugar.
  • I resist the urge to eat sugary food
  • I respect my body at all times
  • I take care of my body and mind
  • I take good care of my body.
  • I value my health more than eating sugar
  • I’m in control of what I eat
  • It’s easy for me to say no to sugary food
  • It’s easy to avoid sugary food
  • It’s now easy for me to say no to sweets
  • Quitting sugar comes effortlessly to me.
  • Sugar does not have control over me.

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