Affirmations for lucid (25+)

Affirmations for lucid

  • Controlling my dreams is becoming easy
  • Every time I become conscious in my dreams, I remember my intentions.
  • I always become conscious in my dreams.
  • I always realize that I am dreaming
  • I always wake up within my dream
  • I am a lucid dreamer
  • I am always lucid when dreaming
  • I am awake inside my dreams
  • I am aware and conscious right now.
  • I am becoming a lucid dreamer
  • I am creating this dream consciously.
  • I am dreaming and I know it.
  • I am fully aware of when I am dreaming
  • I am getting better at becoming aware in my dreams every day.
  • I am good at maintaining my dream awareness.
  • I am in full control of my dreams
  • I am starting to remember my dreams every day
  • I am transforming into someone who lucid dreams each and every night
  • I am very good at controlling my dreams.
  • I can awaken within dreams whenever I want
  • I can control my dreams at will
  • I can easily notice when I am dreaming
  • I love it that I can control my dreams.
  • I love lucid dreaming
  • I naturally recall all my dreams in complete detail.
  • I remember all my dreams when I wake up.
  • I remember my dreams in high detail
  • I will control my dreams
  • I will lucid dream tonight
  • I will recognize when I am dreaming
  • I will remember to recognize that I’m dreaming
  • I will wake up within my dream
  • In this dream, I will be fully conscious.
  • Lucid dreaming comes naturally to me
  • Lucid dreaming is just a normal part of my life
  • My ability to recall my dreams is getting better every day.
  • My conscious dreams are clear, vivid and memorable.
  • My conscious dreams are long and real-like.
  • My dream awareness is growing stronger
  • My dream consciousness is strong
  • My dream memories are important to me.
  • My dream memory is perfect
  • My dream memory is very strong.
  • My dreams are always lucid
  • My mind is alert even when I am asleep
  • My mind is focused on lucid dreaming
  • Recognizing when I am dreaming is becoming effortless
  • Remembering my dreams is easy
  • This is a dream and I can control it.
  • Whenever I dream I become aware of it.
  • Whenever I sleep, my mind is highly aware.

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