Affirmations for pushing through (65+)

Affirmations for pushing through

  • I am able to push through failure
  • I am an action taker
  • I am fearless of failure
  • I am persistent
  • I am able to learn from my failures
  • I am able to keep on going no matter what
  • I find it easy to push through failure
  • I naturally keep on going until I’ve got what I want
  • I just naturally go after what they want
  • I find it easy to push through failure
  • I am becoming more persistant
  • I am finding myself more fearless of failure by the day
  • I am becoming more focused and driven
  • I will find a way to succeed
  • I am turning into someone who pushes through failure and keeps on going until I’ve succeeded
  • I am turning into an action taker
  • I will push through failure
  • I am turning into someone who keeps on going no matter what
  • I will keep going until I’ve gotten what I want
  • I will let go of my past failures
  • Failure is something I am fearless of
  • I find pushing through failure easy
  • Being persistant is the most natural thing in the world
  • I find it easy to overcome any setbacks
  • My past is in my past and I have fully let go of any of my past failures
  • I always succeed
  • Being persistant and not letting setbacks get the better of me comes naturally to me
  • Taking action is all I ever do
  • People respect me for my extreme level of persistance
  • I keep on going because I belief in myself
  • I am a persistent person
  • I always succeed because I meet resistance with persistence
  • I persist even when success seems impossible
  • I always persist and go after my dreams with everything I’ve got
  • I am always moving forward no matter what
  • I am persistent even in the face of rejection
  • I always speak up and tell others what I want
  • I always follow through and accomplish my goals
  • I am persistent no matter how many times I hear “no”
  • I am naturally persistent and rejection only makes me stronger
  • I am becoming more persistent
  • I will always stand up for myself and ask for what I want
  • I will be persistent when things get tough
  • I am transforming into someone who is naturally persistent and doesn’t back down
  • I am turning into someone who is unfazed by rejection
  • I am finding myself to be more persistent in difficult situations
  • Persistence is beginning to change the way I experience my life
  • I will continue to persist even when I experience setbacks
  • I will become more determined and motivated in the face of rejection
  • I will always push myself to the limit and inspire other people to do the same
  • Being persistent is a normal part of my life
  • Persistence comes naturally to me and I just always keep going
  • I find it easy to persist even when things seem impossible
  • My ability to persist is the difference between success and failure
  • People respect me for my persistence
  • I push through difficult times and give it my all, that’s just who I am
  • I enjoy the feeling of trying harder when everyone else is giving up
  • I love it when things get difficult, it’s my time to shine
  • Being persistent feels natural to me and it’s the reason I succeed
  • I find it easy to be persistent when needed
  • I am directly tapped into my personal power
  • I have full command of my personal power
  • I am in tune with my personal power and in full control of it
  • I am naturally able to command my personal power and I am successful because of this
  • I always act in the moment and get things done as they need doing
  • I am a natural action taker
  • I act on my desires immediately and without hesitation
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  • I am motivated and driven and I always follow through on my goals and plans
  • I believe in myself 100% and I can achieve the lifestyle I desire
  • I am becoming more in touch with my personal power every single day
  • I will take control of my personal power
  • I am finding myself more driven, ambitious and focused on my goals
  • I am turning into someone who is naturally motivated, ambitious and focused on creating success
  • I am becoming a natural action taker
  • I will always act on my desires and motivations
  • I will act in the moment, without hesitation, every single time
  • I am turning into a focused, productive, action orientated individual
  • I am starting to see success and positive improvement from taking control of my mind
  • I am starting to live my dream reality and moving towards it every single day
  • My personal power comes naturally to me
  • I find it easy to tap into my personal power
  • Being in full command of my mind and body comes naturally and effortlessly
  • Being successful is my natural rite
  • Success is something I just achieve naturally through following my desires and taking action
  • Taking action upon my desires is my natural way of life
  • My personal power to act, live in the moment and follow my dreams is my greatest asset
  • People see me as someone who takes action and works all out to achieve their dreams
  • People look up to me as a driven, ambitious and successful person
  • Taking action as soon as I have the instinct to is the reason for my success
  •  I am fearless
  • I take action now
  • I am liberated from fear of failure
  • I am confident and determined
  • I keep pushing until I succeed
  • I stay persistent even when faced with failure
  • I accept challenges with enthusiasm and confidence
  • I embrace failure and am made stronger by it
  • I always take action without hesitation or fear
  • I always push through failure and find a way to succeed
  • I will overcome my fear of failure
  • I will accept failure and learn from it
  • Every day I grow more confident
  • My mind is becoming highly focused on success
  • I am becoming more positive and determined
  • I will work hard and stay persistent when things get challenging
  • I am transforming into someone who is naturally fearless in the face of failure
  • I am finding it easier to take action without hesitation or fear
  • I will grow stronger and more determined if I fail
  • I am turning into someone who is naturally confident and fearless
  • I am naturally fearless
  • I can easily overcome any failures or setbacks
  • Being confident comes naturally to me
  • I easily stay persistent and push through setbacks
  • I just naturally persist when things get tough
  • Staying positive and learning from failure helps me to achieve massive success
  • People look to me for confident leadership when things get rough
  • Being positive and motivated is normal
  • Gaining strength from difficulty is something I do naturally
  • I always succeed in spite of setbacks

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