Affirmations for phobia (59+)

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Affirmations for phobia

  • I am relaxed in public
  • I enjoy parties
  • I embrace social situations
  • I thrive in crowds
  • I am confident
  • I look forward to parties
  • I am outgoing and friendly
  • I have an inner calm in crowds
  • I am socially adept
  • I enjoy being social
  • I will have fun at parties
  • I will enjoy talking with others
  • I will seek out social situations
  • I am becoming more comfortable in groups
  • I will relax in groups
  • I will enjoy meeting new people
  • I am becoming more confident around others
  • I will become more outgoing
  • I will thrive in crowds
  • I will stay calm around others
  • My personality is outgoing
  • Others enjoy meeting me
  • Others invite me to parties often
  • Meeting new people is fun
  • Engaging with others comes naturally to me
  • Confidence is one of my traits
  • Attending parties is fun
  • Being around others is relaxing
  • Crowds are fun to be in
  • Social situations are fun
  • I am calm
  • I am able to let go of panic
  • I have a serene life
  • I am a relaxed person
  • I am in control
  • I am safe and secure
  • I breathe easily and naturally
  • I am able to mentally detach from panic attacks
  • I have confidence
  • I am free from panic attacks
  • Handling pressure is easy for me
  • Staying calm feels natural
  • Feeling safe is easy
  • Others see me as relaxed and calm
  • My life is calm
  • Taking deep breaths helps me relax
  • I can easily let go of a panic attack
  • Controlling my breathing comes naturally
  • Everything is okay in my life
  • My breathing is controlled
  • I will overcome claustrophobia
  • I will stay relaxed in tight spaces
  • I will be just fine in large crowds
  • I will feel safe in closed spaces
  • I will enjoy train rides
  • I will breathe easily in closed rooms
  • I will stay calm in elevators
  • I will enjoy bus rides
  • I will control my fear
  • I will feel safe in elevators
  • Tight spaces are safe
  • Staying calm comes naturally
  • My claustrophobia has melted away
  • My fear is controlled
  • Elevator rides are just a normal part of life
  • Bus rides are relaxing
  • Crowded spaces feel safe
  • Staying relaxed comes naturally to me
  • Closed spaces feel cozy
  • I am a strong person in spite of my claustrophobia
  • I will feel safe around blood
  • I will overcome my fear of blood
  • I will stay in control around blood
  • I will think about blood rationally
  • I am starting to feel indifferent to blood
  • I will stay calm around blood
  • I will lead a life free from fear
  • I will donate blood
  • I will look at blood easily
  • I will stay calm when I think about blood
  • I am naturally fearless around blood
  • Blood is easy to look at
  • Blood is just a normal part of life
  • Dealing with blood is no big deal
  • Working around blood is easy
  • Staying calm around blood is easy
  • My thoughts are rational and controlled
  • I can easily handle the sight of blood
  • Others see me as someone who is unfazed by blood
  • My mind is calm around blood
  • I have the courage to do anything I want.
  • Nothing will hold me back from living my dreams.
  • I am strong, independent, and courageous.
  • I am fearless and brave.
  • I have nothing to be afraid of.
  • My fears will not stand in the way of my goals.
  • Each and every day I become more and more brave.
  • Nothing can stand in my way.
  • I am no longer as fearful as I was.
  • I continue to build more confidence over time.
  • I wake up full of confidence.
  • I believe in myself and my capabilities.
  • My thoughts, actions, and mood, ooze confidence.
  • I deserve everything I want in life.

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