Affirmations for listening (37+)

Affirmations for listening

  • I am a good listener
  • I am focused on what others are saying
  • I respond appropriately in conversations
  • I have finely tuned listening skills
  • I pay attention to the words I hear
  • I am attentive
  • I am conscientious of others
  • I ask questions at the right times
  • I make eye contact with others
  • I am respectful for what others have to say
  • I will improve my listening skills
  • I am becoming a better listener
  • I am learning to pay attention to others
  • I will open my ears and listen
  • I will demonstrate superb listening skills
  • I will put off other thoughts in order to listen
  • I will self-discipline myself
  • I will practice my listening skills
  • I will ignore temptations of zoning out
  • I will stop letting my mind wander
  • I naturally know when to listen
  • I always listen to understand
  • I absorb every detail presented to me
  • Others see me as a great listener
  • Listening helps me in all aspects of life
  • I make sure I understand what the person is saying
  • When I ask questions they are intelligent and concise
  • I have a conscious desire to hear what others say
  • I am just present in the situation
  • I naturally remove all distractions in a listening situation
  • I’m paying attention.
  • I’m present.
  • Am I here for this conversation?
  • I’m mindful.
  • I can accept neutrally what is being presented.
  • I’m using open body language.
  • I am an exceptional listener.
  • I offer empathy and understanding to others.
  • Today I practice the skill of being quiet.
  • I hear what others need.
  • I keep my focus on the conversation I’m in.
  • I’m tuned in to this relationship.
  • I can hear what others want to share with me.
  • I want to understand other people on a deeper level.
  • Offering respect, I’m curious about the opinions of others.
  • I resist the reflex to instantly “fix” what I’m hearing.
  • I empower someone by listening to them.
  • I listen patiently while others talk.
  • I ask questions at the right time.
  • I always look into the eyes of the person I am talking to.
  • I always speak in terms of success and prosperity.
  • I always stay calm and collected when speaking to …
  • I always take part in class discussions.
  • I always voice my opinions in a calm and considerate way.
  • I am a confident speaker.
  • I am confident speaking in my area of expertise.
  • I am a deliberate listener, pausing to reflect before responding.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I am a great communicator.
  • I am clear and concise in my communications.
  • I am a great listener.
  • I am a motivating speaker.
  • I am a patient and attentive listener.
  • I am always present when I communicate with others.
  • I am an attentive listener.
  • I am an eloquent and moving speaker.
  • I am an engaging speaker.
  • I am an excellent speaker.
  • I am an interested listener at all times.
  • I am comfortable speaking to others
  • I am completely at ease speaking to a large audience.
  • I am completely in control of the words I speak.
  • I am genuinely interested in others.
  • I am genuinely interested in what other people have to say.
  • I am honest and forthright in all business communications.
  • I am interested in learning more about the people I meet.
  • I am now comfortable speaking in front of a group of people.
  • I am sincere in my communication with others.
  • I am totally confident in my ability to deliver an inspiring speech.
  • I am totally relaxed and confident when speaking to a group.
  • I am totally relaxed when speaking to others.
  • I am very articulate, and have a lovely voice.
  • I am very comfortable in front of an audience.
  • I am very comfortable speaking to my superiors.
  • I am very interested in learning more about the people I meet.
  • I am well prepared when giving a presentation.
  • I answer questions easily and honestly.
  • I articulate my thoughts and feelings very well.
  • I chat easily to people I haven’t met before.
  • I convey important information when I speak.
  • I communicate freely and easily with my fellow co-workers.
  • I communicate pictures of wealth, health and abundant joy into the minds of others.
  • I discuss all issues openly and calmly.
  • I easily command my audience’s attention.
  • I easily connect with my audience.
  • I easily engage in small talk as appropriate.
  • I easily introduce myself to strangers and enjoy initiating conversation.
  • I elevate every person with whom I interact.
  • I engage easily in small talk with other people.
  • I engage in conversations with great ease.
  • I engage with many different people when at parties.
  • I enjoying connecting with other people.
  • I enjoy mingling at parties.
  • I enjoy sharing my views, knowing that my words flow naturally and effortlessly.
  • I ensure that my body language reflects the words I am speaking.
  • I express myself clearly and easily.
  • I express myself openly and articulately.
  • I express myself well in writing.
  • I express myself with ease.

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