Affirmations for postpartum depression (29+)

Affirmations for postpartum depression

  • Don’t dwell, just do.
  • Don’t run, don’t fight. Go towards Anxiety, sit with it, then watch it go.
  • Even though I feel so bad, just getting through the day is proof of my strength. I can be proud of how much I have accomplished when I get through the day feeling this bad.
  • Find joy in the journey, not the destination.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • I accept and love me just as I am.
  • I am a strong and powerful spiritual being.
  • I am doing an amazing job
  • I am doing my best. I am good enough and I am worthy.
  • I am so thankful for my body – it made a miracle
  • I am strong
  • I am surrounded by love and so is my baby
  • I am the best Mum for my baby
  • I am the most important person in my baby’s world. How I feel matters and I choose to feel safe.
  • I am the vessel that was chosen to create a miracle by bringing a new life into this world. I am grateful that God loves me and chose me to experience this.
  • I can change. Change is good.
  • I can do this
  • I cannot expect too much from myself right now.
  • I care about my family
  • I do not have to lose my identity because I’m a mother. I’m allowed to reinvent myself as many times as I need to.
  • I fill my cup up first so that I may have more love to give.
  • I give thanks for this moment now. I gave birth. I am proud of this accomplishment.
  • I know that some of the pain I am feeling right now is part of the recovery process.
  • I love my baby
  • I love my body for all that it is and for all it has created
  • I may not understand all of the changes that are occurring right now but I will trust that everything is working out for my highest and best good.
  • I will feel like myself again.
  • I’m doing the best I can.
  • It is okay for me to have negative feelings. If I fight having these feelings, it might take longer to feel better.
  • It is okay to make mistakes.
  • It’s okay that not everyone understands what I am going through. I still have a real illness that is treatable, even if other people don’t know anything about PPD.
  • My body produces all the nourishment my baby needs
  • My confidence as a mother grows stronger everyday
  • My old life was great. I am thankful for those times that have passed. Now I have been gifted a new life and I am looking forward to experiencing more joy, more love, and more growth.
  • Some of what I am feeling is just like what other mothers feel. Not all of my bad feelings are symptoms of PPD. All mothers of new babies feel tired, irritable, or stressed at times.
  • There is no need to fixate on the past or worry about the future. Nothing else exists except right now.
  • There will be good days and bad days.
  • This is going to take a long time, whether or not I try to speed it up. I must take one day at a time.
  • Today, when I am feeling bad, I know that I will not feel bad all of the time. This is just a bad day. I will get through this day the best I can. I will try to rest. I will pamper myself a bit. I will treat myself well because I deserve it. And I will wait this out.
  • You are not a failure, you didn’t do anything wrong, you haven’t let anyone down.
  • You are not Anxiety. Anxiety does not define you. It is only extra adrenaline and you are managing it.
  • You are still living, even with these fears and anxious thoughts. You are still able to enjoy things. You can live alongside this feeling for now.
  • You control your thoughts, therefore you control how you feel. You have the power to heal yourself.
  • You will recover and you will be stronger than ever when you do.

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