Affirmations for overcoming obstacles (47+)

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Affirmations for overcoming obstacles

  • I have all the abilities required to overcome the hardships 
  • I have everything that I need to overcome these hardships 
  • I never give up 
  • I can overcome every  challenge in life 
  • These challenges are meant to make me stronger ‘
  • I have the unbending faith of steel ‘
  • I believe that the Universe is guiding me towards a better future 
  • These hardships are for me to become better 
  • I shall never bend in front of the challenges 
  • I have everything that id required  to become successful 
  • I can easily get over this difficulty 
  • I am thankful that the Universe is trying to educate me with the help of this difficulty 
  • Increased level of difficulty in life means more success in life 
  • I can manage everything 
  • I have the capability to overcome anything and everything 
  • Nothing can get between me and my goals in life  
  • I am only a few steps away from my goals 
  • I am safe and secure no matter the situation be 
  • Challenges are but new opportunities that will help me grow 
  • I can get across everything 
  • I am receptive to all the challenges in life 
  • I am becoming stronger as the days pass by
  • I am learning new techniques to overcome hardships daily
  • I am supported by my family in all my struggles 
  • All these struggles will help me get closer to my achievements 
  • These hardships are building my will power
  • The will power that I have is as strong as steel 
  • I know I am capable of overcoming all the adversities of my life 
  • My life is smooth and easy 
  • These adversities are meant for my betterment 
  • I have strong emotional support 
  • I have all the necessary means to overcome these struggles 
  • This hardship will end very soon 
  • I am just a few milestones away from being the best version of myself 
  • These adversities are meant to make me a better human being 
  • I am growing and learning 
  • I do not fight out the problems I think of the issues as opportunities to learn
  • I practice positivity that helps me to overcome day to day problems 
  • These are but minor issues in my life 
  • Strength and growth will come to me only after continuous efforts 
  • I have been made wired in a way that I know how to get over all the pains in my life 
  • Miracles are possible if I overcome this struggle
  • Some amazing things are about to happen after this hardship 
  • I cherish all the happy moments which give me the strength to overcome adversity in life 
  • The reward will taste good only when I have overcome a struggle 
  • The fruits of labor are sweet 
  • I am ready to suffer now and live like a champion 
  • The remaining portion of my life is going to be full of happiness and luxury 
  • I shall give my best today to enjoy tomorrow 
  • These struggles towards my big dream are meant to shape me for the purpose 
  • I am in the pursuit of my purpose and I shall not let any hardship stop me from realizing that 
  • I am grateful to everyone who did not lend a hand to me because now I have learnt to do it yself 
  • I know how to get over this adversity on my own 
  • I have the strength to battle this struggle 
  • The Universe is in my favor 
  • The harder I struggle today the glorious my victory shall be 
  • I am all prepared for the victory that is about to come my way
  • I am prepared for change 
  • I am prepared to overcome all the struggle in life 
  • I am ready for the roller-coaster ride of my life 
  • Struggle is required to refine my abilities 
  • I will become wiser after this struggle
  • I am here for the ultimate success 
  • I am here to struggle and become victorious 
  • These struggles are meant for me to become the greatest  version of myself 
  • I am motivated  to achieve my goals and I enjoy all the hardships that come my way 
  • I am ready to take life head-on 
  • If nothing goes right, I am prepared to make it right 
  • Things shall become better with time 
  • I will become better at judgements with time 
  • The Universe will show me the way in my darkest of times 
  • I am all set to achieve the desired goal of my life 
  • I am willing to look at my darkness and willing to bring about a change in my life 
  • I am striving hard to battle this situation in my life and I shall emerge victorious
  • Life is teaching me lessons that I otherwise would have neglected 
  • I believe that there are no limits to my life 
  • I am here to inspire people from my battle 
  • No matter what the problems are I always feel blessed.
  • The greater the obstacle the bigger the reward 
  • I know that these difficult roads will lead me to my beautiful destination 
  • The adversity is very important to build the character of a person 
  • I am not here to give up on my dreams no matter what comes my way 
  • I am creating my future slowly and steadily 
  • I can see my progress as my challenges are getting more difficult 
  • I am growing because I am struggling and learning 
  • In the heart of this struggle lies that golden opportunity which will take my life to next level
  • I will not give up in the times of difficulties and will continue to persevere
  •  will not submit to these adversities in my life 
  • I see the wall in my journey as a new beginning, not as an obstacle
  • I will rise to meet the challenges in my life 
  • I will always raise my bar and become the best
  • I am never given a dream without the ability to accomplish it
  • Obstacles make me stronger & must be viewed with gratitude for the challenge
  • I live free from all obstacles
  • Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal
  • I turn my obstacles into oppurtunities
  • I make obstacles into oppurtunities!
  • I realize that painful experiences are stepping stones to right direction
  • I win challenges and overcome obstacles because I am constantly improving my mastery of communicating with my environment, and because I take immediate action in the right opportunities.
  • I am fearless in the face of any and all challenges
  • I face my fears and responsibilities with ease
  • I fearlessly handle any and all situations in my life.
  • I now see challenges as opportunities to grow.
  • I embrace challenges in life, they help me to expand my understanding of prosperity and inner peace
  • I am totally independent of the good and bad opinions of others. I am beneath no one. I fearlessly handle any and all situations in my life.
  • I emerge triumphant and stronger from every test and challenge I face.
  • We are all faced with a serious of opportunities, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations-Charles Swindoll
  • hallenges are opportunities for learning and growth.
  • I am calm in the face of challenge
  • I can handle whatever comes my way.
  • I can see stressful situations as challenges. Challenges help me to grow.
  • I can meet successfully all the challenges I encounter
  • I successfully face and enjoy new situations and changes
  • I am thankful for all the challenges life has brought me
  • I let go of things that challenge me.
  • Rejection feels much better than regret
  • I view my challenges as fun opportunities.

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