Affirmations for physical health (65+)

Affirmations for physical health

  • Each time I exercise, I literally feel my body growing stronger!
  • With each repetition, my body builds itself.
  • As I exercise my body, my body will repay me with extra years of good health!
  • I am able to run 5 miles without a break!
  • I CRUSH all my fitness goals!
  • I keep my body in shape for myself and for my children.
  • By exercising, I am an amazing role model for my children!
  • I move my body and I feel amazing!
  • My body works exactly as it is supposed to.
  • My body is a kick ass machine!
  • I am lean, fit, and fabulous!
  • I am strong and powerful!
  • My body is in perfect health all the time.
  • My body is healthy and strong.
  • I treat my body like a temple.
  • I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant.
  • I love my body for everything amazing it can do!
  • I am slim, sassy, and feeling great!
  • I am capable of any physical feat I wish to do!
  • I work out to honor my body, its strength, and its grit.
  • I fuel my body and I have amazing energy for my workouts.
  • I am light on my feet.
  • I drink water throughout the day to hydrate my body and mind.
  • I nourish my body with nutritious foods and my body is thankful!
  • Each day, my body grows stronger.
  • I am worthy of good health.
  • I am open to seeing everything that is no longer serving me, and I am willing to see it all with love.
  • I fully accept where I am and am ready to seize this opportunity to grow.
  • I focus on positive progress.
  • I am supported and loved during this process.
  • I create good health by talking about and thinking about my wellness.
  • I most love the parts of me that need love the most right now.
  • By unearthing the core reasons why we’re suffering, we illuminate the path to sustained well-being.
  • Even though there is discomfort inside of me, I love and approve of myself.
  • I am in control of the mental atmosphere I create. Thoughts can be changed and the positive thoughts I choose are helping me heal.
  • I am free to be new in this moment.
  • I release all negativity because it’s not who I am. I make way for love because that’s who I really am.
  • I am a friend to my body. I forgive my body and treat it with the same loving kindness I would like to receive.
  • No matter what has been or will be, my inner light can’t be extinguished.
  • I treat my discomfort and pain like I would an innocent child. I tend to my body with unconditional compassion and care.
  • “It is time for you to know your power.” – Abraham Hicks
  • I am doing everything I can to help my body be well as quickly as possible.
  • I choose thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere within and around me.
  • I am a willing participant in my own wellness plan.
  • I am open to new ways of improving my health.
  • Every choice I make, I make it with mindfulness and a love of life. Whatever it is that I do, I love myself through it.
  • I am a survivor.
  • My body knows how to heal itself. I allow the intelligence of my body to move my health forward.
  • The way out of suffering is in the suffering. The way out of discomfort is in the discomfort. Don’t turn away; stay. Listen. Honor. That’s the only way to heal.
  • I am on the path of expansion, always learning. I respect the process even when I do not understand it.
  • I am so grateful to be alive. I cherish being here.
  • I am willing to be with all of my thoughts and feelings without admonishing them. Instead of turning away, I stay and understand.
  • I am looking for ways to express love. I am looking for beauty in the present moment. 
  • I am looking for beacons of hope everywhere I go.
  • I love Myself, and I Am perfectly healthy.
  • Each and every cell in my body is health-conscious. 
  • I am a health freak.
  • Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier and feeling better and better.
  • I avoid junk food. 
  • I eat healthy, nutritious food that benefits my body and drink a large quantity
  • of water that cleanses my body.
  • I think only positive thoughts and am always happy and joyous, no matter what the external conditions are.
  • Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness, and health.
  • Good health is my birthright.
  • I bless my body daily and take good care of it.
  • I am always happy, hale, and hearty. Happy in spirit, hale in body, and hearty in disposition.
  • To me, good health is next only to Godliness. 
  • I am in possession of a healthy mind and a healthy body.
  • I listen to my intuition; it always steers me right.
  • I am on a journey, ever-growing and developing.
  • I love You (Do this while standing in front of a mirror).
  • I am the sky, not the clouds.
  • Every passing day my body becomes more energetic, healthier.
  • I treat my body as a temple. It is holy, it is clean and it is full of goodness.
  • I breathe deeply, exercise regularly, and feed only good nutritious food to my body.
  • I am free of diabetes, free of blood pressure problems, and free of all life-threatening diseases.
  • I express my deep gratitude to God and everybody in my life. 
  • I am aware that I am incomplete without you all and thank you all for coming into my life.
  • Healthy, wealthy and wise is my motto. 
  • My body is healthy, I am wealthy and my mind is wise.
  • I clear all the ways I am completely devastated!
  • I clear all the ways my world has come crashing down
  • I clear all the ways nothing is as I thought it was!
  • I clear the pain of having been lied to!
  • I release all these feelings of helplessness!
  • I release all these feelings of panic!
  • I clear all the ways I feel vulnerable and unsupported!
  • I release the belief that I have lost everything!
  • I release the belief that I am not safe in the world!
  • I release all these feelings of loneliness and isolation!
  • I release all these feelings of desperation!
  • I clear all the ways I feel I have no one to turn to!
  • I clear all the ways I dwell on painful memories!
  • I clear all the ways this pain and torment just goes on and on!
  • I clear all the ways I can’t get this out of my mind!
  • I clear all the ways I just can’t function!
  • I clear all the ways I am holding on so tightly just to survive!
  • I clear all the ways I feel so miserable!
  • I release the belief that I will never recover!
  • I release the belief that this is all just too much for me!
  • I release the feeling that I just can’t go on!
  • I release all this trauma, grief and pain I am carrying in my mind, body and energy field!
  • I release the belief that I can’t survive or ever get over this!
  • I release the belief that people can’t be trusted and the world is not safe!
  • I clear all the ways this fear has caused me to contract and constrict!
  • I clear all the ways my body is under intense pressure!
  • I clear all the ways I am weary and sick and tired of feeling this way!
  • I clear all the ways I feel angry and disgusted!
  • I clear all the ways I feel I am being attacked!
  • I clear all the ways I feel vengeful!
  • I clear all the ways no one understands how I feel!
  • I clear all the ways this pressure is unrelenting!
  • I clear all the ways I am worrying myself sick!
  • I clear all the ways I am digging my heels in and resisting with all my might!
  • I release anger!
  • I release struggle!
  • I release resistance!
  • I release the belief that my life is destroyed!
  • I release and completely let go of all this anguish, grief and trauma!

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