Affirmations for lust (35+)

Affirmations for lust

  • A good way to avoid sexual immorality is to get married.
  • As a believer in Christ I will stay away from sexual sin!
  • Becoming free of lust, and free of sex addiction has made a huge improvement in Your life.
  • Everyone is seeing You as someone who is in control of their own life.
  • Everyone is seeing you as someone who is taking all the responsibility for your actions.
  • I am made alive in Christ and will not follow the lust of the flesh and of the mind.
  • I give myself to God and righteousness to become holy.
  • I had enough of sin!
  • I had enough of the lust! I want what is pure!
  • I have had enough of the immorality! I want what is good!
  • I must honor God with my body.
  • I must not become a slave to sexual sin.
  • I pray for a pure heart when around the opposite sex.
  • I will control my own body and not live out lustful passions.
  • I will follow Christ and not the lust of the flesh.
  • I will not look at a woman with lust in my heart.
  • I will run from sexual sin!
  • I will throw away anything that causes me to stumble with lust.
  • It’s better to marry than to burn with lust.
  • My body is part of Christ and it should never take part in sexual immorality!
  • My body was not made for sexual immorality.
  • My human nature has a weakness I cannot overcome on my own.
  • No other sin like sexual sin clearly affects the body.
  • Our sinful nature must be destroyed.
  • Overcoming lust addiction is becoming the easiest thing in the world.
  • Remove sexual immorality among God’s people.
  • Sexual immorality is a sin against your own body.
  • Sexual sin can lead to all kinds of disease.
  • Spirit lead me into all purity with the opposite sex.
  • The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs, and the wife should fulfill her husband’s needs.
  • You are 100% in control of Your own life.
  • You are always in complete control of your sexual urges.
  • You are always taking complete responsibility for all Your actions.
  • You are avoiding the desire to sleep with different people.
  • You are becoming a person with a strong will power.
  • You are becoming completely free from sex addiction.
  • You are becoming intimately, faithful and loyal to one partner, and fulfilling yourself sexually, in the loving bond of marriage.
  • You are becoming more positive, and you are overcoming all Your addictions.
  • You are becoming very dedicated in taking control of Your sexual urges, and overcoming Your addiction to lust.
  • You are dedicated towards overcoming, the addictions to lust.
  • You are developing, a highly strong will power.
  • You are finding it very easy to control Your sexual urges.
  • You are finding it very easy, to say NO, to Your own sexual urges.
  • You are getting true freedom from lust.
  • You are having a healthy attitude towards sex.
  • You are having a strong self control that allows You to overcome any bad habit or addiction.
  • You are having more control over Your sexual urges.
  • You are living a life free from addiction to lust.
  • You are living, a life free from lust.
  • You are loving your family truly and intimately.
  • You are seeing others as fellow human beings, with compassion and empathy.
  • You are seeing people as human beings and not as sex objects.
  • You are seeing the opposite gender as equals, and not as sex objects.
  • You are taking complete responsibility for all your actions.
  • You are taking full responsibility of your life.
  • You are transforming into someone with a healthy attitude towards sex.
  • you are turning into someone who is in full control of their urges.
  • You are turning into someone, who is in strong control of their life
  • Your attitude towards sex and relationships is becoming healthy and positive.
  • Your lustful memories, sight, and thoughts are getting erased permanently from your mind.
  • Your mind and heart is filled with chaste purity.

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