Affirmations for love and success (33+)

Affirmations for love and success

  • I can and will have more than I ever dreamed possible.
  • I feel good about money and deserve it in my life.
  • Great wealth is flowing to me now.
  • I now create my wonderful, ideal life.
  • I am thankful for the comfort and joy that money provides me.
  • I know I am abundant.
  • I always have enough money for myself.
  • Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.
  • I see myself as wealthy, and that’s who I am.
  • I choose wealth and abundance.
  • My wealth derives from honesty in everything I do.
  • I am worthy of great success.
  • My greatest good is coming to me now.
  • I love abundance in all its beautiful forms.
  • I am wide awake to my abundance.
  • I release all my negative beliefs about money and invite wealth into my life.
  • I am prosperous, healthy, happy and live in abundance.
  • Wealth is my birth-right, my natural state of being.
  • Making money is good for me and for everyone in my life.
  • My income is growing higher and higher now.
  • Money is an important part of my life and is never away from me.
  • All my issues with wealth have disappeared.
  • I clearly see opportunities to effortlessly make money.
  • I am wealthy.
  • Whatever I do, it always ends in amassing wealth.
  • I attract prosperity.
  • Money flows freely and abundantly into my life.
  • I will be productive and prosperous today
  • My prosperity is unlimited, my success is unlimited now.
  • I always have whatever I need.
  • Perfect abundance is my chosen reality.
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • Every day in every way, my wealth is increasing.
  • I am destined to find prosperity in everything I do.
  • I am gracious for the wealth I have in my life.
  • I am free to do whatever I wish to do.
  • Today is filled with opportunity, and I will seize it.
  • Being wealthy gives me joy, happiness and peace of mind.
  • I am now free to do the things I love.
  • Everything good is coming to me easily and effortlessly.
  • Thank you Universe for my great abundance.
  • Feeling joyful attracts abundance.
  • I allow all good things to come into my life, and I enjoy them.
  • Wealth is a positive expression of divine energy.
  • I can easily imagine myself having limitless abundance.
  • Money always flows to me easily.
  • I realize that I can help others with my wealth; so I stay wealthy.
  • I am prosperous in everything I do.
  • I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life.
  • Abundance around me, abundance within me, abundance throughout me.
  • All my needs are met instantaneously.
  • I know there is ample prosperity for all.
  • I have the power to be successful.
  • I allow my passions to perpetuate good in the world through my wealth.
  • I let go of all resistance to prosperity, and it comes to me naturally.
  • I am magnetic to money, and it is magnetic to me.
  • Prosperity now happens to me.
  • Money flows freely in my life.
  • I am relaxing into greater abundance.
  • I now release the goldmine within me.
  • I am worthy of receiving prosperity now.
  • I am willing to be more abundant now.
  • I am now accumulating large sums of money.
  • Like a powerful magnet, I attract all my desires in great abundance.
  • I release all opposition to wealth.
  • I am certain that my path is always perfect for me.
  • I am abundant.
  • Abundance is my divine birthright.
  • Prosperity and abundance surround me.
  • I release all negativity around building wealth.
  • I attract prosperity with each thought I think.
  • I am extremely successful.
  • I deserve the best and it comes to me now.
  • I enjoy my prosperity, and share it freely with the world.
  • Everything and everybody prospers me now.
  • There is plenty of money in the Universe, and there is plenty for me.
  • My mind is constantly attracting money into my life.
  • My mind is in harmony with the energies that create abundance.
  • I am attracting into my life opportunities for making money.
  • Each day, I am getting more comfortable about the idea of having a lot of money.
  • I am getting used to the idea of being wealthy.
  • I am confident that the Universe is helping me get all the money I need, and even more.
  • If other people achieved success, I can too.
  • My bank manager always welcomes me with a big smile.
  • Piles of money are piling up in my bank account.
  • I have a great job with a wonderful salary.
  • My financial situation is improving beyond my dreams.
  • My business is attracting a lot of paying customers.
  • Money is appearing in my life through many channels, and in harmonious ways.
  • You don’t want to – you’re perfectly happy with your state of finances.
  • You don’t think you deserve it even though you’d never admit this.
  • You don’t think it’s possible given your life’s situation.
  • You think rich is evil and poverty is noble.
  • You think money will make you do bad things.
  • You feel torn, guilty and conflicted about your desire to be wealthy and prosperous.
  • You blame your parents for not having enough money and not teaching you better.
  • You believe riches are bestowed upon a lucky few.
  • You think you will be unhappy because money isn’t supposed to buy happiness.
  • You think the only way to be wealthy is if you married into wealth or came of wealth.
  • You have none of these self-limiting beliefs; you just have no idea how to make more money yet you won’t seek expert advice.

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