Affirmations for positivity and happiness (47+)

Affirmations for positivity and happiness

  • I am the most optimistic person on the planet!
  • Life is amazing because I said so
  • I easily roll with the punches because I just get stronger with every hit.
  • Tomorrow will be just as great as today was.
  • When I smile, I light up the room and make others feel happy as well.
  • Joy, joy, and more joy is coming my way!
  • My thoughts create things, and so I think accordingly.
  • I am a beautiful human being from the inside out.
  • Life is what we make it so let’s make it fantastic, shall we?
  • I find the sunshine, even on a cloudy day.
  • I am eternally grateful for all of the blessings that life has in store for me.
  • I appreciate all of my loved ones, and they appreciate me as well.
  • People love me, and I love people.
  • I look for the bright side in all situations and circumstances.
  • Staying positive is one of life’s many tests that I pass with ease.
  • I love challenging myself every day and becoming a better person because of it.
  • I cherish the air that I breathe and I am grateful for life, in general.
  • I am thankful for the food I have access to, especially since some people don’t have anything to eat.
  • I am grateful for the clean drinking water that helps keep me hydrated.
  • I am grateful for the sun, the moon, the stars, and all other celestial bodies.
  • Sitting still and being in the moment helps me enhance my positive vibes.
  • My life has so much meaning, some of which has not yet been revealed.
  • I’m looking forward to all of my future endeavors.
  • I have so much to offer the world, and I love being of service to others.
  • There’s only one me and I’m ready to show the world exactly who I am.
  • Let’s go life! I’m ready to take you on!
  • There are a lot of great things happening in my life, and I owe that to my positive thoughts.
  • The world is my canvas, and I am determined to create a masterpiece.
  • The fact that I am a resilient person has taken me a long way in life.
  • My self-confidence has helped me secure some amazing opportunities.
  • I’m a great person today, but I’ll be even greater tomorrow.
  • I’m a positive thinker as well as a positive doer.
  • My positive attitude has opened a lot of doors for me and will continue to do so in the future.
  • I easily find the humor in laughable situations.
  • What I expect out of life is nothing short of pure excellence.
  • I am a solution-based thinker, and that’s how I continue to win in life.
  • My hopefulness, discipline, and humility have made me the awesome person I am today.
  • None of life’s problems is ever too big for me to solve.
  • Life may be a roller coaster, but I’m grateful for the ride.
  • Regularly learning new things helps enhance my positive outlook on life.
  • I know how to create my own sunshine on a cloudy day.
  • There’s no reason to dwell on the past when my future looks so bright.
  • It’s easy for me to listen to someone else’s point of view, even if I disagree.
  • Someone else’s success story inspires me to create my own.
  • If I admire something about someone have no problem letting them know
  • I don’t start problems, but I do create solutions.
  • I prefer to keep trying rather than easily giving up.
  • I love solving problems rather than complaining.
  • We are all special and unique, which is what I love about humanity.
  • I am open to change because it provides an opportunity for growth.
  • Putting a smile on someone’s face brings me just as much joy as they received.
  • I’d rather get things done now instead of saving them for later.
  • I’ll never be too old to learn something new.
  • My optimistic outlook on life is contagious.
  • I am an overachiever to the fullest.
  • If someone has an opinion that happens to be different from mine, I still listen with open ears.
  • Failure presents a learning opportunity, and if I fail, I simply get back up and try again.
  • Look out world! I’m just getting started!
  • I frequently remind myself of all the blessings I have received in my life.
  • My positive spirit shines through wherever I go.
  • There’s nowhere to go but up, and I’m ready to soar!
  • A loving relationship now brightens my life.
  • All my relationships are loving.
  • All of my interactions are harmonious.
  • All relationships in my life are harmonious and empowering.
  • I accept a perfect loving relationship with open arms.
  • I allow love to find me easily and effortlessly.
  • I am a great catch.
  • I am a love magnet.
  • I am attracting a loving, supportive soul mate.
  • I am attracting my perfect lover right now.
  • I am attracting my perfect soul mate.
  • I am attracting the perfect companion for me.
  • I am confident around members of the opposite sex.
  • I am creating room in my life for my soul mate.
  • I now draw toward me fulfilling and loving relationships.
  • I now attract an affectionate, loving partner.
  • I seek out relationships with people who empower me.
  • I share my life with a perfect soul mate.
  • I am drawing love and romance into my life today.
  • I am enjoying a fulfilling and loving relationship.
  • I am a skilled lover.
  • I am a warm, giving person.
  • I am cherished and valued.
  • I am deeply loved, and love deeply in return.
  • I am greeted by love wherever I go.
  • I am romantically contented.
  • I am surrounded by loving, caring people.
  • I make decisions that come from my heart.
  • I manifest love into my life by thinking loving thoughts.
  • I open my heart to love.
  • I radiate love and happiness wherever I go.
  • I radiate pure, unconditional love to all the people in my life.
  • I welcome all the wonder and glory of life into my heart.
  • I live each and every day with perfect love.
  • The power of love is guiding me in all ways.
  • Love and peace surrounds my life at all times.
  • Love fills my entire world.
  • Love greets me in every situation in my life.
  • Love is all around me.
  • My heart and mind are open to giving and receiving love.
  • My heart grows more open and loving every day.
  • My heart is always open to love.
  • My heart is filled with love.
  • My life is filled with joyous love.
  • My life is filled with loving, caring people.
  • My life is illuminated by the loving relationships with which I am blessed.
  • My love life just keeps getting better and better.
  • My thoughts are always loving and truthful.
  • My true love is on their way to me.
  • My very being radiates love and appreciation.
  • My world is full of love and joy. 

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