Affirmations for public speaking (41+)

Affirmations for public speaking

  • I am a confident public speaker
  • I am relaxed when speaking publicly
  • I am at my best when speaking to a large crowd
  • I am excited and positive when giving a public speech
  • I am a naturally calm public speaker
  • I am a great public speaker
  • I always speak calmly and clearly
  • I am fearless when speaking to large crowds
  • I am a successful public speaker
  • Others admire my ability to speak publicly
  • I will speak confidently
  • I will become a fearless public speaker
  • I will enjoy speaking publicly
  • I will become a great public speaker
  • Public speaking is becoming easier
  • Each day it feels easier to get up and speak in front of a crowd
  • I am finding myself to be calmer when speaking publicly
  • I am starting to really enjoy public speaking
  • Public speaking is starting to feel more natural and effortless
  • I will relax in front of my audience
  • Public speaking is easy for me
  • I enjoy speaking to large groups
  • I am a natural public speaker
  • I have a powerful and confident voice
  • Others admire my ability to get up and deliver a great speech
  • Public speaking energizes and excites me
  • I love talking in front of people
  • I am naturally calm when I speak
  • People see me as someone who is a great speaker
  • I find public speaking to be easy and enjoyable
  • I thrive under pressure
  • I enjoy being on stage
  • I handle being in front of a crowd well
  • I am a natural performer
  • I look forward to performing on stage
  • I stay calm in front of others
  • I belong on the stage
  • I enjoy the spotlight
  • I am over my stage fright
  • I can perform flawlessly
  • I will stay calm under pressure
  • I will have great stage presence
  • I will remain calm in front of an audience
  • I will thrive under pressure
  • I will enjoy being on stage
  • I am beginning to enjoy the spotlight
  • I will overcome my stage fright
  • I will remain relaxed in front of a crowd
  • I will enjoy performing in front of a lot of people
  • I will perform flawlessly
  • Being comfortable on stage comes naturally to me
  • Performing on stage is a wonderful feeling
  • Staying calm under pressure is easy
  • Others call me a natural performer
  • Crowds bolster my confidence
  • My stage fright is melting away
  • I love being in the spotlight
  • Performing is fun
  • Others see me as someone who thrives under pressure
  • I have nerves of steel
  • I am outgoing
  • I am overcoming shyness
  • I am relaxed, easygoing, and social
  • I am confident when meeting new people
  • I take the lead in large groups
  • I speak my mind with confidence
  • I always share my thoughts and feelings
  • I am confident and relaxed when talking to the opposite sex
  • I am comfortable socializing with strangers
  • I am confident, positive, and friendly
  • I will overcome my shyness
  • I will make positive connections with others
  • I am turning into someone who just loves to socialize and meet new people
  • I am becoming more extroverted every day
  • Talking to strangers is becoming easier and easier
  • Speaking up for myself is beginning to feel more natural
  • I will have a full and exciting social life
  • I am finding it easier to be relaxed around the opposite sex
  • I will confidently speak my mind
  • Being outgoing and social is the most natural thing in the world
  • Being outgoing is normal
  • Being confident is my natural right
  • I am naturally social, friendly, and warm
  • I enjoy meeting new people
  • Others love my outgoing personality
  • I give off positive energy to others
  • It is normal for me to be completely relaxed and confident in social situations
  • Socializing and meeting new people makes me happy
  • Speaking confidently to the opposite sex is something I just do naturally
  • Sharing my thoughts and feelings is easy for me
  • I am beautiful, and everybody loves me.
  • I am open to new and beautiful changes.
  • Life brings me only good experiences.
  • I feel glorious, dynamic energy. I am active and alive.
  • Abundance flows freely through me.
  • My experiences are essential for my growth and development.
  • I am worthy because I honor who I am.
  • Being charismatic is easy
  • I am just naturally charismatic
  • Being outgoing comes naturally to me
  • I have a magnetic personality
  • Being charismatic is just a normal part of my life
  • Others can’t help but be drawn to my positive energy
  • Making others feel happy is something I just naturally do
  • I enjoy sharing myself with others
  • I love being the center of attention at a party
  • People see me as someone who is always happy and positive

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