Affirmations for pimples (61+)

Affirmations for pimples

  • My skin is clear
  • My skin is healthy
  • I am healing my acne
  • I always take proper care of my skin
  • I eat healthy food that is good for my skin
  • I am gentle with my skin
  • I direct blood flow and nutrition to my face
  • I always wash my face at the end of each day
  • My skin is beautiful
  • Others admire my clear skin
  • I will clear my acne
  • I will make healthy choices that help to clear my acne
  • My acne is starting to clear up
  • My skin is beginning to look smoother
  • I am noticing that my skin is feeling healthier
  • I am developing healthy skin habits and routines
  • I will wash my face regularly
  • I will take great care of my skin
  • Others are starting to notice my beautiful complexion
  • I am transforming into someone with perfectly clear skin
  • I can clear my acne
  • My skin is naturally clear
  • I have naturally healthy skin
  • I enjoy taking proper care of my skin
  • Clearing acne is easy
  • Beautiful skin is my natural right
  • A life free from acne can be achieved
  • I have total dedication to clearing my acne
  • I can direct positive healing vibes to my skin
  • Clearing my acne will be a massive improvement to my life
  • I am now transforming into someone with perfectly clear skin.
  • Any acne quickly clears and disappears now.
  • My acne quickly vanishes while I sleep.
  • My skin is regenerating and restoring now.
  • My body now knows how to heal itself, and is doing so every moment.
  • I now direct blood flow and nutrition to my face.
  • My skin is safely free from stress and inflammation now.
  • Every day my skin becomes more and more radiant.
  • My skin is smooth and clear now.
  • My skin compliments my beautiful body now.
  • With every breath I take, my skin gets noticeably clearer and clearer.
  • I now easily manifest super clear skin by making smart and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • I now pay attention and listen to what my body needs for perfect health and vitality and I respond to my body’s messages with loving patience and understanding.
  • I am so grateful for the healing that is happening in my body now.
  • I am now grateful for my clear skin and I realise my skin is doing the very best it can to support me.
  • I now always take proper care of my skin and instinctively eat healthy food that is ideal for my attractive skin.
  • My small skin pores are now immediately shrinking to the most optimal size and they always stay clean and free from any clogs.
  • My perfectly flawless skin is now incredibly resilient and resistant to all irritants, toxins and excess oils.
  • Every day my inner beauty shines brighter than before and my skin becomes more and more attractive.
  • My extremely attractive skin attracts massive attention, desire, love and intimacy now.
  • I have so many meaningful qualities to offer others
  • I am more than my skin
  • I have a big heart and I am kind and caring to others
  • I am trying my best
  • My breakouts are temporary
  • My body is working itself out and doing the best that it can
  • My body is working FOR me, not against me
  • I am educating myself on how my body works so that I can work with my body
  • Healing takes time, but it’s worth it
  • The people who matter, love and appreciate me, regardless of my skin
  • While I am unable to control how my skin looks right now, I can control how I show up and how I treat others
  • My skin is clearing up.
  • I am nourishing my skin.
  • The medication is working.
  • I trust the healing process.
  • I let go of the outcome.
  • I have inner peace.
  • I use positive thinking to manifest positive outcomes.
  • I know my skin is healing.
  • My skin is resilient and strong.
  • I always protect my skin.
  • I love my skin.
  • I trust in my skin’s ability to heal itself.
  • I’m willing to accept my imperfections.
  • My skin is getting clearer every day.
  • I forgive my negative thoughts.
  • I choose to see my skin with love instead.
  • I am grateful for my body.
  • I love taking care of my skin.
  • I trust in the power of medication.
  • My skin is transforming.
  • My skin is capable of taking care of itself.
  • I’m healing my skin from the inside out.
  • I treat my skin with love.
  • I appreciate my body.
  • I’m willing to love my skin.
  • I’m learning to love my skin.
  • I’m at peace with my skin.
  • I take care of my skin and my skin takes care of me.
  • I choose to see this obstacle as a spiritual lesson instead.
  • This is just an opportunity to love myself even more.
  • I am happy for my face
  • I am proud of my face

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