Affirmations for purity (69+)

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Affirmations for purity

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr...
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage
  • I am unconditionally loving and harmless at all times.
  • I let go of all attack thoughts and judgments.
  • I give up all defensiveness, power struggles and ego battles.
  • I am kind and gentle in Spirit.
  • I am humble and filled with humility.
  • I practice egolessness, selflessness, patience, forgiveness, God-purity and integrity in all ways and all things.
  • My only desire is to serve and be like God.
  • I AM the purity of the gaze of my Father Alpha upon my Mother Omega
  • I AM the purity of the spark of divine creation at the genesis of every part of life
  • I AM a crystallized ray of purity from my Father/Mother, Alpha and Omega
  • I AM the purity of my soul—and my soul is indeed pure for I AM the child of Alpha and Omega
  • I AM radiating purity and grace through my gaze, my motives and my words as a blessing to those around me
  • I AM that purity and innocence which assumes the best in others
  • I AM a fountain of creative force manifesting everything that I apply myself to
  • I AM the presence of the Divine Mother increasing every day within me
  • I AM Holiness Unto the Lord! All day, every day
  • I AM the pure, innocent love of a child for her mother
  • I AM the purity of that magical, holy gaze of a mother upon her newborn baby
  • I AM choosing to be an example of purity and kindness today
  • I AM Holiness spiraling upward perpetually within my aura
  • I AM a torch of Holiness in honor of my mother Omega
  • I constantly feel the loving attention upon me of the Mother Beings of Heaven
  • I AM radiating the Nirvanic-Reality that is within my own Heart Flame
  • I AM the flow of life and vitality sustaining every part of life—I AM MA-RAY
  • I AM the raised Mother Light buoying my soul into the loving arms of my Lord
  • I AM the purity of music heard by a soul who contemplates God
  • I AM purity as the raised Mother Light within me shines through all of my thoughts, words and actions
  • I AM a pure Mother Being, loving and succoring every part of life
  • I AM a conduit from Nirvana to Earth through which flows a river of purity
  • I AM the disciplined merging of the pure Father/Mother light in my heart, giving birth to the Christ within me daily
  • I AM the Maxin-Light flashing (3X) forth millions of purifying rays to free life everywhere
  • I AM the Ascension Fire – daily translating my soul into engrams of my pure divinity
  • Your motives are pure.
  • You are not motived by power.
  • You are not coercive.
  • You are not controlling.
  • Your intentions are pure.
  • You are not envious.
  • You are not cruel.
  • You are not selfish.
  • You are not greedy.
  • You are not spiteful.
  • You are not malicious.
  • You are not deceitful.
  • You are not manipulative.
  • You are not exploitive.
  • Your motives are genuine.
  • Your intentions are genuine.
  • You are honest.
  • You are candid.
  • You give only because you care for others.
  • You are kind.
  • You are generous.
  • You are compassionate.
  • You are not vain.
  • You are not jealous.
  • You are not angry.
  • You are not hateful.
  • You are not vengeful.
  • You are forgiving.
  • You do good.
  • I hate evil and all paths that lead to it!
  • My brain is totally free of alcohol and chemicals, increasingly so, easily so!
  • I do NOT envy at all
  • I am NOT committing any sin at all, naturally, easily, effortlessly, supernaturally, magically, miraculously, unconditionally so. I AM only having the best desirable reasons for this to be so, and I am experiencing this in only desirable ways! Abracadabra
  • I am NOT licentious at all
  • I am NOT committing any sin at all, now and always, eternally so, easily, effortlessly so, magically, miraculously and unconditionally so…and I am only having the best desirable reasons for this to be so, and in only desirable ways!
  • I do NOT have any licentiousness at all
  • I choose love and purity now. I choose God’s highest good now. I release ego now.
  • I do NOT have nay licentiousness in my life whatsoever at all
  • I absolutely hate all sin
  • I do NOT live in lewdness at all
  • I am NOT doing any sin at all, now and always, eternally so%u2026everything that I do is perfect, acceptable, glorious and pleasing to El Shaddai, Ruach Adonai, Yeshua and all of creation, eternally so!Thankyou 
  • God for your infinite grace and mercy
  • I do not intoxicate myself with wine at all
  • I do not absorb any xenoestrogens at all
  • My father does not have any toxins in his body at all…my father does not have any toxins near him at all….there are not any type of toxins in my father’s life at all…permanently so
  • I do not consume any sodium benzoate at all.. I am free of all types of poison!
  • My mother does not have any toxins in her body at all…my mother does not have any toxins near her at all…there are not any type of toxins in my mother’s life at all…permanently so
  • I do not consume anything that would be detrimental to my health at all….at all…now and always, eternally so…at all….I am very blissfully blessed, increasingly so…very obviously so…yes!
  • I do not have any type of toxins in my body at all…I do not have any toxins near me at all…there are not any type of toxins in my life at all…permanently so
  • My body does not absorb iron at all…I know that iron is a poison and I do not absorb poisons at all! Abracadabra!
  • I Am a child of God, fashioned of pure light and the dust of the Earth.
  • My physical body is a container of light.
  • I Am a being of light.
  • My deepest heart lives in a place of peace.
  • Beyond all emotional turbulence, I Am.
  • No matter what I may feel, I am not my feelings.
  • I am the heart of the eternal Presence.
  • I Am pure love and pure joy.
  • My outer self may have forgotten this but my inner being remembers.
  • I Am God’s affirmation of life.
  • I come from the Source and carry that goodness within me.
  • I Am the holiness of life.
  • No matter what mistakes I have made, I have never left this holiness.
  • I Am a child of the Sun.
  • Pure light flows through me and radiates out to bless all beings.
  • I Am the beloved of the Father-Mother God.
  • I am known, and cherished exactly as I am.
  • I Am a learner at all times and also a teacher.
  • I teach by being who I am.
  • I Am part of the Heart of God and can feel that Heart within my own.
  • I Am the hand of divine Love that reaches out to others to lift them up.
  • I Am the light that never ever fails.
  • I am steadfast in the face of challenges and victorious in the face of darkness and despair.
  • I Am the source of hope, lit from an inner lamp.
  • No matter what lies outside me, I remain the light of hope.
  • I Am the pure one who is part of the Oneness.
  • I seek to bring all parts of my life into greater purity and love.

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